Healthy, affordable and organized snacking!

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Ok! I bet I can guess 3 things we are always trying to improve in our lives!

1. Eat better!

2. Save money!

3. Get more organized!!!!!

Am I right or am I right! Well if those are things that ever make an appearance on your “To Do” list I have a great lifestyle tip for you! How would you like to roll all three of those wants into one great change? I knew I had your attention!

A few months ago my family and I were tackling those three very wants! It started with a real desire to eat better and have more snacks on hand! Because we don’t typically buy cookies, chips or other junk food we often find ourselves hungry for a snack! Apples and bananas don’t cut it every day so we set out to find some healthy snacks that we all would love!

We found ourselves at our local “WinCo” grocery store in their bulk food section. This section of the grocery store is AMAZING!!! Tons of food all sold loosly and by the pound! We grabbed tons of great new treats and took them home for stage two…

Thanks to IKEA and their amazing storage options we stocked up on these useful containers! Each new snack item or bulk food item is easily seen and makes organizing a breeze! They were affordable and reusable so the value will last a long while!

Now we have an entire shelf dedicated to healthy snacks and bulk foods nicely organized and displayed! Buying from the lose bulk section is a huge savings as well. Nearly all of the items we bought were way cheaper then had we bought them in packaged quantities! And this way we can buy the exact amount we wanted and help avoid buying items that we wouldn’t finish before they went stale and wasted money!

Here’s our list of bulk food items that we now enjoy snacking on…

Raw Almonds,Sun Flower seeds, Popcorn kernels, Dried Apple Chips, Craisins, Granola and, Roasted Pumpkin seeds!

A family favorite combo is a small bowl of Pumpkin seeds, almonds and craisins! The salty and sweet combo is to die for!

We also stocked up on bulk Jasmin rice, Basmati rice, brown rice, taco seasoning, flax seed, steel cut oats, bread crumbs, panko flakes and Italian seasoning for every day use! Bulk food is the way to go!

So we saved money by buying loose food in the quantities we wanted, we organized out pantry and made grabbing a snack easy and lastly we introduced healthy options that we all love!

And for a super easy and healthy snack alternative have you ever popped your own popcorn in the microwave? No, not the overly buttered, grease versions you buy in prepackaged folded bags! Why not try this next time…

1. Grab yourself a brown paper lunch bag and 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels!

2. Throw the kernals into the bag and fold the top over twice.

3. Microwave on your popcorn setting or for about 2 min. Listen closely. When the kernels stop popping it’s done!

4. Serve unflavored or add a very very small amount of melted butter or cinnamon sugar! Even if you flavor your popcorn I grantee it’s a much healthier version then the store bought microwavable popcorn version and this method cost only pennies!


We’ve totally been enjoy this new snacking lifestyle! I hope it inspires you to tackle those three wants that always seem to find their way on our wish lists! Happy snacking!

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  1. 1

    be careful with the popcorn, our 3rd time doing it the bag caught on fire in the microwave!

  2. 3

    Why have I never considered this!?!?! I’ve made popcorn on the stove top, but never in a regular brown bag! Awesome…thanks!

  3. 4

    We shop the bulk aisle too at Winco but never thought about some of the things you posted. Thanks for the popcorn trick too!

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