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Thread and Rhinestone bangle bracelets by “Miss lovie”

Today I’m showing you Tutorial #1 of the mixed media bracelets I made for SYTYC: the bangle. It’s really super easy and I think you’ll love it! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the braided one!
First you have to find some super cheap bangles. Since you’ll be covering them up it doesn’t matter what they look like. A place like Walmart would be a good place to look. Mine came from Forever 21 and were $2 something for 3 bangles and were a good width. The width should be at least an inch wide or more.
Materials Needed:
4 different, but coordinating, colors of chenille embroidery thread, 48-60 in. long (depending on the width of your bangle and how much you overlap as you wrap)
1 metallic embroidery thread 70-80 inches long
bangles-1 inch thick or more
rhinestone chain
hot glue
Mod Podge
(All measurements are approximate. I usually eyeball. And often I have to fix it because I don’t properly measure. The measurements above may be overshot a little, but you can always trim the thread as needed)
I separated the colors and put them together again so the different colors were made into one large mixed thread. This is optional, but I think it looks really cool.
First you want to cut 2 sets of about 70-80 inches of embroidery thread from each color (depending on how much you overlap as you wrap). Then you are going to separate the threads into 2 strands each. Each thread comes with 6 threads twisted together so you’ll separate it into 3 sets with 2 strands in each set. Once you do that to both sets from the same color you’ll have 6 sets with 2 strands in each set. Do that with the rest of the colors and you’ll have 24 sets with 2 strands in each set.
(please email me if you have questions. I know that’s confusing!!)
I don’t know if my way is the right way to separate embroidery thread, but I always hold one end of the thread between my knees and pull the threads apart slowly. This keeps it from tangling so much. If it tangles, let it untwist some and be patient. If you pull too hard, it will knot.
After your thread is ready you want to put the threads together by alternating colors. On every thread you add, run your thumb and index finger along the entire length of the joined threads to keep them together to reduce tangles and knots.
When you’re done adding all the thread it should look like this. See how the colors are all mixed together? 
 Cut each end for a clean edge to work with. 
 Put a dab of hot glue on the inside of the bangle and press the ends of the thread into it. Try not to burn
yourfingers like I always do.
 Then start wrapping your thread around. You want to keep your thread flat and spread out. You can overlap the thread in some parts, but be sure it stays even and isn’t thicker in some spots than others. You will probably have to continually run your thumb and index finger down the thread to untangle any knots that pop up.
 Keep going until the bangle is completely wrapped. You want the ends to finish on the inside of your bangle.
If they don’t, trim them so that the do.
 I used Mod Podge to glue the threads down. I painted on some Mod Podge to the bracelet, pressed the threads down, put some more Mod Podge on top and held my thumb on top for a little bit. Let dry for a couple minutes until you’re sure it will stick. You can use a tiny dab of hot glue instead if you want, but it won’t look as smooth as the Mod Podge. I tried both ways. The hot glue sets quicker, but if you’re not careful with how you put it on, it doesn’t look awesome.
 When it’s dry, you’ll glue the rhinestone chain to the middle of the bangle. Put tiny dots of hot glue under each rhinestone. This will not hold it on there super tight, but it’ll hold it enough until you wrap it with the metallic embroidery thread.
 Trim the rest of the chain off when you meet the beginning of the chain. Glue down carefully.
 Glue down the end of metallic embroidery thread. I did find that hot glue worked best on the metallic thread. Place a dot of hot glue down. Let cool for a few seconds then press the thread on top with your thumb. It’ll be warm but should not burn you. Pull finger off gently.
Then start wrapping the metallic embroidery thread around. On this bracelet I used 3 strands (pulled apart from the 6 strands it comes with) and on the yellow orange one I made like this I used 2. Just experiment and see how wide you want the metallic part to be. You’ll need about 70-80 inches of metallic thread. 
Wrap it on top of each connector piece between rhinestones at an angle. Be careful not to push on the rhinestones too much or they will become unglued.
 When you get back to where you started, start wrapping the opposite way. While wrapping, try to make Xs on either side of the rhinestones like the picture above. When you reach the end use the hot glue method to glue the ends down. And done!!
As you can see, the wrapped metallic thread is not super perfect, but it still looks cool, I think!
Here it is with the three strands of metallic.
And here it is with only two strands.
So pretty.
Stacked bracelets are supposed to be SO in right now. :)
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Thanks for reading.
And if you make one I’d LOVE to see it. Post it to my Flickr pool or just email me!


For more great ideas from Allie, please visit “Miss Lovie”


Paint Bucket Easter Baskets!

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We’re gearing up for Easter, and I love to use Easter baskets that can be re-used throughout the year as toy storage. This year, I made the kids’ baskets out of paint cans and scrapbook paper.

Paint Bucket Easter Baskets

I also wrapped a quart-size paint can with scrapbook paper. It makes the perfect flower container – fun to give to family for Easter – or to use as decorations around the house.

