Happy Meal Makeover

I had a fun opportunity to go to McDonald’s for a preview of the new Happy Meals! The girls and I were excited to see what McDonald’s had done to the classic kids favorite! Soon in all Happy Meals here’s what you can expect…

Darling, as in the cutest little fries box you have ever seen, child sized fries, apple dippers and an option for 1% chocolate milk!

Researched showed that even when Apple Dippers were offered as an option in the Happy Meal only 11% of time were they ever swapped out! Seems as though the mighty French Fries reigned supreme!

Now in the new Happy Meals apples and fires coexist making your kids meal a more well rounded meal! My girls love the apples and the fires so of course this new option was a hit with them! Put apples in front of most kids and they will eat them right up! One more healthy serving of fruit! I say well done, McDonald’s!

These new Happy Meal Makeovers are starting up in different parts of the nation at different times! Look for them soon in your neck of the woods!



  1. 1

    I’m so happy they’re including apples with all the meals! You’re absolutely right… I have yet to find a kid that won’t eat apples if they’re placed in front of them! :)

  2. 2

    That is so true! Put apples and fries in front of me, and I might eat the apples, too. But I’ma eat the fries first! Hahahaha…

  3. 3

    We’ve had the new ones in Cali for awhile. All I have to say is those cute fry boxes only hold like 11 fries. 11!!!! ;)

  4. 5

    I’m glad things are moving in the right direction. We have serious problems with child obesity. I tutored a middle school student with type 2 diabetes! Has anything else shrunk? (like the burgers?) Do they still offer the mighty kids meal? I like the idea of including the fruit and a small portion of fries.

  5. 6

    This makes me so happy! I love happy meals with apple dippers myself (I like the portion control) but always end up stealing one or two french fries from anyone else in the car because I just want a little taste – this is the best of both worlds! Now if I could just convince them to give me a large diet Coke instead of the toy……….

  6. 8

    That’s a great choice for kids… it’s hard for them to eat apples when they can smell the fries :)

  7. 9

    Those look much healthier than the ones when I was growing up! Very cute pictures, too!

  8. 10

    I am kind of in love with apple dippers. I usually order a snack wrap and apple dippers when I do get McDonalds. But I want to steal those little baby fry boxes! Too stinking cute.

  9. 11

    The girls look like they are enjoying their Happy Meals! I loved the apple dippers, as well ~ Hope we can get a chance to meet again and actually visit!

  10. 12

    On occasion I get a Happy Meal for my 2.5 year old daughter and I get the apples since she didn’t eat the french fries. She’s started to eat fries lately, so on our last trip I asked which she wanted and she said “both”. I didn’t know they were offering both, so I was pleased when I got home and there they were! Cutest little fry box ever!

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