Wrapped Christmas books

Christmas is all about creating fun family traditions and indulging the littles in   extra fun! I loved the idea of wrapping up Christmas books and having the kids open one each night to read as a family! You’d think that finding Christmas/Winter themed story books would be hard and expensive but if you frequent Thrift stores like I do you’ll quickly find that it’s amazingly easy and affordable!

Thrift stores are chuck full of Holiday books! I paid 50 cents or less for every book. I left one store with 11 Christmas books! Two thrift shop visits later I had a full collection. I even grabbed Easter, Halloween and Valentines Day books to start those holiday collections!

Starting tonight we get dive into the book basket! I don’t know who’s more excited! Me or the kids.

Speaking of Christmas stories…what’s your all time favorite Christmas story?



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    We are doing this year too! I borrowed a week’s worth of books from the library to help supplement our books. Great idea to check out the thrift stores!

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    So adorable! When my girls were little I would have all the Christmas books in one spot for them to read, us to read to them. I never thought of wrapping them. Such a cute idea. Guess it will have to wait for the grandchildren :)

    I check out your link ups weekly. I’m a new GFC follower and actually linked up my festive cheese balls this week. I’m hosting a Holiday link up and I would LOVE for you to come link up this idea or anything else for the holidays!

    Have a super day, Susie

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    Oh I do love this idea – wish my kids were still small, I would do this! Thanks for sharing the fun.


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    We are doing the same thing. I don’t have a pretty basket though, good idea! My all time favorite is The Night Before Christmas. When I was collecting books for Lola, I found four copies in our house alone (I only wrapped one).


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    We did this with our kids when they were younger…always loved this tradition. Now that they are older I still put the books out but we started reading The Autobiography of Santa Claus last year which has 24 chapters so one for every night…this year we are reading the 2nd in the series How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas…also complete with 24 chapters. Enjoy your nightly story time! Merry Christmas!

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    I have a post about our Christmas book advent with a short list of some of my favorites. (It’s hard to pick just one…) Here’s the link if you’re interested.
    One more not on this list: Wombat Divine by Mem Fox. Another favorite.

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    So fun! I’m hosting an advent calendar party over at Sassy Sites and would love for you to link this up! :)

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    Your super cute idea here saved my mantel today!! I linked back to you too! Thanks so much! :)


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    My favorite story has always been “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry. Years ago Marie Osmond stared in a made-for-TV version and I have it on DVD. If you like Marie, I highly recommend it as it is a simple and innocent story. We have the original story and I read it aloud on Christmas Eve to my family but we’ll watch the other version just about any time.


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    That’s a very good idea !!! The books are so fun to read with little kids and this will make a great “advent calendar” without candies or other chocolates….Have a nice day ;-)

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    This is such a great idea! I have no shortage of books…my MIL is a super-shopper and got us like thirty Christms books last year. Now I know what to do with all of them! Thanks!

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    Great idea!

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    Great idea :) Love your creativity! What a neat family tradition….your kids will always treasure this special memory!!!!

    Linda :)

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