Paint Bucket Flower Basket

Paint stores sell unused paint cans for around $2 each – oftentimes you have to ask at the front desk.

Each gallon-sized paint can can be covered with two pieces of scrapbook paper. You can use Mod Podge or scotch tape to secure the seams.

Wrap your handles with yarn, and you have a Paint Can Easter Basket – perfect for Easter morning – and great (and decorative) toy storage for the rest of the year.

Click here for more detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Paint Bucket Easter Basket

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Breathing Space Bloggers Retreat!

Man, oh man do I have a getaway for you! Have you ever wanted to kiss your sweet little ones goodby (just for the weekend!) and slip away for a relaxing weekend where you get to hang with friends, stay in a beautifully furnished location, eat delicious food that you didn’t prepare and sit in on amazing  classes? SING ME UP, right!

“Breathing Space” is a special retreat just for bloggers who want to take advantage of  all the amazing amenities at “Day Break” in South Jordan , UT! Stay in one of the many fully furnished model homes and get  a glimpse into what the Day Break life style has to offer!

Also included in this weekend getaway are classes that will inspire you!

Tennis Lessons

Interior Design


Cooking classes


Cupcakes and treats

Beginning Quilting



Make up class

Style class!

All of theses classes are taught by experts and are offered to Breathing Space attendees! And lets not forget about the shopping! Visit the beautiful shops on Soda Row and stop in on “Oh Sweet Sadie” gift show going on during the same weekend! Shop hand made and local!

“Breathing Space” wants to invite bloggers to come and enjoy Day Break and looks forward to seeing what you have to say about your weekend! Take tons of pictures and share your experience on your blog! So grab your bloggie besties and register now! $75 is all it takes for a fun filled weekend! Can you believe it! $75 for lodgings, instruction, and meals! GET OUT!!!

Join me May 4th and 5th! I’ll be there! Will you??




System 41 skin care

This post brought to you by Système 41. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you know me then you know my two big craft obsessions are fabric and trim! Can’t get enough! When it comes to my personal obsessions, hands down: Make up and Skin Care products! Totally addicted to buying new makeup and any new skin care products I can! I love trying new products so when I got a chance to try out Système 41 i jumped at the chance!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed my skin changing. Gone are the days where I could run to the store without feeling like my naked skin was all anyone was looking at! I have dryer skin, more uneven skin tone and an overall dullness that wasn’t there 5 years ago!

I was excited to try an 8 week System 41 program in hopes to correct some of my biggest skin complaints!

System 41 is a complete skin line that includes cleansers, lotions and everything in between!

 The Skin Care Essentials Kit is a total anti-aging skin care system. It contains all 5 Système 41 skin care products to protect and rejuvenate skin morning through night.

-Rejuvenating mask

-Nourishing Day Crème

-Restorative Night Treatment

-Revitalizing Eye Treatment

-Gentle Purifying Cleanser

With all of that I’m sure to breath new life into this almost 33 year old face right!?!

I was super excited to get started and see how my skin will transform over the next 8 weeks! I’ll be reporting my progress here and letting you know how I like System 41!

In the mean time if you’d like to join in and try out System 41 for yourself  you’ll want to take advantage of the Système 41 special promotion going on now! Enjoy Free shipping and 10% off when you buy more then two items!

Let the anti aging begin!

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Embellished Spring Tee By “Sweeti Pie Bakery”

Here is a fun spring upcycle for your knit tops!As I do at the end of every winter, I was going through the old clothes from last spring and summer to see what we could keep and what we needed to donate.  Aeris still fit in this top from last summer so it was a keeper!  I wanted to breathe some new life into it so it felt current for this year.

Aeris loves her some butterflies so that is where we started.  I
found the center of her shirt and created a template.  I used some puffy
pom poms from our craft bin and sewed each of them on with a needle and







The whole project took less than an hour and Aeris thinks the shirt is so much fun.  I think this would be a great way to embellish shirts for easter with peeps or an easter bunny!



Jessi has more fun projects waiting for you to enjoy over at “Sweeti Pie Bakery.”

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Blue Cricket set lose in Arizona

Last weekend, thanks to my amazing brother in law, I got to surprise my sister in law, Stephanie of Somewhat Simple, for her 30th birthday! Ahhh yeah, Steph! You heard me! I just announced to the world that you joined  the 30′s club!  She was shocked when I snuck in at 10 pm and jumped on her!Yes, I jumped on her! I love a good surprise!

The weekend was a non stop party! We hit the ground running and got a game plan! We were going to work on her living room and we had a laundry list of projects to tackle!

Enter LOWE’S Of Course!

And I must say…I have never seen such a pretty Lowe’s then the one I saw in Phoenix! Soooo purdy! We had a lot to buy and I can’t spoil Stephs surprise on exactly what we did but lets just say it took us the entire weekend and you’re gonna love it!

