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Who’s ready for Summer? I am!! This beautiful weather is just begging us to get outside and that means that it’s time to get our out doors ready to enjoy. Yard work, sprucing up the patio and filling flower pots. With our out door “to do” list growing by the minute I was excited to try out the Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed system to help me tackle a few jobs. This system is perfect for getting weeds and pests under control.

Amdro Powerflex System nc

Before I put out our new patio furniture I wanted to take care of those pesky weeds popping up in between our patio pavers. Pulling weeds doesn’t always take care of the problem. You have to kill them all the way down to the root in order to kiss those weeds goodbye for good. I used the Amdro Weed and Lawn killer for this problem area. The Lawn and Weed killer is perfect for weed control on driveways, sidewalks and in between pavers. It’s fast acting and starts to kill weeds within hours.  Check out my video showing off how simple this system is to use…

I loved how easy it was to get started! No mixing and no spilling. And when you are done treating an area you can remove the cartridge, return it’s cap and save it for later. No need to use up an entire cartridge at once.

Flex Some Muscle_Infographic

Weeds aren’t the only things Amdro can take care of! Amdro offers 4 solutions for our home and yard!

1.        Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate
2.        Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate
3.        Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate
4.        Home Pest Indoor Killer Concentrate

All of these products work with the Powerflex system making weed and pest control easy! Simple application with the electric wand keeps the solution off your hands and only where you want them. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Fill the reusable tank with water. 2. Twist on your needed cartridge. 3. Spray and treat your pests or weeds. It’s that simple!

Amdro is available at Home Depot and Walmart.

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Amdro wants to give one lucky BCD winner a $50 American Express gift card! To enter simply leave a comment in today’s post telling me what problem around your house or yard Amdro could help you out with! For an additional entry please pin an image from this post and leave a separate comment that simply reads ” Pinned on Pinterest!”

Winner will be announced on the Blue Cricket Design facebook page June 8th.

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Central Garden & Pet partnered with bloggers such as me to help educate us all about their AMDRO products. As part of this program, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the use of the products. Central Garden & Pet believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Central Garden & Pet’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. A winner will be chosen by random and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.




  1. 1

    We’ve had ants in our house the past few weeks. Yesterday I had our quarterly exterminator treatment and he said ants have been a huge problem in our are for the past month. Today, even after he treated yesterday, I see more. An in-house boost would be nice to have.

  2. 2
    Henria O. says:

    We have lots of crickets that I would like to see gone!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  3. 3
    Anne haun says:

    I have ants and lots of them. Yesterday I had to empty the enrite pantry and spray – hopefully this will do the trick but think I need some Amdro!!

  4. 4
    Susan Connell says:

    Ughhh! Where do i begin. Just bought an old house with beautiful landscaping but lots of neglect. Then we are trying to open the windows to let in air and spiders everywhere. The end product will be beautiful but lots of work needded and Amdro could come in handy! Keep up the great posts.

  5. 5
    Mami2jcn says:

    Here we have fire ants! I’m so terrified of them!

  6. 6
    Mami2jcn says:

    Pinned on Pinterest–

  7. 7
    Nancy Carr says:

    I have grass that comes up in my rock garden and need a way to get rid of it. This would work. Thank youo.

  8. 8
    Nancy Carr says:
  9. 9

    Weeds have taken over my front yard and are choking out the grass. It’s a HUGE problem that I can’t seem to keep up with!

  10. 10
    Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Amdro Could Help Me With The Weeds That Are Overtaking My Yard!

  11. 11
    Heather Hayes Panjon says:
  12. 12
    Sarah w says:

    I have 2 acres of weeds to deal with at my house! And you can’t even believe the amount of different pests I deal with on a daily basis!

  13. 13
    Sarah w says:

    Pinned it!!

  14. 14
    Tiffany Mach says:

    Wow. This would be fantastic for us. Aside from the obvious weed killing, pests are a real problem for us. Those tiny ants are taking over our house! Anything to kill those little buggers without the high cost of an exterminator would be awesome!!

  15. 15

    we have a small cement patio in back that has weeds cropping up through the cracks. We also have quite the ant problem inside this year (as usual) :(

  16. 16

    pinned on pinterest

  17. 17

    The weeds and ants are a problem in our backyard. I’d love to find something to get rid of our ants for good!

