Mod Podge Rocks the Book

I know, I know…I’m suppose to be gone with the wind but I just had to pop on and share some exciting news! Yesterday I had a fun package arrive in the mail and becasue I wasn’t expecting anything I was curious to see what it could be! Oh what fun it was to see this beautiful book….

“Mod Podge Rocks!” in beautiful book form! AHHHHHH! So so exciting!

You see… it’s author, Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks, was one of my very first blogging friends! I just adore this gal and at SNAP this year we finally got to meet in person after 3 years of being on line friends!

I am so excited and proud of Amy and this amazing book! It’s seriously impressive. Over 40 Mod Podge projects with beautiful photos and easy to follow steps! You all have to get your hands on a copy of this book! You can buy it on Amazon now!

Congratulations, Amy!!! You ROCK!

And an update of sorts: All is well in my new world! I have to admit, I miss you! I probably should have phased myself out  slowly or taken the summer off rather then pulled the plug so rapidly but I think I needed to make a bold statement like that for my benefit too prove to myself that I really could step away! I’m just in a strange phase of life right now with a lot weighing on my  mind. I felt strongly that I needed to cut out a lot of outside noise in order to get a clear head and make some big decisions for me and my family! I have felt a lot of peace and calmness since May 2nd so I know I made the right choice. This time I am taking for myself and my family is much needed and I know the benefits will be unmeasurable.

But yes, I do miss blogging! So maybe I’ll pop on here and there, nothing like in the past but I might have something to share or just want to say hello now and again! Until then I wanted to say hi and wish you all a wonderful summer!

I will have  a fun announcement in regards to my “Show and Tell” party migrating to an amazing new location! Still trying to iron out some final details on that but look for an announcement next week!



Beauty CRUSH: Hair products

I’ve totally changed the way I care for my hair this year! Starting in January I was determined to make this the year I got my hair healthy and LONG! I’ve always wanted long hair but could never get past the breaking point and it doesn’t help that my hair grows slower then anything! I honestly haven’t colored my hair in 6 months and it’s not ubber obvious ’cause of my slow growth!

First thing I changed? No more conditioning! Say what? I know! I know! When you think of repairing hair and making it super healthy I bet the first thing you think of is CONDITIONING! I did a lot of research on line and after hearing that conditioning wasn’t a must I tried it and LOVE IT! This will make more sense later in the post.

Let’s start at the beginning… If I was going to cut out my conditioning I had to get a great shampoo to compensate! That means Sulfate FREE, great ingredient and gentle cleansing! Harition and Hair One both had what I was looking for! Hair One by the way is a “Wen” knock off! These products are both sulfate free and work a little differently. Hairition is a shampoo and works like normal shampoo and even lathers. Hair one is a cleanser that doesn’t lather but also doesn’t strip hair of it’s natural oils. I did find that I needed to make sure I rinsed thoroughly when I used the Hair One! Rinse, rinse, rinse but man oh man, talk about silky hair!

$$$: Harition $5, Hair One $12 Sold at Sally’s Beauty

Ok! So now that I have clean hair, how do I keep it healthy especially if I’m not using traditional conditioning trends! ANSWER: Marrakesh Oil!  Because my hair leans more to the oily side stopping conditioning was a good step. But that left my ends at risk for damage. Marrakesh oil is the perfect solution. One small squirt of this rubbed into my palms and then on my ends was a great way to quench and smooth my ends and make it manageable. This is my new favorite product! Can’t live without!

$$$: $12 sold on Amazon

In addition to my oil I loved using RUSK Sensories Leave in conditioner. A tiny dime sized amount is all I need and I only apply it to the ends of my hair. Growth below my ears. This is a natural botanical product that helps eliminate static, conditions and works as a sunscreen for your hair!

$$$: $19 for 33oz. Sold on line or in some stores.

And there you have it! My new hair routine! That along with less frequent washing, styling and coloring and I’m well on my way to the healthy hair I’ve always wanted! I have some fun styling tricks I’ve been using that help with styling and cutting back on heat and damage! Stay tuned!

What hair care products do you swear by?



Lace embellished Plate Stand

I’m convinced that if you put pretty treats on pretty plates calories are canceled out. You know…cause it almost looks too pretty eat! Ok, your right! It’s still a calorie loaded treat! Ok, moving on…

This simple and pretty project makes for fun treat displays! Lace tends to do that to almost anything!

A tiny ice cream bowl and resin plate from Orson Gygi are a great starting point! I hot glued them together and they were ready for embellishing! Hot pink lace and blue cording finish off the look!

These would make darling displays for a fun birthday spread! Happy plate stand making!