We hit up Ross for a little accessory shopping and the huge undies were purely a bonus! Shoot, look at that lady behind me. For sure she was errked that I had my paws on her draws! I kid! I kid!

Friday night we had the best time with a few local blogger pals! Some that I got to meet for the first time! FINALLY!

Kelli, Kristyn, Mique, Steph, me

LOVE these chicks! We closed down Red Robbin and I was slap happy tired by the time we hugged goodby! I can not wait till SNAP when most of us can hang out again!

Saturday we got to work and I must say, Steph has come a long way! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This is the very first brush stroke EVER to touch a wall in Stephs house. EVER! Can you believe it! She has a fear of commitment when it comes to paint…no wait, she just hates to paint! We’ll you know me and paint! I have 8 rooms in my house painted and my mission while in AZ was to get some paint on the wall! Mission accomplished!

And HELLO! How freakin adorable is my niece! Can you see the family resemblance? We have each others eyes! Loved having a weekend to spend super quality time with my niece and nephews! I adore these little’s!

Such a great weekend! Fabulous food ( Filabertos!), great projects, laughs till 2 am every night and time with one of my besties! My only regret…I totally didn’t get any pics with Steph on my camera! SEND ME SOME STEPH!


Happy birthday, Shirley!!! Love ya!





Paper crafting with Catherine Pooler

Hello! I have had such fun playing with the products I’ve used in the Sale-a-bration My Favorites Series of projects and video tutorials.  They are so fresh and fun.  If you have missed the series,  CLICK HERE to view the 9 projects including 6 video tutorials and 2 cards made by my 7 year old.

This card uses the Elementary Elegance Stamp Set, Fresh Vintage Stamp Set, Everyday Enchantment Designer Series Paper and the Ribbon and Brad Bundle.  All 4 of these products are FREE with a $50 purchase of Stampin’ Up product through my Online Store.  (One free for each $50 purchase.)



This combination of colors (Pool Party, Pumpkin Pie and Very Vanilla) create such a fresh, romantic and vintage feel.  I love it!  I can’t tell you how much I am loving working with these products.  I usually do 5 projects in each series here (along with a couple bonus projects for StampNation Members)…but I don’t know if I can stop at 5 for this one!

If you like this video and project and want to learn more, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.  You will get the exclusive My Friend Video Series and special newsletters jam-packed with projects, just for subscribers, every couple of weeks.  The first video kicks off with a Clean and Simple Card and teaches you how to tie a flat bow.

CLICK HERE to see the first one, then be sure to put your info in the box to the right of the video to become a subscriber!


 Stampin’ Up Supplies:

  • Elementary Elegance Stamp Set, Fresh Vintage Stamp Set 
  • Cardstock: Very Vanilla
  • Ink:  Soft Suede, Pool Party, Pumpkin Pie
  • Accessories:  Everyday Elegance Designer Series Paper, Big Shot, Beautiful Butterflies Embosslit, Vintage Wallpaper Embossing Folder, Labels Framelits, Dimensionals, Sale-a-bration Ribbon and Brad Bundle, Stampin’ Sponges


Catherine Pooler


More amazing inspiration awaits you over on “


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Show and Tell

Time to get your link on! Have you created a fab project you want to show off!?! Link it here and get seen by thousands. I’ll often feature favorite links on Facebook and twitter and on my site so by linking you give me full permission to shout your praises and feature you and your post! Consider it FREE publicity!


Bowling party by “Just another day in Paradise”

I do believe that probably the only person that will get me title is my good old friend Tara…for the rest of you who probably never heard of the movie…my title comes from a song in the sweet movie Grease 2. Yes they made a second one. Yes it had Michelle Phifer in it. AND yes, there was bowling in it.

Now that I digressed….

Let’s bring it  back. Retro bowling party. Yup it happened, even despite me running a fever days before. All of my party plans didn’t quite come to pass, but I still think it was coolsville.

My whole party was based on the fabric that I had found. It screamed retro to me. Once I had made Little Man’s bowling shirt and bag, the rest of the party followed theme with chocolate brown and orange.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a party is to find food and drink in a color matching the theme. Boy did I find some fun orange and brown food.

aren’t these gumballs gorgeous
Of course my brand new Silhouette had to play a part in the decorating. I made these three 16×20 canvases by simply taping off a boarder, painting them with craft paint, and then cutting out the shapes and phrases from vinyl.
This might have been my favorite part!
I also used the Silhouette to cut out these way cute cupcake wrappers.

What would a party be with out a little goodie bag to take home? I made our bowlers a mini version of my bigger bowling bag and packed it full of orange and brown goodies.

This party was super fun. I would totally do a party like this again. I think my Little Man would agree.
Larissa can be found blogging over at “Just another day in Paradise!”