Favorite Things Gift Exchange

I look forward to my “Favorite Things” party every year and this year was no exception. Besides eating yummy food and spending time with some of my favorite people I always try to invite new friends and neighbors who have recently moved in. It’s such a fun way to get to know each other better and call me selfish but I love new friends!

Our getting to know you gift exchange is the perfect way to learn more about each other! I ask all the guests to bring a $15-ish gift that reflects something they love or could be considered a “Favorite Thing!” The gifts are wrapped and ready for a gift exchange style game. I have everyone put their name on a ticket and I draw a name to pick a gift. When the gift you brought is chosen you introduce yourself, and explain why the gifts are your favorite!

It’s a great way to learn more about each other and to take home something new. All night long we wrote down things that we wanted to try ourselves after we discovered what the others loved so much!

My gift this year reflected my love for products! I love finding new items that make me feel, look and smell better! Ha! I love a good product recommendation and love passing on things that I have tried and love. Here’s what I gave this year…


N.Y.C. Cover Stick! I need a good eye primer when it comes to cover up my dark eyelids and getting a lasting look with my eye shadow. For the longest time I was buying an expensive $16 eye primer from MAC but it dried out pretty quickly and who like that! A few months ago I tried a cheap alternative and am hooked! I picked up this Cover stick from Walmart for $1.72 and haven’t looked back! I apply it to my eye lids and it does the trick! Can’t beat the price and it goes on so easily. I just swipe it on and smooth it with my finger tip. LOVE!!!!500

The St. Ives Timeless Skin is probably something I will live and die by! I heard about it from Dr. Oz ( yes, I try a lot of celebrity recommended products!) and he says it’s the best thing for all skin types! Since I’m a die hard skin fanatic I had to try! OH MY WORD I love this stuff! It’s like instant softness and absorbs in seconds leaving skin so soft and hydrated. I love that it helps with fine lines and wrinkles cause HELLO!! That’s what I’m trying to prevent, combat and avoid! AND it’s less then $5 for a 10 oz. jar at Walmart! You can’t find better value with better results then that! I’ve been using this morning and night for over 6 months and have over half a jar still. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

2252606I’m a lover of sugar scrubs and my Tee Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub is a staple in my shower! I ADORE the smell! I adore the way it makes my skin feel and it just plain puts a smile on my face. I buy mine at Ulta for about $8 but they always seem to have a buy one get on half off deal going on so even better! Tree Hut also has a variety of other flavors but I have yet to ditch the Tropical Mango! It just smells too darn good!

So there you have it! My “Favorite Things!”

Other great gifts this year that were given away were…


One cute friends favorite thing to do is to enjoy Target with a bag of Target popcorn and a Dr. Pepper! That’s my kind of shopping! She wrapped up a bag of popcorn and a DP and included a gift card to Target for a little shopping!



The Six Sisters Stuff Cookbook made the gift pile this year and it’s easy to see why! This great cookbook is filled with easy recipes, craft ideas and so many great photos! green-ceramic-cookware-1

I’m dying to try this green ceramic pan that’s non stick and all the rage right now! It’s nice to get a recommendation from a friend who loves it.


The Down East half tee was a great gift! I have this little number and I too can say it’s a favorite thing! Makes layering under tanks and dresses so comfortable!


I was raised on Traders Joe’s and so was the friend that passed on her favorite TJ’s treats along with a gift card. Trader Joe’s is new to our area so it’s fun to introduce it to TJ virgins.orchidcutout


Who wouldn’t love a gorgeous orchid! One lucky friend got to take home this favorite flower because of it’s long life and easy to care for qualities.


Do we even need to ask why Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory might be someones fav! No way!!!  A caramel apple and gift card when home with one very happy friend!


And I was sooo excited to take home Bio Oil! I’ve been wanting to try this stuff forever! The friend who brought it swears by it and says it’s amazing for your skin! Right up my ally, right!

So many other great gifts were passed along as well! Bubble bath, Lemon cookies from Paradise Bakery, weekly task board, chocolate, almond flour for macaroon making, Mad Libs game, makeup, gardening supplies, Camel water bottle, and more!

I loved hearing why these things were their favorites! It was a great night with great gifts!


It’s so easy to throw a party like this. You can keep the gifts general or set a theme for your party. Think of a category and ask your guests to bring their favorite beauty product, book, household item, treat! Set a price limit so everyone gets to enjoy the same value. Be sure to have them wrap the gifts.

I love hearing what everyone loves and this party added to my growing list of things I want to try! If you went to a “Favorite Things” party like the one I threw what would you have given away?




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    This is such an awesome idea!! What a great way to get a group of girls together and just have a great time!

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    What a fantastic idea for socializing & trying new things (that come with high recommendations)! Since I don’t get out of the house as much as I used to due to some health issues, this would be a great way to get friends, family, &/or neighbors together! I have got to try this. Thank you so much for sharing,

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