Toy Box Makeover

Seems like we’re always on the hunt for great storage solutions around the house. When it comes to helping kids stay organized and motivated to keep their space neat the classic toy box might just be the perfect solution!

This toy box called my name when I saw it at the thrift store but the stars and moon cut out were not its best feature! But for $12 I knew I could work some much needed magic on it and turn it into a real storage solution that looked great too!

 What  a difference some paint and wall paper can make! Enter LOWE’S! With just  a few supplies and a little time this toy box became a new piece of furniture I’m proud of.

I gathered a few items from Lowe’s to help with this makeover! My newest favorite craft product has to be the Allen and Roth Paintable wallpaper (under $20 for 11 yard roll!) This stuff is amazing!  It’s like embossed paper that would look beautiful on a wall and it was perfect for this toy box. More projects with this wonder stuff to come! I also grabbed Krylon spray paint and new hardware!

1. I first cleaned the wood toy box and got rid of dust, dirt, and the sticky price tag.

2. I measured each recessed panel and used my cutting board and rotary cutter to cut the wall paper panels for each side.

3. I used 3M spray adhesive as my glue. I sprayed a layer of glue on each panel and waited about 20 second before I added the paper. That gave it time to get extra tacky.

4. I added a wallpaper panel and pressed it down evenly. I used a wet cloth to scrub off any of the excess glue.

5. For the back of the toy box I measured out my panel and cut a piece of wall paper slightly taller then I needed. Once it was glued on I used an X-Acto knife to trim off the top. It was a smooth flush cut.

6. Once my wall paper panels were dry it was time to move the toy box outside to get ready to paint!

7. I did a few coats of spray paint and let it dry over night before I moved it back in!


Much improved right? I replaced the missing hardware inside and now have a darling toy box for my little girl’s room. The painted wall paper adds such a fun texture and so much charm! Now I have tons of leftover wall paper that will be put to great use for other projects!  Man I love that stuff!

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  1. 1

    Hi, Becca

    I love how the toy box turned out. Just lovely!


  2. 2

    Very creative idea. That wallpaper works great for a two tone effect too. paint it on then rub off the high spots, and leave the paint in the valley’s.

  3. 4

    I have been on the hunt for a fun, cute toy box. This is ADORABLE!

    • 5

      Always start that hunt at your local thrift store! You’d be amazed. And I have yet to find a new toy box at a store that I like. They seem to all be plastic and bright red.

  4. 6

    Love it. You’re so creative.

  5. 8

    I love the new look! I love the color!

  6. 9


  7. 10

    I love the wreath, but I think I’m actually going to go the kitchen cupboard ribbon route! What a great round up of fun ideas.

  8. 11

    Also, I wish I could erase that comment, as it makes no sense. I have another blog open in another tab – and I commented on here by accident before I’ve even read the post! Ahh…

  9. 13

    That is gorgeous. That wallpaper worked its magic alright. Much better!!!

  10. 14

    Wow! That looks so great! I love how updated you made it and I love the fun bright color you went with. And…I love LOWE’s!!

  11. 16



  12. 17

    you have a great site! and this project is so awesome! great job, love the design!

  13. 19

    wow! This turned out really well. The wallpaper gives a fantatsic finish.

  14. 20

    Love the textured wallpaper on there! It looks so nice all painted!

  15. 21

    The toy box makeover turned out so beautifully. I really like the soft yellow color. The textured wall paper adds such a great dimension to it too.

  16. 22

    Was checking out your projects and saw this adorable toy box you made over. Very nice and unique!!! Genius with the Allen + Roth wallpaper! It’s suddenly become so much more valuable to me. I also used Allen + Roth in the project that I linked up today at #542. Thanks so much for hosting the link party!

    Sherry @ Pondered Primed Perfected

  17. 23

    So amazing1 I love this! I’d love for you to link it up to my Feature Friday Linky Party

  18. 24
    schenckopotamus says:

    Hey Becca… LUV LUV LUV the toybox!!!

    Quick question… how did you make the scallop trim aroun the ceiling of the room?

  19. 25

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