A new door look thanks to Elmers

I had a great opportunity to try out some of Elmer’s and X-ACTO new product line! I was gobstopped when a package arrived at my door chuck full of fun tools! Here’s what I came up with… A new front door look!

1. I used my new X-ACTO knife to cut my Elmers Bi Fold Foam board to size.

2.The pink X-ACTO scissors are fantastic! I never knew how bad my scissors were until I had a new pair to work with! They were perfect for cutting my fabric to size.

3. I used hot glue and wrapped my foam board with the cut fabric. Isn’t that fabric awesome! Walmart fabric department!

4. Lastly I added fabric flowers and fabric rosettes embellishments! I have a collection of these fun flowers that I use a lot in my decor. The secret is never gluing them onto your projects but to use broach pins. That way you can change them out and never get tired of them in one place.

Super fun right! All of the great Elmers products I had the chance to use I loved! The creative tools are a must for any crafter! I especially recommend the scissors and of course the X-ACTO knife! The permanent tape runner was also an awesome tool! Great for paper crafting!

I wasn’t the only one who got to try out these great products! Elmers sent me a huge stash to share! I hosted a “Take and Make” Elmers party with some of my readers and they all got to take home their own collection of craft tools to try and then had the chance to come up with their own awesome project! I’ll be showing off their projects later this week! You are going to be blown away!

Thanks Elmers for this great chance to play with so many of your great tools!



  1. 1

    Love this idea! And a great, great way to use up scraps of fabric!Hugs

  2. 2

    I love it! The frame, the rosettes, the huge ribbon- everything!! Awesome about the Elmer’s products!

  3. 3

    So cute, I love the color and pattern combo you used!! Glue rocks!! :)

  4. 4

    Fab! Love the colors!

  5. 5

    LOVE IT! I’ve never really been big on wreaths, so this is a PERFECT alternative!! I love that Elmers has so many great products!!

  6. 6

    HI, Becca
    I just love this door hanging. It’s just lovely! I always enjoy looking around your blog. Have a great week.


  7. 7

    So very cute Becca! I love the combination of colors and I would have never thought of hanging it on the door ~ great idea!!

  8. 8

    I LOVE this! You have such a great blog! I’m your newest follower. I’d love you to check out my new blog loveofhomes.blogspot.com & follow along.

  9. 9

    Hi, What is the thing that holds your “wreath” in place over the door? Where do I get one? Thanks.

  10. 10

    Love this! Just wanted to let you know that I am featuring it on my “Top 10 Spring Wreaths” post today at http://www.cheapcraftymama.com! Feel free to stop by and grab a link or button! Thanks!

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