The Bachelorette: What to do? What to Do?

Why yes! This season of the Bachelorette is well worth blogging about! Poor Emily! How on earth is she going to chose between these three??? Question of the year right!

You know it’s a good season when I can get Mr. BCD to watch! We both were gagging last night having to watch “Creepy Chris” and his sideways talk, poutyness! Not a fan!

Arie to me seems real and genuine but something about him makes me purse my lips and scratch my head at times! Em has a real connection with Arie and it’s natural to see them together. That’s a good sign.

Sean is yummy bottom line! I really like this for real dude! I love their attraction and connection and can see them together in the end. And yes…they would make beautiful babies!

Jef has totally grown on me! I love the fact that they look like  an odd couple but get along so freakin well. Like she is totally a fan of his and she perseus him! That is a big deal in a relationship! How cute were they last night! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Oh, Emily! What are you going to do! Flip a coin? Draw straws?

Can’t wait for home town dates next week. Mike calls them “regionals!” Ha! If he has to assimilate the show to sports then go right ahead!


Who are you loving? Who do you link she’ll end up with?



  1. 1

    She does seem to really like Ari but I don’t. I hope she chooses Sean.

  2. 2

    She has a very hard decision to make. I like Sean, but Jeff is winning me over because he always remembers Ricki. Looking forward to watching the home town visits.

  3. 3

    I didn’t even think about Jef remembering Ricki… that has to be big in her book. I was counting Jef out! I want Sean to win, but she can’t seem to resist Arie and I think she might pick him.

  4. 4

    How great to see a blog about this! And such a mirror of my own thoughts! :0) I have always thought Arie was a shoe-in, that immediate connection and bond BUT you see that on a LOT of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows and how many of those have worked out (ie Brad and Emily!….or Jake and Vienna (ugh)…or Abby and roberto). Sean seems PERFECT, like a REAL guy, strong in his faith, good values….no baggage. I think it’s a super hard pick between Sean and Arie. I LOVED watching her and jeff the other night, he CRACKED ME UP with those marionettes! HYSTERICAL! He still comes across as too young and immature to me though but hey, maybe that will work. Either way, I love those 3 guys, as long as Chris gets the boot soon!

  5. 5

    Oh my word I am obsessed with Jef! LOVE HIM! They are perfect together, and I love how it’s not just about Emily with him he’s always talking about Ricki…non of the other guys even bring her up! She’d be a food not to pick him ;) in my opinion of course. I hear ya on Arie being a little weird…I think it’s his eyes for me. There’s something going on there…they seem kind of empty. The way Sean kisses is starting to make me sick…so slow and SO MUCH tongue! Slow down buddy. Jef is perfect and I hope, hope, hope she picks him!!!

  6. 6

    I loved Sean and was so sad when she sent him packing. Arie is cute and she does seem to have a thing for race car drivers, but in the long haul, I don’t think a guy who’s traveling all the time is right for her and her daughter. Jeff is sweet and has the Mormon values which I think Emily likes since she has similar values. Like I said, I would have picked Sean for her as he was the middle of the road guy for me. Not too racy like Arie and not too safe like Jeff. I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow.

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