Photo Wall: End to End photo display

Have you ever had a wall in your home that has plagued you? I did! This wall above my stairs that leads to my basement was such a sore spot! I never know what to do with it. It stayed empty for 5 years until I recently FINALLY decided on a solution!

I always thought a HUGE piece of art work would look nice here but then I realized that the banister would probably cut it off and that would be lame. I didn’t know if photos all they way down the wall would look good either for the same reason. I knew I wanted something that would fill the space well and not be obstructed.

My sister had described a similar photo display but I had yet to see it. It was time to just go for it so off to IKEA I went! I grabbed a handful of frames in a variety of sizes and finishes and took over the floor space in the middle of the frame section at IKEA. I laid out an arrangement I liked and I was ready for step 2!

Once at home I laid out the frames again and took note of the photos needed for each frame.

Next I jumped online, sifted threw my photos and ordered prints from Sams Club.  An hour later I was ready to hang!

When it came to making sure they would hang evenly and centered I found the center of each frame and marked it with a pencil.   That way when I was ready to hang a frame next to one already hanging all I had to do was line up the center lines!


With the help of this adjustable ladder was all set and ready to start hanging!

I use 3M Command Strips for EVERYTHING! I have yet to put a nail in my walls for over 4 years! I adore theses things and they are perfect for a job like this! I’m super afraid to make a wrong nail hole especially in this case when even and level are so important. These Command strips save the day! I used 4 strips on the large frames and two on all the others!

The center photo is the most important photo. As long as it is hung level and in the right place all the other photos would be level too! I hung my largest/center photo first just to make sure I liked it’s placement before I started adding the next one. From there I worked my way out from the center to the end on each side.

My arrangement is A Symmetrical. I like how the frames vary on each side and one side is actually longer then the other. I took that into account when I started hanging them.  The entire arrangement is centered on my wall and at eye level.

I’m in love with this space! It no longer haunts me and begs to be do pretty her up! If you have a space in need of some fillin’ up, give this a try.


Eclipse: THIS Saturday in Sandy, UT

Hi friends! I just wanted to pass on some fun info! If you are looking for something fun to do this Saturday and are in the Salt Lake area I have the perfect event for you! Eclipse is by far the BEST acappella group I have ever heard and hearing them live is the best way to take in all their talent!You will be blown away with there skills!


Eclipse has a show this Saturday, July 21st, at the Sandy Amphitheater. You may have seen them onYouTube, but Eclipse continues to perform around the world, enjoying their 10th anniversary since performing in the 2002
Olympic Opening and Closing ceremonies. With two recent album releases, “It’s Christmas Time” in December and “Got ItCovered” in June of this year, Eclipse has new trending pop hits to debut live for the first time. Tickets are available HERE!

Such a fun night! Grab the love of your life, your girlfriends or the whole family and head out the Sandy Amphitheater!Six guys, Six mics, Summer night, Something not to miss!


Check out this video that I am loving right now…

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Favorite Things Party!

I am a sucker for any excuse to throw a party and get together with girl friends! It seems like the holidays are always too busy to try to throw in an extra party so the summer time is the perfect time to gather the ladies and enjoy each others company!

This Summer I threw a “Favorite Things” Party and asked all the guests to bring one of their favorite things to give away in a gift exchange! I set a gift price limit and could not wait to see what people brought!

When it came to decor and refreshments I went with what I loved and in the end what I had. When you use what you love you tend to already have a lot of it on hand! It’s a great way to save on  a budget!


My happy color scheme was teal, red, and green! I strung my Fabric Bunting, paper lanterns and used a twin sheet as my table cloth! One of the only new items I went shopping for was my vintage glassware!

5 Thrift Stores later, I was able to find 25 glasses that were a mix of different styles but all had a uniform look. They are my new pride and joy and will be used for parties to come. Each glass ranged in price between 50 cents and $1 so for under $15 I now have a set of glassware that will add some fun to all my gatherings!

I learned a super fun trick from my good friend Kim when it came to serving up a great spread! I filled food boats  from Orson Gygi with precut fruit and treats. It makes for easy set up and clean up with no serving dished to wash and everyone gets a great sample of everything yummy! I also added little cups of color schemed candy! I went super simple with refreshments and store bought EVERYTHING! I bought MY FAVORITE treats to serve so it also lent itself to the theme of the night!

Drinks were easy peasy…. I rested my water jug on my painted crate and had Italian Soda in my parties colors too. The Italian Soda was so fun and a great investment! They were $3.49 a bottle from Sunflower Market but come in reusable glass bottles with a wire corked top! After my guests enjoyed then I was able to wash them out and now have 6 bottles to use for my next party! I’ll fill them with Pink Lemonade  or other fun drinks in the future!

Everyone congregated around the food of course until it was time for the Gift Exchange!

Everyone brought a $15 gift that was wrapped and ready to exchange! I had everyone put their name on a raffle ticket and pulled names to pick a gift! Stealing was of course allowed! When a gift was chosen the person who brought it had to share with us why it was their favorite! It was such a fun way to get to know each other better!

The gifts were so amazing! Books, candy, gift cards to their favorite stores, beauty products and more! I won such a fun gift! I picked a gift filled with these totally adorable note cards and a bath melt from LUSH that smelled like heaven! SCORE, ME!

So… if you are looking for an excuse to throw a party, consider throwing  a “Favorite Things” get together!


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Chip It by Sherwin-Williams

Happy Summer, people!

Are you loving the warm weather, kids at home and vacation time? I sure am! So far we’ve been loving the lazy days of summer, hitting the pool and enjoying cool summer treats! I plan on eating my weight in Snow Cones before school starts again!

We’ve also been tackling a few home projects and while looking for color inspiration I was so thrilled to try out a new tool called “Chip It” by Sherwin Williams!  This tool is amazing! It lets you create a color pallet from what inspires YOU!

Picture this… say you’re visiting your favorite online boutique and you fall in love with an amazing outfit! Right then it hits ya “I wish I had a room that looked like this dress!”

With the new Chip It tool, now you can! Once you’ve installed the super simple Chip It tool all you need to do now is click the “Chip It” button on your tool bar and the Chip It feature appears on your page!

Scroll your mouse over the photo you want to create a color palette based on and click your mouse! It will even give you a color preview!

And just like that you have a custom color Chip Card with Sherwin-Williams colors suggested and you are now ready to transform any project into something fantastic! And to think…it was all inspired by something you fell in love with online!
(image source)

AMAZING right! You can take any image that you find online and by clicking your “Chip It” tool, it magically turns your photo into a color pallete creation that pinpoints Sherwin-Williams colors!

I’ve been having so much fun creating ChipCards left and right! I am in love with this tool! So if you’ve been trying to create the perfect color pallete but are just not sure how, give Chip It a try! You can add the feature to your tool bar with one simple click!

I’ve been creating fun summer ChipCards from summer inspiration that I’ll be sharing next time! Till then, happy Chip-ing!