Felt Snowflake and Pom-Pom Bunting

Who loves a cheap and easy project they can get done in less then 10 minutes? All ya all better have raised your hand! This fun bunting project is all that! Five $1 Felt Snowflakes found at JoAnn’s and about $2 worth of white Pom-Poms and a glue gun are all you need!

In between each snowflake I glued two rows of pom poms, one longer then the other to create a swag.

Nothing beats a fast and affordable project that helps add a little Holiday cheer!



  1. 1

    This is so gorgeous and so easy! Fab, thanks for sharing x

  2. 2

    Very cute! And I have that exact same table! :-) But I can never find a table cloth for it. Now I know where to look for ideas!

    • 3

      Finding a table cloth for this bad boy is next to impossible! I have yet to find a a square one that fits BUT I have learned that a Shower Curtain is square and works. I just hide the side with the ring holes on the back end or sew on a fabric border around the entire thing to hide that side. Also Drop cloths and sheets work to. You just have to re hem the ends when you cut it to fit!

  3. 4

    Super cute! I love it !

  4. 5

    That garland adds such a pop of color! I decorate with a lot of snowflakes in January, as it is such a dreary month here in Chicago….

  5. 6

    I am your 6000th subscriber! :D Great blog!



  6. 7

    So cute! Love the wintery blue!

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