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You could have knocked me over with a feather! The news of this little miracle being a boy was the surprise of the decade and embarrassingly I have to admit that it’s been hard for me to wrap by brain around! Let me first just say that when it comes to gender I have NEVER gotten what I wanted, yet in the end I have ALWAYS gotten what I needed and I know this sweet little man will be a treasure! He will be adored and gazed at for hours and quickly melt all his sisters hearts and steal mine!

I honestly never imagined having a son. Up until the very moment before I saw his “Nope! I’m a boy!” parts on the ultra sound I had already pictured my 4th little girl, nicknamed her “Lulu” and decorated her nursery in my head! The shock of it took my breath away and once my girls were off to celebrate I held in my tears for as long as I could but they quickly escaped and I was a mess. The only way I can describe it is not being upset it was a boy but being devastated that I wasn’t going to have my sweet little girl to finish our family! It’s hard to understand and hard to explain. Girls have been all I know! Pink, skirts, bows, lip gloss! I’m good at it! I loved being a family of just girls and the thought of keeping that special classification thrilled me!

So of course I feel horrible that my first initial reaction wasn’t pure bliss! Poor little guy deserves all the excitement and anticipation any new arrival should get. But I am happy to report that over the last week my day dreams have been all about this little baby boy! What will he look like? How will I keep myself from smothering him with kisses and nuzzles?

I’m still freaking out about raising a boy! My thoughts are nuts! I’m gonna have a daughter in law some day! I’m going to have to kiss him good bye and send him on a mission! Crap! Does this mean sports practices and games will run my life? I need trucks and legos! I’m sooooo not ready but I’m getting more and more excited for the new life that is ahead of us.

So I’ve put to bed my dreams of having all girls and am embarrassing the idea of loving up on a little guy! I’ve always wondered what a baby boy Dulgarian would look like. Soon enough we’ll know!


Boy names are proving to be difficult so any suggestions would be helpful! This kid is going to be super rad so he needs a killer name! You can get away with a lot more with girl names then you can boys. We love classic names but names that aren’t trendy. Our last name makes it tricky too. His name has been what keeps me up most at night. ” And this is_________!” Help me fill in the blank!



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    Congrats! We had our boy after 2 girls so I get a little where you’re coming from :) I’m biased of course, but I love the name Asher!

  2. 2

    I have twin boys named Drew and Jayson. I also love Jamison. Good luck.

  3. 3

    I just new I was having a James, and way back then we didn’t find out until the big day….surprise! It was a girl! James Taylor (family names, not the singer) quickly became Jamie Taylor. It fits her so well, just like the name you settle on will fit your little guy. Happy for you, but totally understand what you’re experiencing. I like the name Ian, easy for a 4 year old to spell and write. ;)

    have fun with this wonderful experience!

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    Congrats! I was in somewhat the opposite boat as you. While I only have, and will have, one, I wished for all I was worth that it would be a boy. If he’d been a girl, a frilly, frooey girl, I wouldn’t have had a CLUE what to do. I was ALL tomboy growing up and to some extent, still am. It’ll be good though- a new adventure that you’ll find isn’t as hard as you expect. Kids were never in my list of things to do in life for MANY years so adapting to having one has been quite a change but I’ve found that it just pretty much rolls on its own without much effort. Name. I was going to be Ethan Allen (historic figure- not furniture) if I’d been a boy and I’ve always liked the Ethan part. We went with William James, aka Liam, based on my late FIL and my dad’s names.

  5. 5

    Yeay! Congratulations! Little boys are so fun. I’m so convinced I’m having a fourth boy that I’m doing what you were doing, but opposite.

    I love my nephews’ names, Caleb and Jacob. We have Max, Benjamin (Benny), and Andrew (maybe shortened to Drew as he grows). James and Henry are picking up in popularity and I like them a lot. I met a baby George the other day and about died over his cute cheeks and so now I love the name.

    Good luck!

  6. 6

    I had two boys and when expecting my third child everyone said “you MUST want a girl.” Honestly, I just adored my sons so much I wanted a healthy baby of either sex. No one believed me. Then I had a girl, who has been instrumental in my survival on a rocky road.

