IKEA to the rescue! Storage anyone?

Who knew a 6 year old would have been so useful when it came to the daunting task of furniture assembly! Three bookcases, a desk and a dresser later, with the help of my Blue, we had the furniture ready to move into the craft room! Now don’t y’all go and turn me into the Fed’s for  violating child labor laws! Blue loved it!

Funny story… When Blue was helping me with the first bookcase I said to her “Wow, Blue! You’re like Jesus. He was a carpenter!” To which she replied ” Hum…Jesus made carpet?”

Little by little and piece by piece this room started coming together! I used Billy Bookcases in the corner and far right wall and when  placed side by side they really looked like a substantial storage statement! I also found the Expedit bookcase in the “As is” section already assembled! SCORE! The desk was a no brainer to add to this small 9′x9′ space!It floats in the center of the room giving me surface area to work at. I know it looks like a tight fit in there and it is but it’s also efficient and space maximizing.

With a room this small it was all about the planning! I measured and shopped for the space keeping storage in mind. I also knew I wanted white! This space was begging to be lightened up and when it came to blogging I knew I took tons of photos for my tutorials. I’ve been using a white poster board to photograph off of and now I don’t need to! My crisp white desk lends itself perfectly to blogging!

So there you have it! Stage two of my Craft room makeover! The next part is the most exciting and overwhelming! Filling it back up with all my goodies! UGG and YEAH all in the same breath!

Side note: I wish I could have found a great new rug to use in here before I moved in the furniture but alas I never found one! My colors for this room are light aqua blue, white and red. The storage baskets and tools are white, galvanized buckets, and natural grass baskets! Any suggestions on a rug?





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    Don’t you just LOVE IKEA? We currently have one room we use as office space for everyone and I have my own little corner. I got one of the Expedit 4×4′s a 2×4 and then the desk…made myself a nice little u-shape work space. Then my hubby got desk envy and went out and got himself the same thing! LOL! Ours is in the black color. I just LOVE it. Although I must confess, I am still not as organized as I would like to be…looking forward to seeing how yours comes along so maybe I can get some inspiration! ;)

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    Love how your space is coming along..go check out the rugs at Target. They have some fun rugs with all your colors and then some…can’t wait to see more updates!

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    Oh my!! One day one of our boys will be out of the house and this is what his room is going to look like!!! I love it!!! And I love the things kids say!

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    I’m SOOOO excited for you (& for us too to see how this will all come together!). The bones you’ve put on place are already so fresh & clean & bright! Yay xoxo

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    Not sure your budget, but this rug is beautiful :)


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    Such a clever idea. I love the result. I am currently working on my own craft room and I hope it will turn out as nice as yours

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    First I gotta say Lisa’s comment cracked me up! I m so relieved to know I am not the only one plotting future use of my kids room. I often wander in there and say I’m gonna do this, this and this….WHEN YOU ARE GONE!!! LOL…….I think I am giving them a complex :) Anyway I love how this is coming together……Sounds like you are going for a kinda rustic or country look……..I think a great big ol rag rug would be awesome!!!

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    Your room looks wonderful. I have the same size room but I have the slanted walls. Ah the perils of a cape cod house. Oh well, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming.
    Have you ever thought of making your own rug. I have seen it done by painting an “oil cloth” (I think that is what they are called). You start by putting gesso on it and then you can use a stencil or freehand the painting. They really turn out lovely. I could imagine a red and white chevron rug in there !! :)

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    Have you heard of Locker Hooking? It is my favorite “new” craft. It is time consuming though but dead easy and a no-brainer to boost. You can design your own pattern and then make it while watching tv if you have the time. It then could be your next project post.


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    Love the shelving!

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    Love the shelving! On the rug. Check out Pottery Barn under rugs and by color selection. They have some really pretty ones with reds in them.

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    Hi again Becca, Saw this today and thought of you. It’s an flatwoven Egeby Ikea rug but transformed. Of course you could do any design but thought it was a great starting point and tutorial ;D http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/2011/04/chevron-painted-rug-from-ikea.html

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    I was seriously in ikea this week to look for some office ideas. Trying to explain a “peninsula” office desk to the hubby was tough! Can you tell me what desk you purchased? Thanks!

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    Your storage is perfect – I heart Ikea and used two dining tables as desks for my girls in my sun room! Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. http://www.eclecticallyvintage.com/4/post/2011/10/house-tour-cheery-sunroom.html
    Here’s to a fab 2012!

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      LOVE it, Kelly! That room is so cool! So eclectic! I want your yellow school chairs and wire basket! I found a vintage metal dairy basket that I am using in the craft room that I can’t wait to show off! Thanks for sharing!

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    Informatiive article, just what I was looking for.

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    I love love this.. Looking for storage in a small space. How much would you say you have in the shelves? Closest Ikea is over an hour away.. So I’d love to know a round about price I’m looking at. Thanks a bunch. Love it

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    Paulette says:

    I am so excited to see your idea ,I have a small area in my kitchen that is useless space ,not big enough for table and to big for anything else .
    I like too use this idea for extra kitchen storage .Great visual for husband ,now he see’s what we need to do .thank you

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    I love the idea of the “Billie Bookcase” for the corner and the 2 bookcases on each side. My son has a fairly large collection of shoes and wants to display them in his room and get them out of his closet and I am looking for display ideas and i love this corner idea. Did you attach the side bookcases to the corner one or just put them up against each other?
    Stacy Pennington

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    Happy blaeyvgrsori!!!! Yay for 2 years of fabulous Disney food reporting!! Trail’s End looks pretty awesome, I must say. I am a big fan of pulled pork, and that s’mores dessert looks great!

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