VOTE for me PLEASE!!!

Voting has begun! Please read my plea and jump over and VOTE for my guest room to win the Vintage Revivals Epic room makeover. Voting is open now threw Sept. 14th and you can vote once per day! I am entry #72….VOTE HERE!

Sucks I tell ya! My guest room is the most pathetic room in the house and by golly I’m tired of looking at its drab, boring, personality lacking self! The rest of my house reflects who I am, who we are as a family…but my guest room….well, that is an after thought and boy can you tell.
Thanks to the ever talented Mandi of Vintage Revivals and a collection of the most amazing sponsors, my guest room has a chance at life! This years EPIC Room Makeover is open for entries so here I am pleading, begging and offering up my guest room to be taken pitty upon by all who see it!
I think the reason this space suck so bad is because every single thing inside it means absolutely nothing to me! Besides the quilt in the corner that was given to me by my husbands grandfather, NOTHING has any sentimental value and that is sad and goes against every design concept I have EVER practices. Things need to ignite a feeling, or memory or convey a sense of who you are. All this room says is ” Sleep in here, and then go home.”
We painted the walls this safe shade of green to cover the screaming red that existed before. The bedding was $9 so I bought it.
This end table is missing a knob and was thrown in here because it didn’t have anywhere else to go. Adding the family quilt in here was my attempt to personalize the space. FAIL!
My lame attempts at creating a useful space!
Oh yeah…and when my daughters broke the closet door last year did I have any motivation to fix it? NO! Why? This space was so far down on my priority list and a room I try my hardest to avoid. So there it sits, still broken and adding to the charm of this room. Sigh!
See what I mean! My guest room SUCKS!
If you knew me but have never been to my house I bet I could blind fold you, drop you into the middle of my family room and unveil my home to you and right away you’d say ” This is soooooo Becca’s house!” Bright, bold, blue, repurposed, vintage eclectic! Things in my home speak to me and tell my guest who we are. I am desperate to have my guest room tell the same story!
I apologize to all my guest who over the past 5 years have had to stay in this room. The bed is beyond comfy but that’s where the cozy house guest experience ends!
So PLEASE help me win this years Epic Room Makeover! I’ll be entering this space over on Vintage Revivals link up and voting starts Sept 7- 14th. PLEASE Come and vote for me HERE!!! I am entry #72
And a HUGE thank you to all the amazing sponsors who are helping make this giveaway possible!




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    I voted! I hope really hope you win! Please follow me back…just started a new blog and would appreciate the support!

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    Oh mama, I hope you win! I’m off to vote!
    If it makes you feel better ,the sheets are cute! ;D haha.

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