After a long year of planning, weeks of late nights, bottles and bottles of spray paint and all the excitement of a 6 year old visiting Disneyland for the first time, SNAP finally happened!
Jen from Tatertots & jello, Mandy from Vintage Revivals, Shelley from The House of Smiths, Tauni (the official SNAP leader) Kendra @ My Insanity, Brittany @ One Charming PartyAmy at The Idea Room, ME, Mique from 30 handmade days and the Queen Bee Market, Amyof Lexilyn Studio, Steph @ The Daily Blarg,Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting, Char from Crap I’ve Made

Thanks Kristen Duke for taking this picture of the SNAP team! This was the one and only time we were all together and in one place!

What an honor to be apart of this amazing Team! Tauni, our fearless leader created a rock star team where everyone’s talents shined! So happy to have been a small part of it!

I had the fun assignment of being a SNAP! team greeter! Mandi and I got to see all your happy faces when you first showed up! Such a treat! Ashleigh was a fun gal to meet and her “business card” was the most adorable and detailed cookie with the SNAP logo! You have to check out her blog! Cookie utopia!

Can we just start by talking about the amazing decor! SNAP was styled and branded by the one and only Lara of Less Cake more Frosting and Announced Design! She had a vision and it was executed perfectly! The hanging mobiles and center pieces were so whimsical and fun! Thanks Heartfelt Creations for a discount on the paper!

Of course SNAP!  was all about connecting with amazing friends and new ones!

Melissa, Elyse, Camille, Steph, Traci **** Becky, Kim, Cindy

Melissa of The Polkadot Chair, was such a thrill to meet! Her’s was one of the very first blog I EVER read so to finally meet her in person was a SNAP highlight! The cure sisters and Traci were so fun to talk to and learn more about! Traci, I must see your jewelry in person! You should sell next year at SNAP!

Becky of Whippy Cakes was a doll, understatement of the year! I wanted to eat up her little and everyone could not get enough of my “Whippy for Africa” earrings! Kim=LOVE. I love my R-House girls!All I need to say is “parking lot” and I’m in a happy place with Kim! Cindy and her daughter were too much fun! Can I go to a conference with my daughter someday and be as rad as her! PLEASE!!!

What I wore: Teal Skinny Jeans: Thistles Home and Gift,Yellow bow top: Thrifted, Blue and yellow toned sweater: TARGET

Black and tangerine shirt: Sexy Modest Boutique, Tangerine and white spotted shirt: Sexy modest Boutique

Shelley, Orson Gygi girls!, Zoe and Jeremy Jeanee, Steph, Destiny

This was the fun table I sat with the first night! WE had a rockin table filled with amazing talent! Zoe and Jeremy are creative gals who had so much spunk and energy! Loved hanging out with the Orson Gygi girls and I meet Jeanee for the first time! LOVE HER! Shelley and Steph are long time pals! Good times! And yes! I ate my dinner in less then 3 minutes! It was amazing!

Kelli, Leanne, Kara,Tara, Elizabeth, Matt

These are people who for better or worst have hung out with me before! LOVED seeing them again and reuniting! Kelli left her twin behind who was ready to POP! and when she got home from SNAP she did! Congrats Lolly Jane family! Tara is my soul sister! WE had to chat on the phone Monday after SNAP to get our quality time in! LOVE you T! Leanne and Kara are my girls! WE have lots of local fun and I’m so glad we are close! Matt! The one ,the only, the legend! More on him later!

Danielle, Megan

Ok…I have officially claimed Danielle as my long lost sister! I always felt someone was missing in my family and here she is! We totally look like sisters right! She’s the cute one, I’m the loud one! And Megan and I have to take a picture like this every year! It reminds me how much I love her!

One of the absolute best parts of SNAP was being able to hang out with my bestie and Sister-in-law Stephanie! this chick is amazing! I love her with all my heart! Thanks for the memories Steph and I’m sorry you had to see my “boobs” for like the 100th time!

Ahh man! There is so much more to share but when a post hits the 2 hour mark it’s time time to say goodbye!

More SNAP wrap up to come! Roommates, Spnsors, workshops, Matt and more!

If you wrote a SNAP wrap up link it below pretty please! I don’t want to miss any of them!






Show and Tell

Time to get your link on! Have you created a fab project you want to show off!?! Link it here and get seen by thousands. I’ll often feature favorite links on Facebook and twitter and on my site so by linking you give me full permission to shout your praises and feature you and your post! Consider it FREE publicity


Lowes Creative Ideas round up:the great out doors!

