“Net-iquette!” Technology manners

Who knew ten years ago that we’d need a manual for Technology etiquette! Ok maybe not a manual but you would have thought common sense would have gone into play somewhere between talking on your cell phone in the checkout line and updating your Facebook status for the 34th time in one day!

Is there such a thing as Technology manners? Should there be? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Are there certain technology pet peeves and no no’s? What drives you nuts?

Let’s start a conversation! Tell me what behaviors are less then appealing when it comes to our technology and internet use?

- Are snarky ” anonymous” comments left on blogs ok?

- Smart phone browsing in Church?

- Excessive texting?


Spill it! What drives you nuts!


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  1. 1

    It drives me nuts when people post on my Facebook wall (my Etsy shop page, not my personal page) with a, “I like you, please like me back.” Do you say that to friends in real life? Thanks for checking out my page, I’d love to stop by yours and make my own decision whether to like it or not. =)
    Can’t wait to hear what others have to say.

  2. 4
    Leeann says:

    I absolutely hate it when I’m standing in line behind the person checking out and their on their phone for whatever reason. This includes talking, texting and waiting for that moment to pull up their e-coupons on their smart phone.

    Also, on the “common sense” side of things, what compels people to post that they are going away online? Don’t they realize they are letting the world know that no one will be home for this period of time?

    • 5

      I NEVER post that my husband is going out of town or that we are traveling. That fear is so on my mind all the time! Facebook has made being too open too easy!

  3. 6
    Valeri says:

    This probably doesn’t count as etiquette but you’ve given me the opportunity to rant a little. My biggest pet peeve is when people create Facebook posts that make you wonder or have to ask questions. Just spill it and stop fishing for comments. It feels insincere and it’s super annoying.

    Example of post:
    Bad = This is the worst day ever!
    Good = This is the worst day ever! My dog broke it’s leg.

  4. 8

    It makes me sad how mean people can be, hiding behind “anonymous” or a made-up name. I really feel like technology, with all its wonderful things, has helped in the decline of civility and caring about each other. It’s so easy to be terrible online. No one will know it was you. But that shouldn’t make it acceptable. If people would act online as they would in real life, oh, how the internet would be a different place.

  5. 10

    There are so many things that drive me nuts, but topping my list is excessive phone indulgence. Technology is supposed to help us stay connected but some people are so into their phones, surfing, texting, and so on, that they are totally disconnected from the people around them! Example… We took a trip to AZ over Easter weekend and stumbled upon an Easter concert in Flagstaff. The crowd was invited to participate by taking turns holding a cross. While taking his turn, one gentleman was all into his phone. It looked so disrespectful! To me, his phone was his cross, his burden. Then, he took the microphone and began to read the story of Easter… from his phone. He had been using his phone to bring the word of God to that crowd of people.
    Technology can be used so rudely, but it can also be so good! How quickly I forget!

  6. 12

    Pinterest has it’s own etiquette… For instance, if you are a business you should not mostly pin your own things or things. I don’t like to follow Pinners who do this. Pinterest even has an etiquette page: http://pinterest.com/about/etiquette/

  7. 14

    1) If you pin something, leave some comment love!! We all like to get comments and if it’s worthy of a pin, it’s worthy of a comment. I’m talking about the good, helpful kind. “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    2) I stopped using Facebook about two years ago. It has it’s good side, but mostly I got tired of digging through all of the stuff to find the good. Here’s my rule, if you wouldn’t bother to call someone and tell them what you’re doing, it probably doesn’t need to be on FB. For instance, I don’t really care that you’re at the grocery store, unless of course you’re sharing some amazing deal that you think everyone should get in on.

  8. 15

    Have enjoyed reading these comments! Also, just because someone is on a phone during church, doesn’t mean they are checking sports scores or Google’s doodle of the day. I, and a lot of people I know, have a Bible app on the phone. I prefer to use the real thing in church and the app when I’m out and about for reference or just to do something more constructive while waiting than another game or checking my email again. Some use theirs though for actual church stuff :) Just a good thing to keep in mind.

  9. 16

    It is rude to be on the net, social media, gaming etc in any situation where one’s attention is meant to be given to another person or task. This includes church, work, paying at the checkout etc. In church the task at hand is to worship and reflect on God, etc. At one’s paid work the boss isn’t paying us to waste company time = money; these activities are for our breaks only. When talking with one person do we suddenly stop and update status, buy on eBay, play a game etc in mid conversation. To do so would be considered very rude. The sad thing is it is becoming more prevalent.

    • 17

      It’s amazing what what can be labeled acceptable these days! I guess I’m just old fashion and think ” would this be ok to do?” No.

  10. 18

    Thanks for asking! I agree with Dee, above, completely. What makes me the craziest is when you are at restaurant (social meal) with someone and they answer their phone while sitting at the table with you. I’ve been known to get up and leave the table without saying anything if the conversation turns into a chat. Also, if they are in the car with you and answer to chat on their phone. RUDE! To me, it feels like they are saying their time is more important than mine.

  11. 20

    I hate it when people leave not so nice blog comments under anonymous. If you have an issue with something I posted please be honest about who you are. I would love to clear things up or engage in a dialog but when a person makes those types of comments without owning up to them it feels a little underhanded and cowardly.

  12. 21
    Kirstynn Evans says:

    Here I go… WARNING… just keepin it real!

    1) I am new to Instagram… and I have been so annoyed when someone will take one picture, and post it in every different edit! So I am scrolling through on my phone, 12 of the same picture in different colors… maybe I just don’t get it?

    2) FB, when people talk about how miserable they are, how unhappy they are, or they just leave it up to our imagination. I guess if your only support comes from FB, then thats one thing, but if you have to constantly seek for sympathy on FB, then I think something is wrong, and that person should seek professional help.

    3)My kids LOVE playing with the iPad in church. It keeps them happily and entertained for the hour, that I can’t give it up. Ever since the iPad started being packed in the church bag, I actually get something out of church. Thank the heavens!

    4) Pinterest, can’t stand it when photographers pin their own pictures. It seems pretty self centered. Isn’t pinterest so you can keep track of interesting stuff? Why would you need to put a board up for your own work?

    5) When my one kid says, “Mom, he pushed me!” Only to find out, that she took his pink crayon for her flower she was coloring. Oops… I may have got caught up in the moment. Sorry. But, this was very therapeutic for me! THANK YOU… and I’m sorry if I offended any readers. I just keep it real, most of the time. ALWAYS ON FB! ;)

  13. 23

    We definitely need an etiquette guide!! I have so many pet peeves I don’t even know where to start!

  14. 24

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