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How did I forget to post this…


Just before school started this year I got a surprising email from a producer from “Good Morning America” asking if they could feature one of my first day of school photos I took year that had gone viral! Ummm…. it took me all of 1.7 seconds to respond “HECK YEAH!!” and then over the course of a few emails, phone calls a two days the featured photo turned into a camera crew flying to Salt Lake to film me getting my littles ready for the first day of school and taking photos to capture the moment!

(insert panic here!)

The timing could not have been worst. I was an hour away from leaving town for the weekend and that would mean I had less then 72 hours to get myself, kids, front yard, and house camera ready! Now I get it…it’s suppose to be a realistic look into our lives so perfection wasn’t a must but come on people! GOOD MORNING AMERICA was coming!!!

Thanks to amazing friends I was able to pull it together! My porch had borrowed potted plants because I had failed to ever get around to planting any of my own. It had a borrowed bench because upon close exam my patio chairs had cracks, were faded and proudly displayed bird poop on them. Fun huh!

At 6 am I opened my door to see the one and only Cameron Mathison form “All my Children” and “Dancing with the Stars”  was standing on my porch.  I had my hair half done and a look of utter celeb crush shock on my face. I wasn’t told he’d be coming! All the more fun!

Lights! Camera! Action! The morning was all sort of a blur, or should I say it just went so smoothly and it felt so natural because both Cameron and the producer, Gary were so freakin’ awesome to be with! Charlie fell in love with Cameron, Mike had made two new best friends for life and I was still on schedule to get my kids off to school on time….heck! It was really the first day of school don’t forget!

What an experience! The morning wrap was over and we had time to kill before flights home. Believe it or not these guys wanted to hang out with us! We hit up a favorite donut  joint, talked shop and traded stories! Loved it!

The segment turned out great! You can watch it HERE! It was an over all fantastic experience that we will never forget!


Thanks Lesa and Nadine for coming to the rescue! My darling friend Mandy of Hoopla Earrings was sweet enough to make sure my lobes looked amazing for the shoot and thanks to her, they did!! It takes a village, people!!!

Best shot of the day…




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    Would love to see the video, but the link is just a general mishmash of videos:( anyway to get a more direct link?

  2. 3

    You were awesome!! You can borrow anything…., anytime!!

  3. 4

    This is sooooo cooooooool. And your front porch looks awesome! :)

  4. 5

    It wasn’t easy but I did find the link. Your spot was the very best on the first day of school photo’s. You guys were amazing as always. What an adorable family.

  5. 6

    That was awesome! They looked beautiful..and so did you!
    Great job!

  6. 7

    Congrats! The feature was awesome; and you seemed very relaxed and natural. I loved reading your comical reflections on the experience.

    The Thinking Closet

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