Embellished Spring Tee By “Sweeti Pie Bakery”

Here is a fun spring upcycle for your knit tops!As I do at the end of every winter, I was going through the old clothes from last spring and summer to see what we could keep and what we needed to donate.  Aeris still fit in this top from last summer so it was a keeper!  I wanted to breathe some new life into it so it felt current for this year.

Aeris loves her some butterflies so that is where we started.  I
found the center of her shirt and created a template.  I used some puffy
pom poms from our craft bin and sewed each of them on with a needle and







The whole project took less than an hour and Aeris thinks the shirt is so much fun.  I think this would be a great way to embellish shirts for easter with peeps or an easter bunny!



Jessi has more fun projects waiting for you to enjoy over at “Sweeti Pie Bakery.”

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