Life, According to Me! Children’s Journal

With New Years knocking at our door, I am super excited to share a fun new Children’s Journal with all of you! My sister-in-law, Steph, over at Somewhat Simple created this fun way to help your kids document their life! This is a great time of year to get started on recording their adventures and every day experiences! Check it out…

Do you ever wish you could take a peak into your child’s young mind and see what it is that makes them think, feel and act how they do? Do you sometimes worry that you’re not communicating with them very well or that you might be missing a teachable moment to help them grow, feel safe, and feel loved?

Are you ready to spend time with them individually and no longer miss out on the details of their day?!?

I know parenting isn’t easy… but it is one of the most rewarding things any of us will ever be a part of! (So many ups & downs, am I right?!) I’ve shared plenty of fun activities on my blog that encourage us to spend time with our children, but the idea I am going to share with you today takes it even one step further.

“Life According to Me” is a darling child’s journal written by Stephanie from Somewhat Simple that will help you capture their youth and give you an inside glimpse of your child’s thoughts and feelings- all while having FUN!

It’s more than a boring journal with lined pages- it is fun & interactive with 30 pages of daily prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and spaces for kids to draw and doodle. If you can get your kid’s creative juices flowing and open the door for communication, you’ll catch a better glimpse of what is going on in their little brains.

Perfect for kids of all ages!

Older kids can write their thoughts, little kids can use the space to draw pictures or you can encourage them to do a combination of both!

One of the best features of this journal is the spot on each page for your child to write a letter to you and the space for your response.

{You’ll love this amazing portal into your child’s mind!}

They write about ANYTHING they want – from funny things that happened at school, to questions about their science projects and information about their secret crush.

Get ready to experience moments of their day that you would have missed and the small details of their lives you could have easily brushed aside.

Your response will show your appreciation for them, to make sure they know that you love them. Validate their thoughts so they know they were heard and share bits of wisdom when a moment presents itself.

These letters will create a place for you to communicate with each other frequently.

Keep It Fun:

You don’t want this magic passageway to close up or disappear, so keep journal writing fun! Stephanie has the following suggestion that she implemented with her kids:

“I decided I would let each of them pick one weeknight where they get to stay up 10-15 minutes passed bedtime and climb in my bed where we can write in our journals, together. It is amazing what a later bedtime does for a kid! They get to stay up while their siblings go to bed, and I get to spend some individual time with each of my kids learning more about them. It is a win-win!”

Want to get your hands on a copy for your kids?

Start creating precious moments within your home TODAY for only $5.95!

  • Create a closer relationship with your child.
  • Document their lives and capture their personalities
  • Offer comfort and support when they may feel alone or scared
  • Create a priceless piece of family history, a special keepsake to share with their future children.

This is such a small investment in money and time, but the “payout” is HUGE!

Start the new year with the best investment of your life- time well spent with your child!

Click HERE to purchase your copy.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I am overwhelmed with the love I feel for my Savior and I hope that all of you can feel his grace and love during this wonderful time of year! I am blessed to have my family who even though can’t take a good family photo at times can always make me smile! Thanks for all you’ve given me as well! I have been uplifted, encouraged and supported beyond measure this year because of you! I am counting my blessings and consider all of you one of them! Merry Christmas!

Love, Becca!

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My favorite stocking stuffers thanks to Target

Anyone still shopping for stocking stuffer? Here are a few of my favorites this year you can pick up at Target…

Maybeline Baby Lips Lip gloss! I ADORE this stuff. There are some great shade that are light and appropriate for little girls and teenagers would love this too. It’s super moisturizing and costs around $3. I saw a two pack last night at Target for$5. Yes please!

My kids love using an electric toothbrush! These cute ones cost only $4 but you can grab other fun themed brushes for under $10.

We love a good game and this pint sized game is perfect for anyone in the family! Banangrams is a letter based game that can teach preschoolers sounds and letters while older kids can play it as intended by building words. $15

Target carries the BEST fun socks at at only $2.50 each you can get a fun variety of prints!

Why not help kick off the new year with a new journal! So many fun styles and sizes! Target carries a ton ranging in price from $5-$16.

And you’re gonna need some new pens for that journal right! Fun sets of colored pens make a great companion! $5

I’m in love with these darling wallets from Target. Adorable characters and only $10

This three pack of gloves can easily be divided and I don’t know about your family but we are always losing one glove here and there! A new pair is just what this time of year calls for! $10 for a three pack. They also have tech fingers!!

