Healing after tragedy

It was a difficult morning today as I sent my little ones off to school. My heart pulled in a hundred different directions. I tried to shield them from the morning news program I usually watch and instead we played a game of “Old Maid”  to pass the last 15 min. we had together before it was time to go.

All weekend long we were together as a family. We laughed and played games and snuggled and I think both my husband and I soaked in every second we shared with them and it meant a little more.

My heart is broken. If I try to wrap my head around the reality of moms and dads not being able to hold their little girl or tuck in their little boy I turn to mush! I’ve been a weeping mess since the moment I heard of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. The images are forever burned into my soul.

My prayers have been for comfort and some sort of an understanding for the families who are suffering right now. Each and every one of them are in need of the loving arms of our Heavenly Father! I pray that they can feel him. May all of our hearts and prayers be filled with hope and comfort. May we be sending up thankful wished for our blessings and for the healing we are all in need of!

It’s hard to sit on the side lines and not know what to do. Even if we hug our little ones a little tighter, or spend more time with them it’s a  start. Think about what goes on in your home that if changed might make the smallest difference down the road. I know in my home I need to turn the tv off more. Why let that be a powerful influence when I should be a strongest one? Maybe you let your kids play violent video games or watch movies that glorify killing. Things like this don’t effect everyone the same, I realize that but why not take them out of your home just in case. We keep wondering what we can do as parents to prevent things like this and I think we can do more then we want to believe. These aren’t all the solutions I know! I just find comfort in doing something! I need to change something in my life to make me feel better. The fear and anxiety I am experiencing can become debilitating to me. I need to see that I can do something to ease this heavy heart of mine and making small changes at home and turning to my Heavenly Farther are how I do that!

I’m hopeful for tomorrow. I know that there are lessons here for me to see and learn from. I pray that all of us can find the comfort that our hearts need and hope for every day that awaits us.


Please take a moment to visit this facebook page. Emilie Parker is a beautiful little girl who sadly was taken back to heaven on Friday. Her angelic face is a reminder and example of all the tiny victims of this horrible event. There has been a fund set up in her honor. Please visit this FB page and see how you can help!

If you know of other way links that will help connect us to ways to help these families PLEASE add a link in the comments section!






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