After a long year of planning, weeks of late nights, bottles and bottles of spray paint and all the excitement of a 6 year old visiting Disneyland for the first time, SNAP finally happened!
Jen from Tatertots & jello, Mandy from Vintage Revivals, Shelley from The House of Smiths, Tauni (the official SNAP leader) Kendra @ My Insanity, Brittany @ One Charming PartyAmy at The Idea Room, ME, Mique from 30 handmade days and the Queen Bee Market, Amyof Lexilyn Studio, Steph @ The Daily Blarg,Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting, Char from Crap I’ve Made

Thanks Kristen Duke for taking this picture of the SNAP team! This was the one and only time we were all together and in one place!

What an honor to be apart of this amazing Team! Tauni, our fearless leader created a rock star team where everyone’s talents shined! So happy to have been a small part of it!

I had the fun assignment of being a SNAP! team greeter! Mandi and I got to see all your happy faces when you first showed up! Such a treat! Ashleigh was a fun gal to meet and her “business card” was the most adorable and detailed cookie with the SNAP logo! You have to check out her blog! Cookie utopia!

Can we just start by talking about the amazing decor! SNAP was styled and branded by the one and only Lara of Less Cake more Frosting and Announced Design! She had a vision and it was executed perfectly! The hanging mobiles and center pieces were so whimsical and fun! Thanks Heartfelt Creations for a discount on the paper!

Of course SNAP!  was all about connecting with amazing friends and new ones!

Melissa, Elyse, Camille, Steph, Traci **** Becky, Kim, Cindy

Melissa of The Polkadot Chair, was such a thrill to meet! Her’s was one of the very first blog I EVER read so to finally meet her in person was a SNAP highlight! The cure sisters and Traci were so fun to talk to and learn more about! Traci, I must see your jewelry in person! You should sell next year at SNAP!

Becky of Whippy Cakes was a doll, understatement of the year! I wanted to eat up her little and everyone could not get enough of my “Whippy for Africa” earrings! Kim=LOVE. I love my R-House girls!All I need to say is “parking lot” and I’m in a happy place with Kim! Cindy and her daughter were too much fun! Can I go to a conference with my daughter someday and be as rad as her! PLEASE!!!

What I wore: Teal Skinny Jeans: Thistles Home and Gift,Yellow bow top: Thrifted, Blue and yellow toned sweater: TARGET

Black and tangerine shirt: Sexy Modest Boutique, Tangerine and white spotted shirt: Sexy modest Boutique

Shelley, Orson Gygi girls!, Zoe and Jeremy Jeanee, Steph, Destiny

This was the fun table I sat with the first night! WE had a rockin table filled with amazing talent! Zoe and Jeremy are creative gals who had so much spunk and energy! Loved hanging out with the Orson Gygi girls and I meet Jeanee for the first time! LOVE HER! Shelley and Steph are long time pals! Good times! And yes! I ate my dinner in less then 3 minutes! It was amazing!

Kelli, Leanne, Kara,Tara, Elizabeth, Matt

These are people who for better or worst have hung out with me before! LOVED seeing them again and reuniting! Kelli left her twin behind who was ready to POP! and when she got home from SNAP she did! Congrats Lolly Jane family! Tara is my soul sister! WE had to chat on the phone Monday after SNAP to get our quality time in! LOVE you T! Leanne and Kara are my girls! WE have lots of local fun and I’m so glad we are close! Matt! The one ,the only, the legend! More on him later!

Danielle, Megan

Ok…I have officially claimed Danielle as my long lost sister! I always felt someone was missing in my family and here she is! We totally look like sisters right! She’s the cute one, I’m the loud one! And Megan and I have to take a picture like this every year! It reminds me how much I love her!

One of the absolute best parts of SNAP was being able to hang out with my bestie and Sister-in-law Stephanie! this chick is amazing! I love her with all my heart! Thanks for the memories Steph and I’m sorry you had to see my “boobs” for like the 100th time!

Ahh man! There is so much more to share but when a post hits the 2 hour mark it’s time time to say goodbye!

More SNAP wrap up to come! Roommates, Spnsors, workshops, Matt and more!

If you wrote a SNAP wrap up link it below pretty please! I don’t want to miss any of them!







  1. 1

    Sad. I’m the only one not in the group photo.

  2. 3

    Oh Becca I Ioved finally meeting you!!!! Even if you did try to kidnap me in your minivan :)… (next time I want candy)
    I was so worried about coming to snap becuase I felt like I didn’t know anyone but you guys were all soo nice and cool that I felt right at home!
    I’d love to get together and chat some more- if you ever find yourself in Kentucky you’ve got a place to stay :)

  3. 5

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a pic together. Love what you said about my Lolly Jane Family, you’re adorable!!! Love your guts, so sad to see you goooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! :( BIG FROWNY FACE!! Right when I’m just getting to know you!!! Love ya, Becca!! XO

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