I am in love with the warmer weather and gearing up for my Lowe’s Creative Ideas up coming challenge ” Curb Appeal!” It’s taking me outside and in search of ways to spruce up my yard! A great place for me to start is to jump online to the Creative Ideas web site or check out my Creative Ideas FREE magazine! There I found some incredible inspiration…

This colorful door mat is a fun welcome to any home! I am lovingthe fun and bright colors and! Nothing says Spring like a bold burst of color!  For full instructions click here!

what kid wouldn’t love this backyard play area! So many fun elements yet so easy to create! A quick trip to the garden department at Lowe’s and some simple assembly is all it takes to recreate this charming play area! For full list of supplies and how to click here!

Have you ever wanted to create a water feature but just didn’t know were to even start? Check out this clever water feature and learn step by step how to make one of your own! I love the metal detail! Full instructions found here!

WE don’t all have  alarge space out doors dedicated to a garden. I was so impressed with this 4 x 4 garden box that Lowe’s suggests for small spaces! It waslks you threw the process of creating a garden with limited space! More details found here!

Your house address can get lost if it doesn’t stand out! Make it pop with a bold place to be on display! This address project has great potential to make your home stand out! For all the details click here!

All of these projects can help turn your outdoor space in to extended living space! When it looks that awesome you’ll want to spend more time enjoying the great out doors! Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine has endless more ideas on how to create a space you love! Be sure to sign up for the free magazine and free ap! Let the creative ideas begin!



Fabric Covered Spring Vases

Nothing says “Bring on the warm weather” like bright pops of color! While Spring cleaning I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and realized I had a huge collection of glass vases and jars! I had gathered them all up and had them in my car to drop off at the thrift store but quickly realized I could re-purpose a handful of them and turn them into a fun Spring project!

Gather a variety of glass bottles and jar! Rescue them! Make sure they look great together in a cluster! Cut think strips of scrap fabric in a variety of prints and color! Hot glue the fabric onto the bottles! Time to embellish!

Fabric buttons, twine, fabric flowers and tulle! Anything to add a little more texture and color! Use what you have and just have fun with it!



System 41 update

This post brought to you by Système 41. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a few weeks into using my Système 41 skin care line and have so much to tell you! I use my products every day and have come to love  a few things about them!

So far the Gentle Purifying Cleanser is my favorite! It’s creamier then anything I’ve ever used! It feels wonderful on my face and I look forward to using it morning and night!

The day cream sort of threw me off at first. It’s thicker then I’m used to and takes longer to adsorb but I will say that the more I have used it the more my skin has adjusted and it seems to be absorbing faster now!

I also love the Rejuvenating Masque. I keep it in the shower and use it about twice a week. It’s grainy and very exfoliating. I don’t leave it on long, I simply rub it on my face and message for a few minutes then rinse.

I’m looking forward to seeing if I have big skin changes after my 8 week trial is over.So far I am just enjoying the great spa scent and fresh feeling I get after using the products!

Be sure to take advantage of the Système 41 special promotion: Enjoy free shipping and 10% off when you buy more then one item!

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Spring Mantel

Changing up a few things can make a fun difference! My Spring mantel is spiced up by adding a few new fun finds and a simple creation…

My “Hi” frame was made with scrap paper and a plastic mirror frame! I removed the mirror and reused the blue frame!

My vintage bowling pin makes a great new home on the mantel! I love this new piece!

Add it all together with my Paper Bag Spring Bunting and there you have a simple Spring look!


Queen Bee Market @ Thanksging Point

Get your shop on!!!! Come and shop at the coolest hand made market starting tomorrow!! Open to the public and held at the beautiful Thanksgiving Point Barn! Grab your girlfriends and come shop till you drop!

Friday April 20th from 7-9pm

Saturday April 21st from 9am-3pm

Check out the list of amazing venders…

Allora Handmade
Cait. Create.
Cinnamon Sticks
Creme de la Gems
Cut It Out
D & A Home
Earth Cookie Creations
Funky Vintage Lovely
Hoop-La Earrings
Jeannette Parker
Just Lovely Things
Karol’s Handmade Soap
Kelsey Bang
Knitty Bitties
Livy Love Designs
Love Stitched
Made by Jewls
Maybe Matilda
Miss Plunkett Boutique
Mon Amie Jewelry
Nikki Lorraine
Royal Spice Clothing
Salty Bison
Say Hello
Street Bauble
Sweet Old Stuff
the Pleated Poppy
the R House
Treasured by Holly
Trinkets & Butterflies
Vintage Fern
Vintage Rose Wraps
Vintage Soul Designs
Whippy Cake

 Tell your pals and I’ll see ya there!



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