Baby Brother! Get here already!

It’s been an interesting pregnancy, that’s for sure! After an “It’s a boy” shocker, 6 weeks of strict/modified bed rest, and having a breech baby finally flip with the help of an ECV (external manual flip that hurts like the Dickens but worked like a charm!) I can confidently say that I am SOOOO ready for this little fella to get her! Like NOW!!!

My body is not one I am familiar with. I’ve never gained so much weight, never been in so much pain (bed rest will do that to a girl!) and what I wouldn’t give to be able to bend over, look over my shoulder and put lotion on my legs without having to brace myself against a wall, bed or chair! Simple sacrifices I know, ones I would suffer through again and again to get this sweet little boy here! But man alive I am excited to get back to normal!

Watch…after all the effort to try to keep him in due to preterm labor starting at 30 weeks, he’ll be my first kid ever to make it to his due date or go over due! Last week we thought he was on his way! 3 hours of contractions 10, 6, 3, and 1 min. apart! A rush to the hospital because he was still breech and I needed a flip but after the flip my contractions were not changing my cervix so home we went still contracting and I’ve been contracting ever since! I feel like I’ve been in labor for days!


I’m a hypno birthing mom so the idea of labor is the most exciting thing! I can not wait to labor! Sounds funny I know but it’s my all time favorite thing to do and to only get to do it 4 times in my life, I am ready to enjoy it! I love the book “Hypno Birthing the Mongan Method!” It’s the method I’ve used in the past and have real great success with. I can honestly say I have enjoyable deliveries that are as close to pain free as they come! When I am in my “zone” every contraction is allowed to do its job with no resistance from a tense body. It helps labor go faster and it lets your body do what it was meant to do. Recovery is amazing! I was dressed and up walking around 45 min. after I delivered my last baby! I was amazed at the way my body benefited from a drug free delivery. AHHHH! I am getting so excited!

The car seat is ready, his tiny clothes are washed and his sisters are chomping at the bit the meet him! Come on little brother! We are ready!!!

My due date is April 28th but I have never made it past 37 and 38 weeks pregnant! Last week I was 2cm and 70%. Let’s get this show on the road!




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    An ECV worked for you!?!?! I had one attempted (it was my first baby) and strangely enough, it did not hurt! The doc thought she was getting him to turn and re-checked his heart rate, found it low and then they rushed me off for an emergency C-section. So she said he wasn’t tolerating the ECV and wanted him out as fast as possible. I was going to have a c-section that day anyway if she couldn’t get him to turn via ECV, but the whole emergency thing was so scary! So I’m intrigued and glad for you that an ECV worked!

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    Hi Becca! That is so exciting he is almost here. I am still grateful that I talked to you about hypnobirthing before Jacob was born. Libby’s birth was incredible, thanks to that method. I hope he comes soon and healthy!

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    My sis is a hypnobirthing instructor and came to act as kind of a doula when my son was born. It was an amazing birth and I was so relaxed nearly the entire time. Hope this guy will come at just the right time and you will enjoy a peaceful beautiful birth!

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    Good luck!!! :) I am sure you are so ready for him to be here!

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    Becca, Good luck these next few days! Oh how fun little boys are! I had 2 girls then my son and am now expecting my 3rd little girl and I’m so glad I have a little boy in my life they are the best! I too have done the bed rest stint and am still hoping to avoid it again, I am now 26 weeks knock on wood. I too deliver usually at 37 weeks I’ve never made it past that point. You’ve made it so far for a healthy delivery. Can’t wait to hear of his safe arrival.

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    Pam in IL says:

    Thinking of you!

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    Good Luck and How exciting!
    I am a mother of 5 boys and 1 girl. 5 of my babies were drug free labor/deliveries, I was up and around hours after. My last child I was told by the doctor to get the epidural and I did early in labor. Yes I felt nothing but feeling nothing I was no help pushing. I felt cheated and helpless. My baby birthed at over 11 lbs! I was torn up being a petite person, but most from pushing wrong. Instead of being up and walking, all the pain rushed in after the meds were gone. I fear this delivery which never happens. I would really love to get information about Hypno Birthing the Mongan Method. I really want to try going natural again this time.
    New to your site but will be checking back to hear the good news about Baby Boy!
    Peace to with you and your family.

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