Dollar Store Door Hang

Want to see what you get when you ad a few items from the Dollar Store…

A witches broom, bloody cloth, a skeleton, spiders and a rat! $5 later you have yourself a spooky door hang!

For sure the rats my favorite part!

“Bones” and his other pals were all attached with hot glue. The spiders were first glued to twine and then hot glued to the broom.

This is just one more option to a traditional holiday sign or wreath! Wjat ever you do, get creative and hit the Dollar Store! Dollar Tree sold these goodies and has tons of other awesome Halloween items! The fake heart is begging me to take it home!


And you know how much I love my blue frame wreath! It really is perfect all year round and no matter what I have hanging on my door if it’s not my frame wreath I feel like my doors naked! Sooooooo of course I had to come up with a layered Halloween look to rotate through out the season. I know! I’m strange! This is Halloween door look #3…

I just loved this metallic pipe cleaner spider web! When I saw it I was pretty I could replicated super easily, that was until I saw it was only $4.50 at Tai Pan Trading! Sometimes it makes more sense to just buy the darn thing then to try to replicated for cheaper! Cheaper then $4.50?? Sorry DIY friends! This time called for an “off the rack” look!

But honestly if you could get your hands on black metallic pipe cleaners you could go to town!


If you missed Halloween door look #1 be sure to check it out! Happy Spooky door hang making my friends!



  1. 1

    Love them both! What fun ways to greet your guests! Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2

    Tooo Cute!

  3. 3

    Very cute ideas! love the cute purple spider:) Thanks so much for sharing!!

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