Chip It by Sherwin-Williams

Happy Summer, people!

Are you loving the warm weather, kids at home and vacation time? I sure am! So far we’ve been loving the lazy days of summer, hitting the pool and enjoying cool summer treats! I plan on eating my weight in Snow Cones before school starts again!

We’ve also been tackling a few home projects and while looking for color inspiration I was so thrilled to try out a new tool called “Chip It” by Sherwin Williams!  This tool is amazing! It lets you create a color pallet from what inspires YOU!

Picture this… say you’re visiting your favorite online boutique and you fall in love with an amazing outfit! Right then it hits ya “I wish I had a room that looked like this dress!”

With the new Chip It tool, now you can! Once you’ve installed the super simple Chip It tool all you need to do now is click the “Chip It” button on your tool bar and the Chip It feature appears on your page!

Scroll your mouse over the photo you want to create a color palette based on and click your mouse! It will even give you a color preview!

And just like that you have a custom color Chip Card with Sherwin-Williams colors suggested and you are now ready to transform any project into something fantastic! And to think…it was all inspired by something you fell in love with online!
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AMAZING right! You can take any image that you find online and by clicking your “Chip It” tool, it magically turns your photo into a color pallete creation that pinpoints Sherwin-Williams colors!

I’ve been having so much fun creating ChipCards left and right! I am in love with this tool! So if you’ve been trying to create the perfect color pallete but are just not sure how, give Chip It a try! You can add the feature to your tool bar with one simple click!

I’ve been creating fun summer ChipCards from summer inspiration that I’ll be sharing next time! Till then, happy Chip-ing!



  1. 1

    My problem is that the colour I see on the screen isn’t actually the colour in the photo. Which colour does it take, the real colour or the colour I see on my screen??

  2. 2

    Thank you for sharing this! I tried it out and lovin’ it!

  3. 3

    That is so cool! I actually LOVE the color at the bottom of the dress…it is a darker shade of turquoise in the dress that I’m loving! If only I had a home to decorate!;). Thanks for sharing this cool idea!

  4. 4

    I love this! I feel like it might become my newest online addiction! How fun!

  5. 5

    I have used that tool before and I love it!!


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