Cricket gets baptized

Our Cricket was baptized this month! I can’t believe I have a daughter old enough to get baptized! We belong the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and at the age of 8 you are old enough to make the choice to be baptized!

It’s was a special day for her and she smiled from ear to ear all day long. Her grandparents traveled to be here and she was surrounded by family and friends!

For Crickets baptism we did a few special things to help her celebrate the day.  WE had a fun photo session a few weeks before of her in her special dress. Photos were taken at Gardner Village in Midvale, UT. I’ve had a lot of people ask about her dress and if I made it or where I found it. TO be honest I found it at a Children’s resale store called Kid to Kid. No I wasn’t looking to buy her baptizm dress at a discount store. Trust me, for a day as special as this I was intending to take her shopping for just the right dress but when we saw it last year at Kid to Kid she and I both fell in love with it! It was sooooo different from all the other white dresses they sell for baptisms and the fact that it had the black details made me want it all the more! I had never seen a dress like it so I bought it thinking it would be the back up dress if we didn’t find anything else. Well guess what, we never even looked for another dress. She loved it so much and I was thrilled that she wanted to still wear it almost a year later!

I also had a hard back memory book made from as a keep sake. I used her dress photo session pictures and added some favorite scriptures and kept a page empty for her to record her thought of the day! She now has that special book to keep in her memory box.

All in all it was a great day for her and our family. I am always impressed by what my kids teach me! She is a shining example to me.




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    Beatiful girl!! And beautiful drees too

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    congratulations! That’s so awesome. What a special day. I like the idea of making a book of your photo shoot.

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    Aww such a beautiful girl and family. Conratulations! Love the dress…it was meant to be!

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    How sweet!

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    Your daughter is so cute! That dress is adorable too:) What a special day for her. Hope you guys had a great day!!

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    The dress and Cricket are BOTH adorable! Great idea for the book keepsake. I’ll have to remember that, since I’ve got just over a year until I’m there myself! I’m glad you all had a wonderful day!

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    What a gorgeous dress!!!! And an even more gorgeous little face that’s wearing it!

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    Congratulations! My oldest is turning 8 in December — I love the idea of the photo memory book. And I also really love Kid-to-Kid — we have found some serious treasures there!

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    Thank you for sharing such a special day :) What a cutie pie!!

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    What a cutie! Love the individual pics and that you made an album for her;) Cute family shot by the piano…welcome to the world of “children of age!”

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    Such a beautiful day that you will both cherish forever! Many blessings to your family!

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