  7. 7

    I, too, have never had a little boy (3 girls). But naming babies – oh, a dream! I think girls names should be unique and individualistic, but, boys names should be classic or strong individual names – like Duke. Or Cacheaux (Cash for short). My grandfather’s name was Jackson and my other grandfather’s name was Judd, so, I always thought Jackson Judd or Judd Jackson and we could shorten it to J.J. would have been a great boys’ name. But this is about you! Quinn has always been the fun, responsible easy-going guy to me (I don’t know any Quinn’s) but it’s what I imagine. Tristan would really fit with his (your) last name – anything ending with an ‘n’ would.
    Duke Dulgarian
    Cash Dulgarian
    Quinn Dulgarian
    Tristan Dulgarian
    Jackson Dulgarian (just putting it out there)
    or another way
    Jaxon Dulgarian

    Oh! And congratulations!

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    Congrats! I was told our Allie was going to be a boy, so it was quite the shocker when, 2 weeks before she arrived, they told is she was in fact a girl! That was hard on me, because you imagine this baby in your belly, fall in love with that baby, talk to that baby… and then it is a totally different baby! You’ll be such a great mom, congrats again!

  9. 9

    Hello there and congratulations!
    I’ve got one boy (8) and another (sex unknown at this stage) on the way!!! Arghhh – what am I thinking after all this time!
    Anyhoo, our boy is called Declan James and it took AGES and AGES to find a strong, yet not trendy at the time, boys name. We call him Dec and I always imagined his nickname would have been DJ – never happened though!
    Declan is an Irish name and is the real name of Elvis Costello (aka. Declan McManus).
    So, if you’ve got any Irish heritage back there, Declan could be the name for you!
    Declan Dulgarian – sounds awesome! You could even make his middle name ‘Danger’!! ;)
    Congratulations and you’ll just have so much fun – snuggly and special to mama are little boys!

  10. 10

    Little boys are so much fun! Now you’ll get to make some of those adorable tie onesies! I think the name Ezra is cool & different, but not too different! Congrats!

  11. 11

    Congratulations! It took getting used to the idea of having a boy when our first son came (and he was only our second child!). You’ll get used to it and love it…and especially with the age changes, you may be sending your girls off on missions too…and the girls could drive you crazy with sports practices too. ;)

  12. 12

    We had a boy after two girls. We waited to find out until he was born. But I was convinced I was having another girl. Much to my surprise it was a boy. Let me tell you there is nothing like the mother/son love. It’s very different from my girls. I don’t mean that I love him more, it’s just different.And I absolutely dread the day he brings home a girlfriend. I already imagine that I won’t like her…his sisters won’t be crazy about her either. Poor girl! I hear Isaak is a super cool name! You can call him Ike…which is even more cool!

  13. 13

    I have 3 boys and 1 girl and prefer the more traditional end of things so we have Benjamin, Matthew & Henry. But I love Oscar!! It’s one of their middle names. Congrats!!!

  14. 14

    Little boys are the best!!! I used some of these names and some I wanted, but got vetoed by the big guy…. Drake, Gage, Rave, Cole, Easton, Tate, Logan, Trevor…..

  15. 15

    I had a little boy after two girls, and I cannot describe how much you will LOVE having a boy! I was scared to death at first, too! I agree with Kaci above – there is nothing like mother/son love. There are just no words for it. I can’t wait to hear how much you love having a little boy after he arrives! Congratulations above all on a healthy pregnancy!

  16. 16

    Oh, and my son’s name is Carter John. I love his name because it is strong and masculine, different but not too trendy. Boy names are hard!

  17. 17

    Congratulations!! I have 3 sons & now 3 lovely DIL’s…
    My oldest is 35 & is Michael. He has never been Mike… always Michael. Classic, timeless & probably still my favorite name.. (don’t tell my other boys : )
    Have fun choosing… & you are going to have SOoooo much fun raising a boy…

  18. 18

    Congrats on your boy. My little guy is such a mama’s boy and he loves to snuggle. Love it!
    As far as names go.. look at last names in your family history. Maybe even your maiden name. For instance, my little guys first name is my my maternal grandma’s maide n name and his middk e name is my hubbys dad’s grandfathers name.
    Something to think about. Last names make awesome first names and they have meaning

  19. 19

    Congrats! My oldest sons name is Ezra. I LOVE his name. It’s quirky and unusual but still classic and old fashioned. People comment on how cool it is all the time. We had a really hard time naming our second. We ended up choosing Jonah. And I love it on him too. Eli is also top on my list. Anyway, I’m sure you will choose something perfect. Congrats again! You’ll love having a son!

