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Lucky you!!! One of my favorite photographers, Emilie of Photos by Emilie, has online Photography and Editing workshops coming up! Emilie is amazing! I’ve taken one of her workshops in person and I tell you what…IT ROCKS!!! She has a wonderful way of teaching all the techniques you are dying to learn when it comes to taking great photos with your DSLR!

And what a steal at only $35! That’s unheard of! Sign up now before they fill up!


You can sign up HERE and get all the info you’re looking for! Happy Snapping!

And check out a little sneak peek of our newborn photo session Emilie did at my house last week! Yes! I am in love with my little guy! I’ll share more photos and all about our newest addition soon!



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Breathing Space bloggers retreat!



Boy am I excited to share an upcoming event you won’t want to miss! Breathing Space Bloggers Retreat is getting all gussied up and ready for all you fabulous bloggers who are looking for a retreat that will inspire and help you grow as a blogger and have  a blast all at the same time! Check out the details…

  • Full three-day blogger conference
    • Classes will be offered more than once so you don’t have to miss out on the class you really wanted or have to pick between two great classes.
    • All classes will be in walking distance of the hotels.
    • This year we will mix business with pleasure… fun classes like hair and makeup tips as well as business classes, like social media, copyright law, accounting, etc.
    • Hands on classes and workshops
    • Amazing teachers and speakers
  • Accommodations/Venue
    • Solitude Mountain Resort
      • Beautiful time of year
      • Great deal on lodging, $100 per room per night + sharing with 3 friends = only $25 per night
      • Great rooms and meeting spaces
  • Parties!
    • Breathing Space is famous for it’s fabulous parties and this year will be no different!  Be prepared for fun themed parties and yummy food.
  • Registration
    • Opens June 1, 2013
    • Early registration before July 1 is $199
    • Cost after July 1 is $249


breathing space

Can you believe all the fun!?! They have thought of everything! Affordable lodging at an AMAZING Ski Resort in the beautiful mountains of Utah, great class options and times AND an excuse to hang out with your closes gal pals!

Come join us September 26-28th!

Early registration begins July 1st for $199 so check your calendars and plan on meeting us for a great weekend!



And follow Breathing Space on Facebook to hear the latest updates and get the scoop on sponsors joining in on all the fun! Thanks IKEA for joining the Breathing Space team as a one of our generous sponsors! Can’t wait to tell you who else will be spoiling you rotten!


Baby Brother! Get here already!

It’s been an interesting pregnancy, that’s for sure! After an “It’s a boy” shocker, 6 weeks of strict/modified bed rest, and having a breech baby finally flip with the help of an ECV (external manual flip that hurts like the Dickens but worked like a charm!) I can confidently say that I am SOOOO ready for this little fella to get her! Like NOW!!!

My body is not one I am familiar with. I’ve never gained so much weight, never been in so much pain (bed rest will do that to a girl!) and what I wouldn’t give to be able to bend over, look over my shoulder and put lotion on my legs without having to brace myself against a wall, bed or chair! Simple sacrifices I know, ones I would suffer through again and again to get this sweet little boy here! But man alive I am excited to get back to normal!

Watch…after all the effort to try to keep him in due to preterm labor starting at 30 weeks, he’ll be my first kid ever to make it to his due date or go over due! Last week we thought he was on his way! 3 hours of contractions 10, 6, 3, and 1 min. apart! A rush to the hospital because he was still breech and I needed a flip but after the flip my contractions were not changing my cervix so home we went still contracting and I’ve been contracting ever since! I feel like I’ve been in labor for days!


I’m a hypno birthing mom so the idea of labor is the most exciting thing! I can not wait to labor! Sounds funny I know but it’s my all time favorite thing to do and to only get to do it 4 times in my life, I am ready to enjoy it! I love the book “Hypno Birthing the Mongan Method!” It’s the method I’ve used in the past and have real great success with. I can honestly say I have enjoyable deliveries that are as close to pain free as they come! When I am in my “zone” every contraction is allowed to do its job with no resistance from a tense body. It helps labor go faster and it lets your body do what it was meant to do. Recovery is amazing! I was dressed and up walking around 45 min. after I delivered my last baby! I was amazed at the way my body benefited from a drug free delivery. AHHHH! I am getting so excited!

