Blue Cricket set lose in Arizona

Last weekend, thanks to my amazing brother in law, I got to surprise my sister in law, Stephanie of Somewhat Simple, for her 30th birthday! Ahhh yeah, Steph! You heard me! I just announced to the world that you joined  the 30′s club!  She was shocked when I snuck in at 10 pm and jumped on her!Yes, I jumped on her! I love a good surprise!

The weekend was a non stop party! We hit the ground running and got a game plan! We were going to work on her living room and we had a laundry list of projects to tackle!

Enter LOWE’S Of Course!

And I must say…I have never seen such a pretty Lowe’s then the one I saw in Phoenix! Soooo purdy! We had a lot to buy and I can’t spoil Stephs surprise on exactly what we did but lets just say it took us the entire weekend and you’re gonna love it!

We hit up Ross for a little accessory shopping and the huge undies were purely a bonus! Shoot, look at that lady behind me. For sure she was errked that I had my paws on her draws! I kid! I kid!

Friday night we had the best time with a few local blogger pals! Some that I got to meet for the first time! FINALLY!

Kelli, Kristyn, Mique, Steph, me

LOVE these chicks! We closed down Red Robbin and I was slap happy tired by the time we hugged goodby! I can not wait till SNAP when most of us can hang out again!

Saturday we got to work and I must say, Steph has come a long way! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This is the very first brush stroke EVER to touch a wall in Stephs house. EVER! Can you believe it! She has a fear of commitment when it comes to paint…no wait, she just hates to paint! We’ll you know me and paint! I have 8 rooms in my house painted and my mission while in AZ was to get some paint on the wall! Mission accomplished!

And HELLO! How freakin adorable is my niece! Can you see the family resemblance? We have each others eyes! Loved having a weekend to spend super quality time with my niece and nephews! I adore these little’s!

Such a great weekend! Fabulous food ( Filabertos!), great projects, laughs till 2 am every night and time with one of my besties! My only regret…I totally didn’t get any pics with Steph on my camera! SEND ME SOME STEPH!


Happy birthday, Shirley!!! Love ya!






  1. 1

    How fun!! I’m hoping you liked our weather :) That panty shot is a keeper.

  2. 2

    Hey! I just saw this post! Cuteness, Becca!!! I wish you would move to AZ to hang out with me, oh um I mean, Steph more (; It was so fun to meet you!! XOXO

  3. 4

    Looks like you had such a great time! Can’t wait to see what you came up with.

  4. 5

    Becca – it was so great seeing you! So glad we were able to pull off our impromptu get together. Can’t wait to hang out at Snap! You seriously crack me up, girl!! XO

  5. 6

    I’m totally offended by the big underwear pic. ;) Oh, and in the Copa too.

  6. 7

    I seriously just LOOOVE both of you! Make me happy. You two are just so much fun. What a fun fun surprise. Best way to celebrate hitting 30 if you ask me! (Did Mique move to Arizona? I somehow missed that one.) Glad you ladies had such a fun adventurous weekend. Excited to see what you were all up to at Steph’s blog. I cannot wait for SNAP when I will get to see you after all these years :) I just love you Becca

    • 8

      TASH!!!! Totally forgot you won the SNAP ticket! I just got that much more excited for the event!!!! I forgot that I’ll get to attach you!!!

      Miq was in AZ for spring training so we stole her away from her fam and meet up!

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