Halloween Headbands

If any of you know my Blue you know she practically lives in headbands! this girls is the  “Fancy Nancy” of our home and she would do almost anything for a new headband! Halloween calls for a few new hair pretties and I was so happy to make her these! She designed them by the way…

1. We gathered her favorite things in Halloween hues to create this look. Magenta large net tulle, black and white curled gross grain curled ribbion for a gift, a headband and a magenta plastic spider.

2. I folded in half a section of tulle and cut it into a half circle approximately 10″ in diameter when opened into a full circle.

3. Using hot glue I gathered the tulle to create a tuffed netting over lay and glued it to the plastic headband.

4. Next I glued on the curled ribbon and the spider!

This second version was created the same way but we used black ribbon and orange spiders as the finishing touched! She’s been wearing them all week long! I bet she’d wear them all month! I better start thinking of a Thanksgiving look soon don’t ya think!


Jumbo food in the house

Have you ever seen a bigger Rice Krispy Treat! Holy moly! I thought I died and when to junk food heaven!  And I thought my huge jumbo Marshmallows were a fun find! HUGE FOOD ROCKS!

Made a ubber yummy treat with the Mallows I’ll be sharing later this week and have some fun plans for Mr. Krispy! Ever made homemade “Whatca-ma-call-it’s?”  Yeah, me neither. Gonna give it a try!

Giant Krispy treat is from Walmart for $5.68 and the fist sized Marshmallows I found at Big Lots for $2 somthing! Good times!

Let the gluttony begin!


Wish me luck

Today we’re hosting a birthday party for the girls. Eighteen 5,6 and 8 year olds. Sounds like  a recipe for chaos if you ask me. If  I don’t survive this is my living will….


I leave all my fabric  to my good friend Char. She’s a quilter and could actually put it to good use. Only condition is that you have to make me mini skirt to wear in my coffin.

I leave all my paint to Mrs. Welches kindergarten class!

I leave my hidden stash of Twix bars, kit cats and Gummy bears to my neighbors as proof of my habitual junk food eating! Enjoy it ladies!

I leave my design magazine collection to my girls. They rip them up anyway so why not let them do it guilt free!

And lastly I leave my vintage Singer Sewing Machine to the Gale Center museum in South Jordan UT. Even though I vowed to not return after you scolded us for being louder then a whisper, walking through the door that is IN A CHILDREN’S museum to forcefully, and hovering over us like hawks. It’s a rad sewing machine that deserves to be on display! I do suggest you lighten up a wee bit!


Ok my friends! Let the party begin!


Halloween fun with Picnik

You guys have heard of Picnik right? It’s a FREE online photo editing site that makes editing photos super simple! You don’t need photoshop to make your photos look great! I use Picnik all the time to crop, add text, make collages, add drop shadows , frames and round the edges of photos. Yo’ll notice I make a lot of 4 photo square images when I make my tutorials, picniks my go to site to help me in my blogging!

And right now they have some pretty fun Halloween effects you can use to spookify your photos!

For this spooky photo of Cricket I added Vampire eyes, fangs and fooled around with her skin tone! When I showed it to her she loved it! What a fun way to play around with photos! How fun would it be to create a Halloween photo wall with spooky family photos! Happy editing my ghosts and goblins!

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Googly eye picture

This super simple craft is perfect for the kids! Googly eyes glued onto scrapbook paper and framed! Makes  a great little vignette additive during this spooky time of year! Grab the school and kids and get to work! This project cost me $1. I used paper and a frame I already had and bought the googly eyes at Dollar Tree! That cute rat is also from Dollar Tree! LOVE that place!


Mummy drink boxes

Listen up all you cool moms and room moms out there! This super simple and darling Mummy Drink Box project is for you! Would your kids just die if they found on of these in their lunch box or would the other class room volunteers hate you becasue you are ” too stinkin creative for your own good” if you showed up at the class room party with these!!!

