Jumbo food in the house

Have you ever seen a bigger Rice Krispy Treat! Holy moly! I thought I died and when to junk food heaven!  And I thought my huge jumbo Marshmallows were a fun find! HUGE FOOD ROCKS!

Made a ubber yummy treat with the Mallows I’ll be sharing later this week and have some fun plans for Mr. Krispy! Ever made homemade “Whatca-ma-call-it’s?”  Yeah, me neither. Gonna give it a try!

Giant Krispy treat is from Walmart for $5.68 and the fist sized Marshmallows I found at Big Lots for $2 somthing! Good times!

Let the gluttony begin!



  1. 1

    We’ve had the jumbo marshmallows before. They are awesome for smores when we go camping. I MUST find the giant Rice Krispy Treat though…..I think that is perfect for….”I’ll just have ONE.” :)

  2. 2

    i love those giant marshmallows! and i’ve only seen those giant sheets of rice krispie treats at 7-Eleven, and they are like $10!!!!!!!!! so $5.68 is a steal! :) Have fun! I look forward to the recipe for the whatchamacallits!

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