Mod Podge Rocks the Book

I know, I know…I’m suppose to be gone with the wind but I just had to pop on and share some exciting news! Yesterday I had a fun package arrive in the mail and becasue I wasn’t expecting anything I was curious to see what it could be! Oh what fun it was to see this beautiful book….

“Mod Podge Rocks!” in beautiful book form! AHHHHHH! So so exciting!

You see… it’s author, Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks, was one of my very first blogging friends! I just adore this gal and at SNAP this year we finally got to meet in person after 3 years of being on line friends!

I am so excited and proud of Amy and this amazing book! It’s seriously impressive. Over 40 Mod Podge projects with beautiful photos and easy to follow steps! You all have to get your hands on a copy of this book! You can buy it on Amazon now!

Congratulations, Amy!!! You ROCK!

And an update of sorts: All is well in my new world! I have to admit, I miss you! I probably should have phased myself out  slowly or taken the summer off rather then pulled the plug so rapidly but I think I needed to make a bold statement like that for my benefit too prove to myself that I really could step away! I’m just in a strange phase of life right now with a lot weighing on my  mind. I felt strongly that I needed to cut out a lot of outside noise in order to get a clear head and make some big decisions for me and my family! I have felt a lot of peace and calmness since May 2nd so I know I made the right choice. This time I am taking for myself and my family is much needed and I know the benefits will be unmeasurable.

But yes, I do miss blogging! So maybe I’ll pop on here and there, nothing like in the past but I might have something to share or just want to say hello now and again! Until then I wanted to say hi and wish you all a wonderful summer!

I will have  a fun announcement in regards to my “Show and Tell” party migrating to an amazing new location! Still trying to iron out some final details on that but look for an announcement next week!




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    Thanks for the scoop on the book. I just ordered it. Love Mod Podge!

  2. 2

    Thank you so much for the book review Becca!! It was great meeting you at SNAP :D xo

  3. 3
    Valerie says:

    Best wishes to you, although we will miss your frequent posts. I’m glad the break is what you needed!

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