  20. 20

    I agree boys names are much harder than names for girls. My daughter considered Otto for her first son and I loved it but her husband didn’t. They now have two boys, Gabriel Michael and Nathan Alexander. Of course, now they seem like the only possible names for these sweet little ones. Later it will be Gabe and Nate which is simple and works for a grown man too. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect. The fact that you are giving it some thought assures me of this. I have heard some names, and wondered, “What the heck was their mother thinking?”, so it is good to give it some thought.

  21. 21

    Coongrats on your little boy to be!! I have 3 boys and when we learned that the last one was going to be a boy again, I cried. I admit it, I wanted a girl. But, I got over it in about 3 hours and fell in love hard. My boys have uncommon names, which I like—I did NOT want them to have to be known as “Aiden R” or “Jacob P”. I have a Parker Henry Michael, Paxton Frederick Lincoln and a Beckett Melvin Thomas. And I LOVE their names, we get compliments all the time. Oh, ages are 18, 9 and 7—Parker is becoming popular now, but it wasn’t all those years ago!

  22. 22

    I have an Owen and had my daughter been a boy she would’ve been Henry.

  23. 23

    Little boys are ….and here come the tears… magical. Of course, it is all I know! LOL

    I am sooooo excited for you! LOVE YOU.

  24. 24

    I have a boy, Blaze, in the middle of 2 girls. They are so much fun and definitely different than girls! If I were to have another boy I would name hime Stone. I have always loved the name and it would go well with Dulgarian!!!

  25. 25

    Becca, You’re normal. Don’t waste another minute feeling guilty. It didn’t even occur to me that I could have a boy. All my friends had girls, my sister had a girl…… that meant that I was going to have a girl. I’m glad I found out at 16 weeks, because all I could think when they told me it was a boy was ” This kid better be cute, cuz I don’t really like boys”. Needless to say, I warmed up to the idea and I can’t even imagine being a mom to a girl. :) Boys adore their mom’s like no other. They are the sweetest things ever. Enjoy!

  26. 26
    Laura Huston says:

    We have Jack, Tate and a Luke! I also like Blaze, Cole, West and Beckham!

  27. 27

    Congratulations on a little boy. I felt the same when I found out our last was a boy but he is a God send now and I struggle to remember life without him.
    We also found boys names hard and our final two were Connor and Keiran. Middle names are Phillip William after grandparents but we didn’t like either of them enough for a first name. Good luck choosing.

  28. 28

    I met a baby namer Oscar 12 years ago, and that name has always stuck with me as absolutely adorable for a boy.

    As someone who teaches middle school, nothing hard to pronounce, nothing that could be a boy or girl name (and this has nothing to do with teaching at a school, but NO Twilight characters, I’ve met A LOT of Jaspers, and a lot of Edwards in baby form lately, and honestly it sort of screams creepy to me that there is sooooo much love by adult women for sparkle vampire fiction.)

  29. 29

    As a boy mom, I’m a little biased but I think it is wonderful. I’ve been told that girls are more emotional than boys. And boys are more physical. We have wrestling and tears. And we spend a lot of Saturdays at the socce field but I think we spend less time at the soccer field than my nieces. I think if you plan for wrestling and potty humor, you will love it. And my boys fight over who gets to snuggle during family movie nights.

  30. 30

    Congratulations! I always pictured myself with all girls as well. After all I did come from a family of five girls. I was thrilled when my first was a girl, but when I found out my second was a boy, I cried for a week. I just didn’t know what to do with a boy… Well now I have two boys and absolutely love them. The thought of sending them on missions terrifies me too, but I guess I have a long time to come around to the idea. It’s definitely a different kind of love with my boys than with my girls, but kinda cool.

    My boys are named Cameron Davis and Evan Connor, which obviously I love… kinda unique, but not weird. I really love the name McKay, but the hubby vetoed that real fast. Good luck!

  31. 31

    Congrats on the baby boy! How about the name Brennan!

