Making a Facebook “Fan” page profile banner

Awhile back I created a new profile photo for my “Blue Cricket Design” fan page! I loved the idea of making the fan page feel more like a business page then a regular profile page and I think by creating a skyscraper photo it does just that! It’s also a fun way to display more then one photo and your logo!

If you remember I shared a “How to create photo collages in picnik” tutorial recently and if you follow those same instructions but chose the single photo, three row option, you will get a similar look like the one I created for my page.

I also rounded the edges and added a drop shadow frame. When you uploaded the new image to your facebook page you will want to be sure to adjust the thumbnail shadow to just highlight one of the images from your collage. It’s that easy! IF you create a new profile image let me know! I’d love to see it! Link your facebook page in the comments!




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    This was a fun little project! Thanks for the tip :)
    Facebook page:


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    Thanks Becca! I’ll have to try this.

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    going to be doing the same thing in the next few day. Wish me luck if it is anything like it has been building a blog

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    from Chile
    [email protected]

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    Here’s my new Facebook Page Banner. Thanks for sharing the tip, I didn’t even think of doing that. :)

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    Thanks for sharing!! I just did this on my page and it worked! :)

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    Thank You for sharing, it never dawned on me to use picnik for this. Thanks so much!

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    It’s so awesome of you to share this!! Thanks so so much!!

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    I did this and like it, but now I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the thumbnail shadow?? Any help would be SOOOO appreciated! Thanks!

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    I did this, THANKS!! You can check mine out at

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    Thanks for doing this. I am glad I got it done now that is closing:(

    Here is my Bossy Sprockets Shop Page

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