Thrift Store haul

The thrift store gods were in a good mood last week and I for one took full advantage! Total score, after a long drought that’s for sure! Wanna see my haul? I’m still giddy over it!

$10 vintage kitchen stool! Love at first sight! this little piece screamed “SAVE ME!” so I did! I already introduced it to a little can of yellow spray paint over the weekend! You’re gonna love her!

$5 College Chair/ desk: Every wondered what a college desk would look like spray painted? Yeah! Me too! We’ll all see how it turns out together!

$15 refinished sewing cabinet! HELLO!!! A beautiful already refinished table! SOLD! Nowt to the task of finding the perfect place for it!

$25 Twin size bed frame! Score of the year! Talk about perfect timing! We are moving Charlies bed down stairs into the big girls new room so she was going to need a bed. This find was a big one! Headboard, foot board, rails and slats! I had a few ladies hating me for finding this before they had! It’s in great condition and only missing some hardware!


Man I love thrift stores! I’m lucky and live in a great area dripping with great thrifting! The D.I. (Deseret Industries) is out big Thrift Store chain here in Utah!. When I lived in California all we had was Salvation Army and Good Will! Colorado had AMAZING thrift Stores!!! How about in your area? Do you have  any good thrifting?


Sept. 11, 2001

I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

They say it’s an event that you will always remember exactly where you were when you first heard the devastating news.  Pres. Kennedy’s assassination, Elvis’s death, 9/11.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was driving to work and heard on the radio that a plane had hit the first tower. I rushed into work and went straight for the tv. I worked at a bank and all the tellers were already around the counter getting their drawers ready for the day. I said “turn on the  news, quick!”  We all stood in the middle of the lobby speechless and silent.

I sat at my desk useless. My heart nearly leaped from my chest when I realized my dad might have been traveling that day. He was traveling often for work so I desperately tried to reached and left a sobbing voice mail asking him to call me back! Hours later I finally heard back form him and he was safe at home.

I left work early and went to donate blood. I think it was the only thing I thought I could do but when I got to the Red Cross the line was out the door and I was sent away and told the earliest appointment would be in three days! That night my husband and I huddled around my Brother and Sister in laws tv and we all just staired, shook our heads, and cried.

The footage is forever burned into my mind. People jumping from the buildings, the ash, the look on the people’s faces! I felt such fear for what this meant.  I could not wrap my head around what had happened.

I know it was 10 years ago but it feels like it was yesterday!


What were you doing that morning on Sept. 11th?

May our nation still continue to heal. May we always remember and honor those who lost their lives and I pray that the generations to follow will know the stories and learn the lessons from this tradgic in our history.


Swiss Days (insert yodel here!)

Well I did it! After 4 years of living in Utah I finally made it out to Swiss Days! Picture a boutique on steroids! This classic Utah event is held over Labor Day Weekend in the beautiful mountain town of Midway, which is by the way the town I adore most in this amazing state!

Hundreds of vendors, thousands of shoppers and food to die for! I made nice with a Navaho Taco and will again when the opportunity presents itself! I was in heaven! I am most drown to vendors that sell things that I can’t make myself! Jewelry always draws me in! Here are a few of my favorite finds from Swiss Days!

Anina K.  makes the most beautiful hand bags! Each bag was so darling and inside each well crafted bag was an inspirational quote! The thing that I liked the most about this talented vendor was the fact that portions of each sale are donated to, an organization that helps end violence against woman and girls worldwide! Shop on for a good cause!

It was so fun running into Kristen and Alisa of Trendy Trinkets! I meet these girls in Arizona so to see them at Swiss Days was so great! They have an amazing line of Jewelry and acessories! If you look close at the last photo you’ll see a Bird Cage Necklace that is too too cute!

Trendy Ties! Yep!!! Love this both and it was so fun meeting the darling girls behind the ties! If you have little men at home this is the tie shop for you! And spoiler alert…. Trendy Ties has a giveaway on BCD later this month!

Check out my buys from  Hoop-la Earrings! I absolutely adore this shop! I first fell in love with them  at Oh Sweet Sadie gift show last year! It was so fun to run into Mandy herself! Her earrings are so freakin awesome! I think I own 6 pairs now and that isn’t nearly enough! Endless colors, designs and styles! And good news!!! Hoop-la Earrings will be at  Oh Sweet Sadie this weekend! Go get your earring on!!!

