Girl’s room make over part 1: Fresh coat of paint & Board and Batten

My solution to the dreaded ” Mom! Mom!!!! We reeeeeeeeally want a pink room! PLEEEEESE!!”


Um yeah! Not  a fan of pink rooms! Not a fan of soft, frilly, princess like loveliness! I know! I may in fact never win the “mother of the year award” for not giving into “Pink” but I can still give them a great room that fits the rest of the homes feel! Colors that don’t scream kids room but are still youthful and fun!

So my solution is: PINK Board and Batten accent wall!



Now don’t hate me or send me nasty emails for painting over this darling mural! I know! I know! It’s a crime! But honestly…it served it’s purpose in the playroom but with us moving the big girls into this space I knew I had to kiss it goodby!

First’s things first…when you paint over any sort of mural you need to sand the paintings. They might feel flush to the wall but trust me! They will leave a raised impression so put in the time and sand.

This project is pretty affordable especially when you go for the more economical wood. These wood pieces were more “rustic” meaning they needed sanding and I took my time looking for pieces that were straight and not super knotty. This entire wall treatment cost me less then $20.

Board and Batten is pretty simple! Measure the lengths of each board, 45 degree angle cut the ends that will line up with your base boards, layout your boards being aware of outlets that might get in the way and nail then in place starting with the top horizontal wood pieces and then add the boards. Cover the nails with wood fill and paint!

It really is that simple!

Board and Batten Color: “Wazzup” by Kwal

Now we are both happy! The girls get a dose of pink and I’m happy to not have a “Blush and Bashful” room in the house! So much more to reveal as this room comes together!

 Here’s a little preview on the new bedding…

Bedding found at TJ MAXX and Home Goods! It’s youthful and not juvenile and that’s exactly the direction I wanted to go!

Stay tunes for more girls room makeover posts to come!




  1. 1

    What a wonderful compromise. I was about 7 when I begged for a pink room. Less than a week after it was painted I had nightmares of being trapped in a strawberry (I know, strange kid dreams) and insisted on a soft yellow. My parents never painted a room for me again.

  2. 2

    love the wall treatment with the boards – have never heard of the “name” before.. I am eager to see what you do with that accent wall..

  3. 3

    Hi Becca! It looks great so far. I can’t wait to see the finished room. Love the wall!

  4. 4

    Lovely! Love the colors.


  5. 5

    Although that mural was beautiful, this newly “blush and bashful” room is fabulous. Great job! … Looks awesome!


  6. 6

    Ok, I’m dying to try a Board & Batten room. I have a question and I hope you can help me! Is your wall textured? Every DIY’er I’ve seen is lucky enough to have smooth walls – we do not. Can you email me at mrsmomomma at aol dot com and let me know what your wall textures is like? Or post a close up perhaps??? THANK YOU!!

  7. 7

    Love the board and batten wall! Great color too! I would also like to know if your wall is textured. I really want to do a board and batten wall, but our walls have an orange peal texture and I am not sure how that will look. It looks like your wall may have a slight texture and I think it turned out great, so there is hope for me. : ) Thanks!!!

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