Sweater Stockings

I hate to admit it but this will Charlies 3rd Christmas but her first with an actual stocking of her own! I know! I know! I am a horrible DIYer. What crafty mom would make her youngest daughter suffer through the holidays with a borrowed stocking from her dad!  I tried to make up for it this year and made the final family stocking for baby #4 while I was at it to try to save face!

It was also a great opportunity to incorporate blue into the color pallet of hung must haves! Blue, green and red are my Christmas colors! HECK! Blue makes it into every holiday and all aspects of decor in this house! Why not finally introduce it into our stockings!

This project starts off with a trip to the Thrift Store! I found knit sweaters in the colors I wanted and they each ranged in price from $3-$5. I also picked up some ribbon and fun pom pom trim from my favorite fabric store, Material Girls Quilt shop!

Creating the stocking was simple. I tried taking advantage of the sweaters as much as possible. If it had a turtle neck I made sure to keep that in the design of the stocking! I turned the sweater inside out and used a pattern I created and cut out my design on both sides of the sweater. I just left the neck in tack  or took advantage of the finished edge of the bottom of a sweater in the case that it did not have a turtle neck! Look for short cuts!

Embellishing the front was the fun part. before I sewed the stocking together I added other pieces of sweater and trim! Once I was happy with the embellishments I sewed the edges and turned it right side in…or is it right side out??

Repeated 5 times over and now we have our family of stockings! EVERYONE gets one this time around! I think they turned out great and they look great when you see how my entire house is decked out in this Blue, green and red color scheme!




  1. 1

    These are cute as can be. I love them:)

  2. 2

    Great job! I like that you use blue as the third color. I have been struggling beyond red and green this year. Great ideas!

  3. 3

    Those are adorable! I think I will head to Goodwill today!!

  4. 4
    Sheryl Coe says:

    Becca. These are GENIUS!

  5. 5

    LOVE THESE!!!!!! SO cute!

  6. 6

    These are so so cute! Great job!

  7. 7

    AH! Love, LOVE how these turned out! SO cute!

  8. 8

    these are just so lovely

  9. 9

    Oh these are fabulous! I am a sucker for the red and blue combo, and I love how you mix it in with the green.


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