  32. 32

    Dean… This is my pick! I have twins Parker Dean and Madeline Jean and still love Dean so much.

  33. 33

    My sister had a boy a year ago and struggled with a name until the day after he was born. They wanted a strong and unique name,but not something so “out there” that he would have to spell it every time. Also, an easy name to spell and say for everyone. His name is Kaeson, but I have also seen Kason. She gets compliments all the time, and it fits him perfectly. Good luck, and boys are so super special!

  34. 34

    We have one of each…I love their differences…but really…kids all want the same basic things in life, and you have that down :)

    Our son’s name is Dane…Dane Dulgarian sounds like a SUPERHERO name to me – LOL!

  35. 35

    Congrats on your soon to be baby boy!!! I had only one sister growing up. Then I had two daughters when i grew up. So I only knew girl stuff. Then my daughters first child was a girl. I was a old pro. Then my second grandchild turned out to be a boy. I was a little disappointed, but oh so happy too. My Max will be 2 years old on Feb.1. He is just as precious as my granddaughter! I say name your baby Maxwell or Jackson!!

    Blessings and Happy Hoildays!

  36. 36

    Congrats on the new little man in your near future!! I love the name Spencer…. my son is Spencer Jordan. With the royals delivering next year they say Spencer is a potential name for their new baby. My son’s last name starts with a “D” as well…. I also love Ashton, Samuel. My best guy friend is Robert Aubrey D. initials RAD~~ You could use R A and have a RAD as well. Just a thought!



  37. 37

    whoa! you’re really getting ahead of yourself – already thinking of having to send your son away. first, congratulations. second, you already have kids and you know how quickly their childhoods whiz by. enjoy it. i had 2 boys before my daughter. never wanted a girl, but God knew better.

  38. 38

    Congratulations on your little boy! I love having a boy, even when bathroom humor starts at 2! You just laugh and move on! Some things really are hard wired in boys!
    We have Gabrial Elijah, and I still love it! People tell me all the time that they love his name.
    If Abby had been a boy she would have been Noah. I also love the name Isaiah. I love Bible names for their meanings, and the fact that they’re not trendy! I know you’ll pick a great name for this baby!

  39. 39
    Nancy peterson says:

    Boys are so awesome…I have one of each and there is nothing like the love boys have for their Mama’s! Not as dramatic as girls, yet they bring their own drama. Smelly socks, arm pits and gross things in their pockets! And peeing on the floor!! Boys are wild when they are little, but pretty awesome when they still hold your hand in public at 15! Congrats!

  40. 40

    My two boys are Sam and Michael (Mikey). We also considered Luke. I think with your last name a strong one or two syllable name would work well. I also really like Henry (Hank) and Charlie. Harry is adorable as well. Trent also sounds nice with your last name and is trendy but classic. Also love the names Mark and Clay. Looking at my list I really am partial to the classics! Sometimes the name will come to you after the birth…we went in with a short list of 4 or so names with baby 2 ….and then went a totally different way. I also love family names for boys. We used my husband’s middle name as our first son’s middle name and my second son has my maiden name as his middle name. (And my father had HIS mother’s maiden name as his middle). I love a little bit of history in a name.

  41. 41

    With my first, I was filled with girly daydreams and when the ultrasound showed it would be a boy, I thought, “Oh no! What am I going to do with a BOY???” By the time I was back in the ultrasound room waiting to find out what my second would be, my reaction to the news it was a girl was the same: “Oh no! What am I going to do with a GIRL???” But once it is a real person, your person, you’ll never think they could be anything else. But with a gaggle of kids already, you know that. Just also know that you aren’t the only one who felt that way. ; ) We have a second daughter now and my runner up “if it is a boy” name was Ian Stewart. You are welcome to it as we are hanging up our baby making hats!