I saw this in a magazine and knew I had to do it, and yes, this room mom will be making these for Mrs. Welche’s kindergarten class this year!

1. Gather juice boxes, white electrical tape sold at Home Depot for about $4 and googly eyes.

2. Start by covering the top of the juice box leaving the straw hole exposed.Remove the straw but save to reattach.

3.Continue wrapping the rest of the box with the electrical tape criss cross and over lapping as you go.

4. Use school glue to glue on your googly eyes and then cover slightly with a piece of tape. Us e a tiny dab of hot glue to re attach the straw to the back of the juice box.


Be a rad mom and make these for your little monsters!


Photo Tips with Emilie

I’ve been taking lots and lots of newborn pix the last few months.  I’m excited to share some of my tricks to capturing great images.

Here are the 5 Items I can’t shoot without…

1.  Boppy Pillow – This is my favorite positioner.  I use the Boppy for at least 5-10 different positions.
2.  Binky – Enough said :)
3.  Heating Pad – Heat is a necessity when taking newborn photos.  I use the heating pad to warm up the blanket or prop I will be using next so that I never lay a baby on a cold prop or blanket.
4.  Bag-O-Beans – I use this both under the prop blanket and on top of the babies while I’m positioning them.  Babies love to be nice and toasty warm and the Bag-O-Beans works perfect.
5.  Space Heater – I couldn’t do a newborn session without a space heater.  They are magic to get newborn to be nice and calm!!

Now let’s talk about editing newborn images.
Below is my out of camera image.  Her skin is not as creamy as what I see with my eyes.  These SLR cameras are so sharp that they pick up the tiniest little nicks and scratches.  No good.  Here is how I fix and soften skin in PS.

First, open the image into PS and duplicate the background layer.  The short cut is Command “J”.
Next, add a Gaussian Blur filter found in your
“filter”-”blur”-”Gaussian blur” menu.
When adding the Gaussian Blur make it a little stronger than you think you’ll need.  The reason is that you can brush on the Gaussian Blur at a low opacity, but if you don’t make it strong enough you can not increase the opacity more than 100% of what you originally made the filter.
Then, add a vector mask to the Gaussian Blur layer by clicking the “Add Vector Mask” button at the bottom of your layers palette.
Last step, Invert the Vector Mask (short cut is “Command I”).  This will turn the Gaussian Blur Filter off.  Then, use the “Brush Tool” to brush on the Gaussian Blur effect in the areas you would like to soften.
Final product…
Here are a few more images I took of her
sweet tiny little parts…

I hope this tip helps you on the pursuit
of newborn photo perfection!!

Happy Snapping!!

** I took one of Emilie’s workshops in early Spring and was blown away at how informative and well presented it was! Treat yourself to one her workshops and you know what will happen? You will pay yourself and your family back with dreamy photos!


Spooky Ghost Face

I saw this project in Martha Stewart LIVING and had to give it a try!

Spooky Creepy Cheese Cloth and a Mannequin head make for a pretty fun decoration!

1. Gather Foam Mannequin Head $2.99, 1 poack of Cheese Cloth from Home Depot $3.68, and a bottle of non aerosol Fabric Starch. YOu will also need a paint brush and small bowl.

2. I had to cut my package of Cheese Cloth into 4 equal pieces. Open up each piece and lay it over your foam head. Add a second piece of cloth and now you are ready to coat in starch. Pour a small amount of starch into a small bowl and dip your paint brush into the bowl and apply to the head. Continue this process until you have added all 4 pieces of cloth and covered it with starch.

3. Pay close attention to the facial features. You will want to make sure the cloth is hugging the face as close as possible as to show off the features.

4. Take the head outside and spray the head down with the starch. I concentrated on the head and left the hanging cloth dry and flowing. Let dry for a few hours before moving it inside.

**** When it was done drying I was hoping for a stiffer finished product. I think if I did this again I would use a  glue and water solution instead of the starch. Just my after thought!

I do love the way it turned out! So spooky!