Sprucing up a basement bathroom!

We moved out two oldest girls down to a larger room in the basement this last summer. They love it down there but still won’t use the bathroom down there! They would much rather trek all the way upstairs to use the bathroom then to as they would call it “Use the scary bathroom!”

Ok! I can’t blame them. The basement bathroom may have recently been remodeled (about 5 years ago) but it was far from warm and cozy and welcoming to young kids who are more afraid of spiders and cold tile!

*** Pardon my less then wonderful photos. Again, this is a basement bathroom with horrible lighting so I struggled to get good photos!

This bathroom has a really beautiful furniture piece but it was under accessorized for sure! To be honest this room was only used about 20 times a year when we had house guests so I never really put any thought into the decor. Shame on me!

Here’s an awesome decorating “No-No” example! What the heck, Becks! Now that I have to look at it here I am so embarrassed! I had all intentions to add a panel to the bottom of that curtain panel. Looks totally lame all short but 4 years later I never got around to it and let’s face it…it probably would not have made it look any better! Sigh!

See! Nothing about this space screams “Hey girls! Come on in and sit a while!” So when I had a chance to  spruce up a bathroom space I just had to start in the girls bathroom in hopes that they’d feel totally moved in down stairs!

Color!!!! I knew I had to start with fun color for this space! This darling paisley rug from Lowe’s was the perfect starting point! Pinks, yellows, greens, purples, blues, reds! It had it all! It’s whimsical and playful design helped make this space bright and fun and perfect for a set of sisters who will grow up curling their hair and putting on shades of pink lipstick that are way to bright for their own good!

It was high time I took advantage of this sink! Because it’s the focal piece in the room and an actual piece of furniture I thought I better treat it like  a piece of furniture! Take advantage of its countertop and play on the fact that it looks like a dresser! Cue the candle stick lamp and pitcher full of roses! This space is decorated just as I would had this space been not been in a bathroom. I created a vignette that added height and bulk.

Lowe’s carries a huge variety of Bathroom accessories! Tons of finished to chose from and I totally fell in love with the Allen and Roth line that matched my existing finishes perfectly! Towel Racks, tooth brush holder and this stylish soap dispenser, thank you very much!

Ahh yes! A much improved shower curtain! This shade of blue is for sure my signature color! It’s found in every, yes EVERY, room in my home so why not in the shower downstairs! Allen and Roth have done it again!

I also made sure to grab while at Lowe’s some organization tools for the space! These plastic trays are going to make organizing hair bands, tooth paste and other girly accessories a breeze!

Finally a space my girls are no longer afraid to go into! The last thing this space is begging for is a little art work for the walls! I smell a project coming on!

Thanks to Lowe’s for providing me with the means to create this new space! Be sure to check out all that Lowe’s has to offer when it comes to making your bathroom space fantastic!



  1. 1

    Bathrooms without windows are so hard to photograph!! I just did mine and could not get the pictures to do it justice! Come enter my giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils! I love what my stencil did for my bathroom walls!

  2. 3

    Beautiful bathroom! Did you get the rug from Lowes? I am dying for it!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    • 4

      Yep! The rug is from Lowe’s but not found in the rug section of the store. I actually found it in the aisle that has curtain panels on display. They were rolled up in a box that on display on the floor!

  3. 6

    Beautiful transformation! I am in love with that rug! How fun! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 7

    Great job Becca! It looks so great! I LOVE that rug too!! Gotta love all the great things you can find at Lowe’s!

  5. 9

    Thanks for the inspiration…I need to tackle my basement bathroom. Love the comment on the spiders, so true! Just curious what the sign above the mirror says? thanks

  6. 11

    It turned out great Becca. I love that rug – it’s so bright and happy!!!


    • 12

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    • 14

      Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

  7. 15

    are those real or fake flowers? if fake, they’re amazing! what kind of flowers are they and where did you get them? And the pitcher? thanks!

    • 16

      BUSTED!!!They are fake! I’m not the biggest fake flower fan but like you said, they look amazing! I was actually given the vase and the flowers when a neighbor was going to sell them at a yard sell so sadly i am not sure where they are from but it seems like all craft stores sell higher end/variety fake flowers then the typical plastic looking ones. Check your local craft store and even if they are the pricy they will be worth it!

  8. 17

    I love it! The shower curtain and the rug blend so well!


  9. 19

    I LOVE the rug you chose! It got me thinking about our guest bathroom-now I need to go shopping ;)
    Make it a great day!

  10. 20

    Love the color scheme. The rug is beautiful and I love love love the new furniture style vanity! Gorgeous!!

  11. 21

    Absolutely LOVE that rug! I have a weakness for paisley :)

  12. 22

    I love the counter/cabinets in this bathroom. Great style!


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