I loved this frame booth and it was such a treat to meet Shana of Sweet Water Frames!  I want these all over my house!  Such fun colors and designs and they stack too so you can create a totally custom look!

Moda Maroo was  a darling booth filled with all sorts of goodness! Scarves, jewelry, art work! I loaded up on gifts and tons of stuff for myself!

Ok…so I don’t know any other way of saying this so I’ll just say it! I HAVE A CRUSH ON  Touch Piece jewelry! This booth was busting at the seems with crazy shoppers! I had to see what all the fuss was about! I got all wide eyed when I saw exactly what the fuss was all about! Beautiful , BEAUTIFUL necklaces, bracelets and earrings! I wish you could have seen me! I had fists full of loveliness! If you are my girlfriend you may or may not be getting something fabulous from Touch Piece for your birthday or Christmas! And I had to make the Hillary Bib my own….

Love this jewelry line!

And of course the fab Oh Sweet Sadie booth!  I love these girls! Heidi and Dani are as fun as their products! I scored the coolest Slap Bracelet watch! Their booth was just  a fun preview for what’s to come at this weekends ( Friday- Sat.) big Oh Sweet Sadie gift show happening in South Jordan at Day Breaks Soda Row! You will not want to miss it! Be there or be square!

I’m hooked! Not a year will pass again with out me making my journey to the other side of the mountain in search of retail euphoria! Swiss Days was incredible! Were you there? What did you buy! Do you have open market fairs like this one in your area! Do tell!!!



Scalloped Paper Doily Wall Treatment

Scalloped Paper Doily  Molding

Paper Doilies make me happy! I LOVE working with them! In the past I have created buntings, Valentines gifts, and other fun projects so I am always looking for ways to get creative with paper doilies again!

This project is by far my new favorite paper doily project yet! I mean…how else can you make such a charming statement so simply and affordably!

1. I purchases a pack of 6″ doilies. 100 pack for $3.99 from Orson Gygi. For an averaged size room you will need two packs.

2. Carefully separate the doilies. Paper doilies are fragile and someitmes the punched out detail makes them fragile around the edges so be careful seperating them.

3.  Fold each doily in half lining up the details perfectly.

4. Use hot glue to secure it together. I added three small dabs of glue on the edges and that did the trick.

** This is a great project to do with your little ones! My 5 year old was a fantastic folder and she loved being apart of this project! I of course handled the hot glue!


1. Get your masking tape ready!

2. Use two small rolled pieces of masking tape and put them on the two top edges of the folded corners of the doilie. Prepare a lot of them at once. This will make it easy to hang a large section at once.

3. When you walk into a room the last place your eye looks is behind you so start above the door. This will be a convenient place to start and stop your placement just in case the very last doily doesn’t line up perfectly. I overlapped each doily by about an inch, basically the length of the punched out detail.

4. When it comes to corners simply fold the doily where it will hit the corner! It fits so seamlessly! Gotta love working with paper! I didn’t need any extra tape. Continue adding your doilies until you reach your start point again!


This project is super simple but does take some time! It took me about an hour to fold and prep and then almost an hour to hang them all…but I did have two little ones at my heels!

Total cost: $8

Long live the paper doily!




No nails leaning photo display

I always get that itch for change around my house and I love it when you can create a new look for nothing just by rearranging furniture and using what you have!

When we no longer need a desk top computer we sold the desk it sat on and that left a huge void on this wall! I’ve been hopping for a new unit to fit this space but in the mean time I thought I create a tempory filler.

I moved the sofa table from the Piano room into this space. I’ve always hated teh placement of those outlets! I’ve always had to cover them up in some creative way.  This itme calls for leaning pictures!

I’ve had these large photos of my babies I never got around to hanging and when pulled together with a piece of art work from a cousin I think they do the trick!

The lip around this table makes this an ideal setting for leaning photos and the large glass cake cover keeps the photo from slipping forward.

I also added my large vintage scissors I found at Hobby Lobby and never knew were to hang to the mix.


All in all I am super pleased with this space! It’s a great way to show off pictures and rotate them easily. No nails in the wall and my kids are loving seeing old photos of themselves!



IKEA’s been a treasure trove lately! I could resist this darling white tray and teal blue vase! Makes a great little vignette for my family room!

I found this Wire Cage set at my grocery store of all place on clearance! YES PLEASE! $8 later it was mine!

Tiny photo of Cricket and all i need now is a tiny flower and maybe  a piece of fabric to add a little color!