Drive Thru Service

I love this time of year because I think it has the potential to bring out the best in us!  It’s become a family tradition in our home to pick up the bill at a restaurant when we see a police officer, firefighter or serviceman or woman in uniform. This was a great tradition we learned from my husbands grandfather! It ‘s not often that we find ourselves dining with these deserving men and woman so around the holidays I try to find other ways to extend this random act of kindness in an attempt to surprise a stranger and put a smile on their face!

Last year I started doing “Drive Thru” service acts! One day when I was in the drive thru line at Taco Bell I noticed the lady behind me ordering looked sad. I couldn’t help but notice her in my rear view mirror. When I got to the window to pay for my order and pick up my food I asked to pay for the car behind me and simply asked them to tell her ” Happy Holidays and I hope she had a nice day!” I have no idea what she thought of this random act but I sure know how it made me feel!

All of us need that extra dose of feel good once in a while! I can guess that she felt blessed by that tiny act of kindness showed to her but I think I benefited from it most. I had my three smalls girls in the car with me and I told them how good it felt to do kind things for others!

I think service is almost more important to the one offering it then to those who receive it! It’s a wonderful reminder that we need each other and that we have the power to lift others, lighten each others burdens and be blessed in return!

I hope we can find opportunities to serve others… even if it’s in a Drive Thru!

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