The car seat is ready, his tiny clothes are washed and his sisters are chomping at the bit the meet him! Come on little brother! We are ready!!!

My due date is April 28th but I have never made it past 37 and 38 weeks pregnant! Last week I was 2cm and 70%. Let’s get this show on the road!



Spring Cleaning Favorites

Spring cleaning! Don’t you just love it! No really, I totally do! There is something about rolling up your sleeves and making something shine that always makes me smile and with the weather changing and a fresh new feeling in the air, I LOVE to make my home match my mood!

I discovered over the past few months some new favorite cleaning products, tools and techniques that are helping the BCD house sparkle these days and I just can’t keep them to myself…


The Works Tub and Shower Cleaner is magical! I have never in my life found a product that worked so well on my hard water spots on my glass shower doors. Thanks to a reader who left a comment on my BCD Facebook page recommending this product, I now have spot free shower doors with little effort! And the best news is that I buy it at my local Dollar Tree! That’s right, people! $1 and I’m all of a sudden in love with scrubbing my shower for the first time in my life! I can get about three uses out of one bottle! It’s now a go too staple in our home. Every time we head to the dollar store I grab a few for the stock pile! I think I’ll cry if my dollar store ever stops carrying it! I also just noticed they sell it at Big Lots! Feew! Back up plan!


I am in love with these refillable scrubbers! I got one at a “Favorites things” party along with an eco friendly dish soap and I have put it to work in the bathroom instead of in the kitchen. This is the tool I use along with The Works Tub and shower cleaner. You can either add the cleaner directly to the refillable handle or just spray the walls and then use this to scrub! I have a few for each area of my bathroom. One for the shower for scrubbing and one for the sink that I fill with my next favorite combo…


This happy little combo makes for a great cleaner! To the refillable scrubber handle I add half Dawn and Half White Vinegar and go crazy on my sinks and bath tub! The vinegar smell is noticeable but I love how it cleans so I can “smell” past that! I have also used this same combo in a scrubber to scrub the outside of my windows! The soap and vinegar solution plus the hand held scrubber make for a clean clean… if that makes sense. I love not having to dip my hand into a soapy bucket. When I am done scrubbing the  windows I just hose them down!

BounceTo keep my house smelling fresh in certain spaces I love to leave a fresh dryer sheet! I put them in my entry cabinet that holds our shoes, in the bathroom wastebaskets under the liner and in other random spots that are out of sight but yet still can benefit from a fresh smell. They are an affordable way to freshen up the home!

120405_SteamMachine 1934 1

And of course I LOVE my HomeRight Steam Machine! This powerful little guy can do it all! It can melt away the most stubborn calcium deposits, shine mirrors, clean baseboards, make ovens sparkle and so much more! It’s the tool of all tools when it comes to home cleaning and I am a huge fan! My favorite thing to clean with this bad boy has got to be bathroom hardware! It destroyed the calcium buildup I had on my faucets! POW!!! It didn’t stand a chance!


The Steam Machine makes cleaning fun! And to kick off Spring Cleaning in style HomeRight wants to give away a Steam Machine to one BCD reader!


All you have to do to enter is 1. Leave a comment in today’s post telling me about your favorite Spring Cleaning chore or the one you dread the most! and  2. LIKE HomeRight on Facebook! When you have liked them on FB please jump back on here and leave a new comment that says something like ” I am a fan of HomeRight on FB!”

Winner will be chosen on April 8th and announced on the BCD facebook page. Must be a resident of the United States! Thanks HomeRight for providing this awesome prize. I was in no way compensated for this post.These are my personal opinions!