Amdro for Insect control

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Thanks to Amdro our patio is looking pretty sharp! The Weed and Grass Killer took care of the weeds that were popping up in our pavers and now we have a great space to enjoy the weather outdoors.

The Power Flex system is so easy to use and I love how you can pop the individual cartridges on and off as you need them. Because you don’t have to mix an entire gallon of solution you can spot treat an area when needed.


Amdro Powerflex System nc

Besides great weed care, Amdro also can help with insect control. They offer a spray for the outside of your home as well as the inside. Having a home with a basement that we use everyday, this is a great comfort. No need to hire an expensive company who will come and spray for me. Amdro makes it easy to take care of ourselves.

More Beauty Less Beast - Infographic - 5.6.13

We have a few dangerous spider varieties around here so taking care of the insects is a must. I love that now we have a home system that we can easily apply ourselves.

Amdro covers it all…

1.        Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate
2.        Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate
3.        Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate
4.        Home Pest Indoor Killer Concentrate

All of these products work with the Powerflex system making weed and pest control easy! Simple application with the electric wand keeps the solution off your hands and only where you want them. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Fill the reusable tank with water. 2. Twist on your needed cartridge. 3. Spray and treat your pests or weeds. It’s that simple!

Amdros Power Flex system is sold at Home Depot and Walmart.


Disclosure Statement
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