My Christmas Dream Wish List!

My husband and I don’t exchange gifts at Christmas! Basically becasue we both don’t need anything and we live such a  practical life style that we don’t really splurge on things.  We will treat ourselves to something we want after the holidays but for now we focus on the kids!

It did make me think…What would I ask for if the sky was the limit! If I could have anything and everything I wanted what would that be! It was a hard day dream to think of becasue we never really think nor shop that way but it was fun to think about and this is what I came up with…

My Christmas Dream Wish List!

1. Gorgeous Sea Glass Vases. 2. Fun Yellow High Heels! 3. Silver Flower Ring from Tiffany’s. 4.  Love this gray and orange outfit. 5. Individual Pie Maker from William Sonoma. 6. Heather Bailey Fabric. 7. Ravioli press. 8. Yummy treats like these strawberry yogurt pretzels. 9.  Two Amazing yellow chairs from Crate and Barrel. 10. These breathtaking rings from Kate Szaborne. 11. The perfect Denim Shirt. 12. Tons and tons of new make up! 13. Glitter High Heels. 14. A Road Bike! 15. Gray Boots. 16. Every Pink Martini Album.

That’s not too much to day dream about right! Wink wink! So fun! Do you have a dream wish list? What’s on your “Christmas Dream Wish List?”



  1. 1

    Where is the perfect denim shirt from… I think I have to find it!

  2. 2

    We got my sister that individual pie maker. I hope she likes it. :)

  3. 4

    I love this wish list. It is so fun. I am also on the look out for the perfect denim shirt and denim jacket. Love both pairs of shoes and that ring.
    Let us know what you do get.


  4. 5

    I found your article interesting because my husband and I don’t exchange gifts either for the fact we focus on the kids and we figured that the non-essential things we would give we could give to kids that wouldn’t have a Christmas. We also don’t celebrate Valentine’s because we don’t need a day to tell us to love each other it should be that way all year long. Thanks for your wonderful article and your wish list is amazing and very wishable.

  5. 6

    The sea glass is beautiful!

  6. 7

    My wish list would include a fully equiped craftroom and workshop with all the saws and stuff to make all the cute stuff I have pinned on Pinteret. Seriously in retrospect all I need is my hubby, children and grandchildren. I have everything I need to make life a happy one.

    • 8

      I feel the same! I have everything I could ever need and I feel blessed! That’s why it’s so fun to make a dream list, knowing that I don’t need them makes them all the more fun to think about!

  7. 9
    Kal Buckles says:

    How did you make your Christmas DreamWish List? Is there a program you put the pictures together with? I once had a dream chambray shirt from J. Jill and it has long since gone to the rag bag. Brought back memories. And just this fall I “refound” my dream Frye boots from high school at a thrift store and got them and have been wearing them to death and I’m not 55. Never too old to dream big! Merry Christmas!

  8. 10

    This year we opted to do one small gift a piece. $20 limit so nothing to fancy. I got practical pyrex mixing bowls. :) I’m not complaining. I LOVE them. I him an oil paint beginner set. Once while watching Saturday afternoon PBS he mentioned, “I really wish I could try my hand at what Bob Ross does.” That was it I knew what to get him, thank goodness for those 40% coupons from Hobby Lobby. If I was dreaming it would have been a cameo.

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