FREE 8×10 printables

Just fooling around and created a few printables. I created them as 8×10′s. Enjoy!

Let them be little

Anchors away

Bloom, blossom, grow 2

Bloom, blossom, grow


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    I am always in awe of people that make all of these printables. Seriously talented!! I love the anchor, but the top one reminds me of my grammy. She always tells me to “let him be little.” What do you guys use to create these things? Am I missing some secret?lol I just learned how to use picmonkey and I feel like a rockstar!

    Also, I am soooo sorry to hear about the robbery! I didn’t realize people still “robbed” people and their panty drawers! I definitely have to backup and put stuff on the hard drive more often, but where do you hide the hard drive? I should password protect my computer, too! Great advice, but I am just so sorry that you had so much stolen! Any word on catching the jackholes who did this to you??
    xoxo hugs through the computer!

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