33 Things you might not have known about me!

1. I’m a middle child there for your typical ” peace maker”, even tempered, worrier kind of gal!

2.  I have a magazine addiction and have been known to hoard Better Homes and Garden, Food Network Mag, Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle, Flea Market Finds, and any other BHG sister mags.

3. I have a hard time staying one hair color for more then a few years.

4. Donuts are my Kryptonite! Maple bars in particular.

5. Over half my wardrobe comes from the thrift store or consignment shops! I’m a sucker for a good deal and love great finds!

6. I can’t sleep before I do my OCD check list! Door locks, closet door shut, blinds pushed up, bathroom door shut, alarm clock facing the wall. Good night!

7. I have vivid dreams almost every night and can remember them almost every morning. Signs of a bad sleeper.

8. Total celeb crush on Adam Levine! Total crush!

9. I check out like 6 books at a time from the library but only get threw about 1 before they are due back.

10. I have no problem going to the movies by myself. In fact I love it!

11. Favorite soup: Mushroom Bisque from Zupa’s.

12. I meet my husband in high school. Was it love at first sight? No, not really! I was that annoying girl in early morning seminary! It wasn’t until our senior year that our friendship turned into something more!

13.  I’d rather water ski then snow ski.

14. I sat next to the lead singer of  “Green Day” on a flight and didn’t figure out who he was until I had landed and drove home.

15. I started piano lessons a few months ago and am LOVING it!

16. My favorite city on earth is San Fransisco. I could live there again. It’s the place I miss the most!

17. I have 4 best friends who I’d do anything for. Boopers, my sister, Julie, my childhood bestie, Shireen, my adulthood bestie and Steph my Sister in Law, known me forever bestie! I love them all to the core and they love me too. That is a treasured blessing.

18. I put my bare bum on a glacier in Alaska cause, duh…it was  a glacier in Alaska! A must in my opinion.

19. I married the prom king and he married a runner up.

20. I have been known to buy and wear kids clothes. Come on! When they fit and are super cheap why wouldn’t I? Ok, I know I shouldn’t do this. It is embarrassing when your girl friend points out that she knows my pants are  from The Children’s Place. Char, you’d be happy to know I just got rid of those!

21. I could eat eggs every day. Favorite way to eat eggs: over easy.

22. I’m afraid of birds.

23. My favorite book of all time is “The Giver.”

24. I am addicted to “Downton Abby!” Love me some good PBS and this series is amazing! Watch it! Get it on Netflicks and get ready for season 3.

25. McDonald’s has the best soft serve ice cream. I’m an expert. I know.

26. I sleep with a blanket even in the heat of summer. I’m a snuggler.

27. I LOVED girls camp growing up! Like LOVED it! I still talk about it like I was there last year! I’m a total dork.

28. My favorite place to be is home.

29. I’m a huger.

30. I want to be a published author.

31. I used to be a secret shopper but it was mainly for fast food and fast food got real old real fast so I retired after 6 months.

32.  I had my first school yard crush in the 1st grade when a boy named Shane kissed me on the cheek behind a tree on the play ground! I wonder where Shane is now. If any of you know of a Shane who went to Fern Greenwood Elementary School in Torrance, CA. Tell him hi for me!

33. I’m turning 33 tomorrow and can hardly wait! I LOVE getting older! It’s never bothered me and I welcome it with open arms! So what If my body aches a little every time I wake up! So what if I need a nap in the afternoon. Aging is your mile marker for growth and learning! I’ve learned a lot this last year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me this next year and according to this article 33 is the year people are most happy! Bring it on!







  1. 1

    Happy almost birthday … I love fun lists like this and just did a similar one on my 33 1/2 birthday in February, ha ha!! http://shakentogether.blogspot.com/2012/02/33-12-things-about-me-on-my-12-birthday.html

  2. 2

    I guess we have more in common than just our name!
    I will be 33 in a few short months … and I think I already agree that it will be the HAPPIEST year!
    How exciting!
    Cheers! (and Happy Birthday!)

  3. 3

    I love The Giver! I made my boyfriend start reading it last night so we could FINALLY talk about it!

  4. 4

    How fun getting to know more about you!! And Happy Birthday tomorrow! :) I much say I got the biggest smile when you said your favorite book is The Giver! That is MY fav too. Ive read it several times…. and even read it to my daughter. Its such a great book. ♥

  5. 5
    Alison (Baugh) DeMille says:

    I fear birds, too. I thinks it’s from our common CA roots and having to each lunch outside with all those seagulls watching and waiting to grab your food or fly over and poop on you. Anyways, Happy Birthday!

  6. 7
    brittany glenn says:

    loved this post. Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

  7. 8

    Seriously, half of the reason I watch The Voice is to see Adam on a weekly basis.

    {don’t tell my husband}

    Adam is just so darn beautiful!


  8. 9

    I loved your I married the Prom King and he married the runner up..made me laugh. I love the Giver, and I really want to check out Downtown Abbey. :)


  9. 10

    What a fun post! We have the same birthday, too. Happy Birthday, twin! :)

  10. 11

    Posts like these are so fun! I love maple bars, Adam Levine and San Francisco as well!! I DON’T love the fact that you can wear children’s clothes. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing – and thanks for hosting your weekly link party as well! Have a great day!

  11. 12

    Happy & Blessed Birthday! Loved this post. I recently started a blog will you hop on by & check it out, perhaps you have some points/ ideas to better improve it. Thank you & Many Blessings

  12. 13

    You forgot to mention that you also have TOTALLY GORGEOUS EYES!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Big Birthday Hugs to you, and when I see you later today, I’ll give you a REAL birthday hug!

    I kinda threw up in my mouth when I read that you can buy clothes at kids stores. Really? LOL. This year I moved into the fat lady store. In my mind it’s temporary!!! hehe

    The Giver is one of my all-time favorite books too! So cool that you love it!

  13. 14

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