What do you stuff your stockings with? Is there something you include every year? I love hearing about fun stocking traditions. Please share!





Healing after tragedy

It was a difficult morning today as I sent my little ones off to school. My heart pulled in a hundred different directions. I tried to shield them from the morning news program I usually watch and instead we played a game of “Old Maid”  to pass the last 15 min. we had together before it was time to go.

All weekend long we were together as a family. We laughed and played games and snuggled and I think both my husband and I soaked in every second we shared with them and it meant a little more.

My heart is broken. If I try to wrap my head around the reality of moms and dads not being able to hold their little girl or tuck in their little boy I turn to mush! I’ve been a weeping mess since the moment I heard of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. The images are forever burned into my soul.

My prayers have been for comfort and some sort of an understanding for the families who are suffering right now. Each and every one of them are in need of the loving arms of our Heavenly Father! I pray that they can feel him. May all of our hearts and prayers be filled with hope and comfort. May we be sending up thankful wished for our blessings and for the healing we are all in need of!

It’s hard to sit on the side lines and not know what to do. Even if we hug our little ones a little tighter, or spend more time with them it’s a  start. Think about what goes on in your home that if changed might make the smallest difference down the road. I know in my home I need to turn the tv off more. Why let that be a powerful influence when I should be a strongest one? Maybe you let your kids play violent video games or watch movies that glorify killing. Things like this don’t effect everyone the same, I realize that but why not take them out of your home just in case. We keep wondering what we can do as parents to prevent things like this and I think we can do more then we want to believe. These aren’t all the solutions I know! I just find comfort in doing something! I need to change something in my life to make me feel better. The fear and anxiety I am experiencing can become debilitating to me. I need to see that I can do something to ease this heavy heart of mine and making small changes at home and turning to my Heavenly Farther are how I do that!

I’m hopeful for tomorrow. I know that there are lessons here for me to see and learn from. I pray that all of us can find the comfort that our hearts need and hope for every day that awaits us.


Please take a moment to visit this facebook page. Emilie Parker is a beautiful little girl who sadly was taken back to heaven on Friday. Her angelic face is a reminder and example of all the tiny victims of this horrible event. There has been a fund set up in her honor. Please visit this FB page and see how you can help!

If you know of other way links that will help connect us to ways to help these families PLEASE add a link in the comments section!






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Baby Brother

(image via: Slightly Sprightly)

You could have knocked me over with a feather! The news of this little miracle being a boy was the surprise of the decade and embarrassingly I have to admit that it’s been hard for me to wrap by brain around! Let me first just say that when it comes to gender I have NEVER gotten what I wanted, yet in the end I have ALWAYS gotten what I needed and I know this sweet little man will be a treasure! He will be adored and gazed at for hours and quickly melt all his sisters hearts and steal mine!

I honestly never imagined having a son. Up until the very moment before I saw his “Nope! I’m a boy!” parts on the ultra sound I had already pictured my 4th little girl, nicknamed her “Lulu” and decorated her nursery in my head! The shock of it took my breath away and once my girls were off to celebrate I held in my tears for as long as I could but they quickly escaped and I was a mess. The only way I can describe it is not being upset it was a boy but being devastated that I wasn’t going to have my sweet little girl to finish our family! It’s hard to understand and hard to explain. Girls have been all I know! Pink, skirts, bows, lip gloss! I’m good at it! I loved being a family of just girls and the thought of keeping that special classification thrilled me!

So of course I feel horrible that my first initial reaction wasn’t pure bliss! Poor little guy deserves all the excitement and anticipation any new arrival should get. But I am happy to report that over the last week my day dreams have been all about this little baby boy! What will he look like? How will I keep myself from smothering him with kisses and nuzzles?

I’m still freaking out about raising a boy! My thoughts are nuts! I’m gonna have a daughter in law some day! I’m going to have to kiss him good bye and send him on a mission! Crap! Does this mean sports practices and games will run my life? I need trucks and legos! I’m sooooo not ready but I’m getting more and more excited for the new life that is ahead of us.

So I’ve put to bed my dreams of having all girls and am embarrassing the idea of loving up on a little guy! I’ve always wondered what a baby boy Dulgarian would look like. Soon enough we’ll know!


Boy names are proving to be difficult so any suggestions would be helpful! This kid is going to be super rad so he needs a killer name! You can get away with a lot more with girl names then you can boys. We love classic names but names that aren’t trendy. Our last name makes it tricky too. His name has been what keeps me up most at night. ” And this is_________!” Help me fill in the blank!