What’s your greatest “Steal of a Deal?”

It seems like every time I leave a thrift store with a new find I say to myself! ” This is the best deal EVER!” only to say it again to myself after the next  shopping trip! I LOVE a great deal. My latest “Steal of a Deal” was found during my last visit to The Home Depot…

I saw a display of these Gliden Paint samples and they were marked down to 50 cents each! I grabbed 6 of bottles of fun bright colors and headed to the checkout but low and behold they rang up for 1 penny each! What the! I asked the checker to double check because I told her what I thought they should have been. NOPE! 1 cent! SO you know what that meant right? Time to load up!

56 bottles and 56 cents later I now have this great collection of awesome colors. They are about the size of a small craft paint bottle!

So here’s a question…What’s the best “steal of Deal” you’ve ever gotten?



  1. 1

    You were soooo lucky Becca! I’m heading to Home Depot today to see if they are on sale at my Home Depot!
    Great find!

  2. 2

    I found a box of vintage Christmas ornaments at a church sale for $5. It’s not a huge steal but it had about 6 identical to some I inherited from my grandparents that I LOVE and wanted more of. Overall, not a great deal but I was ready to pay $5 a piece so I was thrilled. :) I’m definitely heading to Depot to look for these paints though!

  3. 4

    6 zinc topped mason jars for $1!! Great paint find!

  4. 6

    Wow, looks like I am headed to Home Depot to see if I can find a color I need to repaint the house!

  5. 7

    You got a WHALE of a deal!!! Fantastic creations are coming I’m sure.

  6. 8

    no way! that is a deal and a steal if i ever saw one! there were only 2 selections of that paint at my store, and they were 50 cents. that sounds like too much money now that i know you paid a penny! yeesh!

  7. 10

    Wow what a great deal!! I did recently get an antique chair for free, the chair was falling apart but I deconstructed it for the springs and wood!! [email protected]

  8. 12

    Wow!!! What a deal!!! WTG!!!! Hmm, my best deal? One time I bought a real Kate Spade purse (gray wool) for $5…it was in brand new condition!!! And a bag of rubberstamps, good quality for $5. :)

  9. 14

    awesome! I picked up a few when they were .50. They only had a couple good colors left and my home depot though!! LUCKY you, that IS a steal!

  10. 15

    What if it was your husband’s steal of a deal? I wanted these two vintage smoked Lucite kitchen chairs at a flea market store and they were 40 for the pair. I didn’t want to pay that much, so we left them. A few weeks later I get home from work and the hubs tells me to go look in my craft room. Both the chairs were sitting there and he got them for 25 bucks! EEP! Go hubby! :)

    From what our realtor said, we’re getting a steal of a deal on our house… but I don’t know if that counts. lol.

  11. 17

    Oh my lanta!!! I am a little bit jealous over here! I wonder if MY home depot has those on sale for a penny! HA I would have loaded up tooo!! :) What a deal!

  12. 18

    OMG!!! This is an insane deal! I can’t even believe how great of a deal you got! I AM SO JEALOUS! Good EYE!

  13. 19

    Looks like I’m heading to Home Depot today.

  14. 20
    brittany glenn says:

    sweet! I would have done the same thing. I wonder if our home depot would ever do something like that.

  15. 21

    Okay, that even tops MY steal of a deal! I was supposed to get a pair of white capris for a performance, searched high and low and finally found some that were comfortable enough to dance in at KMart. They were on clearance for $5 and rang up at $.50! I wish there HAD been more of them, but I got the only pair! I still think they’re my favorite steal, but $.01 paint samples would absolutely top that!

  16. 22

    oh my word – what an awesome find – it is almost like you stole them….maybe my home depot will pay me to take some paint home (keeping fingers crossed!) awesome.

  17. 23

    WOW! That is an awesome find! Makes me want to run out to my local home depot!!

  18. 24

    On my way to Home Depot now……….

    • 25

      I ran out this morning and picked up a whole bunch of them. I had to ask the paint rep if they had them and she brought them out for me. An ummmm, they were FREE! Too bad the colors were pretty picked over. Thanks for the tip! So excited about it.

  19. 26

    WOW!!! Too bad the closest HD is an hour away from me…that’s an awesome deal!

    For myself, besides finding the curbside FREE deals, I just went to my local KMart store & they were in the middle of marking their Christmas stuff 90% off! I got $430 of stuff for $43. Needless to say, I had to go get a cart!

  20. 27

    I got a bunch of those 2 weeks ago at my home depot- they just had a sign that said Free- and then they told me where a cart was with a ton more to pick from.

  21. 28

    Oh my, I am so jealous by your find that I can’t think of the best one I’ve ever got…even though I know I’ve had a lot. What a great steal you got. I can’t wait to see what you paint next!!

  22. 29

    OMG, that is the steal of a lifetime I think! I was impressed with the fifty cents…then a penny! Awesome! Just awesome! Thanks for sharing, it is exciting news! : )

  23. 30

    SCORE! wow! Impressive! We had them at my Home Depot for $1.00 a piece I think. I missed the penny sale! Good for you! :)
    PS I’m having a party at my place. Will you come show off a project?

  24. 31

    You guys suck! :)

  25. 32

    I just checked 3 different Home Depots. Once they went to a penny a piece, they were either donated or tossed. :(

  26. 33

    A penny a piece?! So jealous…I paid $.25 for each of mine.

    My biggest steal would probably be the West Elm bathroom hardware I got for $1.99 a piece when it was mispriced on the website one day. Or maybe the fridge we just bought from Home Depot that was over $1500 off!

  27. 34

    I did the same thing, except I bought them all. I spent $4.41. That would be 441 bottles of paint. I am using them for a school project. My team loved that I was able to get all that paint for under $5.00. Paint is usually one of our biggest expenses.

  28. 35

    I am SO jealous! I’m a deal getter myself. I got some all wood bunkbeds for $5.

  29. 36

    I am so happy for you! But why does this never happen to me?! I have a lovely set of artists acrylics and then a few of the multi colors that come in the little plastic tubs that are linked together. So I need to find a seriously good deal somewhere! When I was in the Army there was no time for crafting so I eventually got rid of my whole stash. So I am slowly building back up! Happy bargain hunting sweetie!

  30. 37

    I bought a purse at Goodwill for 4.99 and got home to find $23 in the inside zipper pouch! Best Deal ever. Makes up for all the times I’ve overpaid…lol

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