  18. 18
  19. 20

    i need to get weeds, dandelion, crabgrass, and other evasive weeds killed once and for all. my 90 year old mother would like to sit in the back yard again like when she first purchased this home over 38 years ago. she use to mow the lawn and weed it herself so getting rid of the weeds would help me start over with fresh grass and redo the landscape for her to enjoy in her golden years. thank you.

  20. 21
    Patricia says:

    We have gotten bugs in our old house. My husband is afraid to spray because of my asthma, but w have to do something. Hopefully, this doesn’t smell so much that I don’t have to leave for 24 hours.

  21. 22
    Patricia says:

    Pinned it.

  22. 23
    Betsy Barnes says:

    Weeds are a problem in front of my front porch :)

  23. 24
    Betsy Barnes says:
  24. 25
    carolee c. says:

    Well, my big problem is a plant that is becoming a weed… mint!!It is taking over everything! Arghh!!

  25. 26
    Jennifer Wellman says:

    We have a serious spider and ant problem and nothing has worked. This would be great

  26. 27
    Jennifer Wellman says:

    I pinned on pinterest

  27. 28
    Darlene Lehman says:

    I go through 2 quarts of “Round-up” every summer! I would gladly try another product, since the weeds just keep coming back!!

  28. 29
    Madeline says:

    We have tons of weeds in our lawn, so the Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate would really help!

  29. 30

    we keep getting tiny ants that get into our house

  30. 31
  31. 32
    Henria O. says:

    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  32. 33
    Susan Christy says:

    I bought a little house last year with a big yard, but it is full of stickers! My doggies don’t like them!

  33. 34

    Since I absolutely hate weeding the endless weeds this product would be a huge help. Also anything to help get rid of insects is a major plus. :)

  34. 35
    Tabathia B says:

    the Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate could help me with the ants and spiders that have seemed to taken over the neighborhood and the ants will come into the home anywhere even if there is no food left out and they have infested the entire neighborhood

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  35. 36
    Tabathia B says:
  36. 37
    Melissa says:

    We have TONS of little oak trees popping up everywhere!

  37. 38
    D SCHMIDT says:

    My biggest issue is weeds, when we purchased our home it had been vacant for a year so the yard was a barren mess. As soon as we started to water it became infested with weeds and it has been a battle ever since.

  38. 39
    D SCHMIDT says:
  39. 40
    Lisa Brown says:

    Our biggest issue is carpenter ants and garden ants – we could use the Home Pest Indoor Killer Concentrate.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  40. 41
    Lisa Brown says:

    my pin –
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  41. 42
    Jessie C. says:

    Amdro can help with weed problem in our garden.

  42. 43
    Jessie C. says:


  43. 44
    Nataly Carbonell says:

    Roaches and wasps

  44. 45

    crab grass!

  45. 46

    I could use it to get rid off the ants

  46. 47
  47. 48

    in the last 2 days my cats have found 2 of those “thousand leggers” which totally creep me out. blech!!

  48. 49
    Rhonda Grisham says:

    I have noticed literally hundreds of ants on my back deck! I am so afraid they will make their way inside. I could definitely use some help with this.

  49. 50
    Ashley Tucker says:

    Amdro could definitely help me out with all the weeds. They are hard to control

  50. 51
    Ashley Tucker says:

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  51. 52
    Linda W says:

    We have violet that is overtaking the lawn….would love to try this product!!!

  52. 53

    we have a spider problem in the house they could help us with!

  53. 54
    Heather S says:

    AMDRO Weed killer would be great for my weed problem! :)

  54. 55
    Heather S says:
  55. 56
    Harmony B says:

    Our biggest pest problem is ants

  56. 57
    Harmony B says:
  57. 58

    Ants! They are driving me nuts!

  58. 59
    Shannon says:

    The previous owner of our home dealt with weeds by pouring gravel over them, BUMMER! This spray would be awesome.

  59. 60

    This would help me out, as I have a ton of weeds and ants in the cracks of my driveway!

  60. 61
  61. 62

    This would be the perfect solution for the weeds in my patio! Thanks!

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