  42. 42

    Well, I named my boys Jason, Jamison, and Jacob, and my daughter Jennifer. I too had expected more girls, if not all! Anyhow, the name Jamison has been so well received. His wife loved it so much they named their first born child Jamison Joseph Jr. Everyone that hears it loves it. It is not really common, but not too off the wall! His nickname by his his friends was Jamer. I am working on a little boy quilt right now, and it is turning out so sweet, a cute little monkey. I design quilts and things and am trying really hard to come up with fun cute stuff for boys, it is SO much harder than for the girls, at least for me! Best of luck with your new little man – those girls are going to love and spoil him!
    I’m your newest follower on facebook!
    Julie from Ric Rac and Polka Dots

  43. 43

    I had the very same reaction when I found out that number four was going to be a little guy after raising girls all these years. Now that he is 2 1/2 I wouldn’t have it any other way. He adds such character to our family and the girls adore him. I too had named our “little girl, ” I only have sister and had spent 12 years already raising little girls. Pink was all I knew. Frankly boys scared me to death. After I had time to think things through I realized I was blessed with the opportunity to help raise an honorable MAN. Someone who hopefully one day would become a good husband and father. A man who will honor his family and his responsibilities… That made my heart skip a beat and then realized that this was a blessing that I was totally up for. I still may not be totally game for snakes, toads and dirt every where, but I’m getting better with the sticky fingers and I adore my little man!

  44. 44

    Aw, congratulations! I’m a boy mommy so I’m partial to boys. :) Of course I love my sons’ names the best, Silas is 3 and Wesley is 16 months. My nephew, Elliott, is 8 months old and I’m in love with his name too! If we have another boy, he will most likely be Levi. Love talking boy names, good luck!

  45. 45

    Super congrads! How exciting! Henry! Duke! Cache!

  46. 46

    I also have all girls! We’ve been trying for another one for a while and it will probably be the last. I sort of want a boy, but all I know is girls too. At this point I’ll be happy for anything healthy! : )
    I’m sure you will love it! Just look around pinterest for little boy ties and cardigans, and you will get excited! : ) My friend just named her boy Beckam, I think it’s cute. Congrats!

  47. 47

    Your girls could serve missions, too, you know!

    We don’t name our babies until after they are born. In fact, we don’t even DISCUSS names with each other ahead of time (if I try to that name is automatically thrown out by my husband!) We usually name our babies a week after they are born; with one we waited a month.

    We thought our first was a boy, and we were unprepared for a girl. We actually had a couple of boys names picked out ahead of time, but since it was a girl, it started a whole new thing in our family. We named her a week after she was born.

    My husband says, “Today’s the day” and that day I look at names online and we discuss them until we find a name that we can both agree on.

    I won’t suggest any names because I think you should find something you love. We toss out everyone’s suggestions :)

  48. 48

    I am going to agree with another comment and not suggest any names. For me If someone suggested it I swiped it off the imaginary list. I’m not sure why maybe because I just wanted to be sure it came from our heart. I also couldn’t ever name my kids until I saw them.

    As far as a boy goes. I have had girl, boy, girl, boy so far. So I’ve had even amounts of both. I have a special bond with my girls that goes mostly without explaining but with my boys they completely melt my heart! They are so special. They love to hold my hand. I also love to see the bond between them and my husband. There’s just things about each gender that you can’t explain but everyone feels them when they have experienced it. You will love this little guy like you can’t believe!!

  49. 49

    Congrats on your little guy! I have 3 boys and a girl so I understand your fears. The things you will learn about those sweet sons are many and wonderful. They love love love their Mamas, the way they look at you when they know they have been naughty, overalls and striped t-shirts, superheroes , match box cars, my very favorite thing about boys are they way they look after a trip to the barber shop. There are millions of things to love about boys so put your fears aside and dive in, the joy ahead of you is worth waiting for!

  50. 50

    Congratulations! You’ll have so much fun!

  51. 51

    My Vote is Halvor Lines BUT it was also the 2nd harvest noetrrhn lakes food bank float which it does not state as well. The photo on the web page is not a good photo. The truck alone had over 5,000 lights, there was a large replica of the Ariel lift bridge and there was a working light house replica. All of the floats were great BUT it would be nice if Halvor Lines/ 2nd Harvest had the proper photo and name on the site so you could really see the beauty.

  52. 52

    Hey, you used to write excellent, but the last several posts have been kinda boringî“‘ I miss your great writings. Past several posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  53. 53

    Great insight! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

  54. 54

    Michelle, I was totally inspired by the blue light masking! I went right to work on my own version as soon as I saw this post! Mine was a “moonscape”, and I had the light radiate off of the moon. SO FUN!

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