Dollar Store Door Hang

Want to see what you get when you ad a few items from the Dollar Store…

A witches broom, bloody cloth, a skeleton, spiders and a rat! $5 later you have yourself a spooky door hang!

For sure the rats my favorite part!

“Bones” and his other pals were all attached with hot glue. The spiders were first glued to twine and then hot glued to the broom.

This is just one more option to a traditional holiday sign or wreath! Wjat ever you do, get creative and hit the Dollar Store! Dollar Tree sold these goodies and has tons of other awesome Halloween items! The fake heart is begging me to take it home!


And you know how much I love my blue frame wreath! It really is perfect all year round and no matter what I have hanging on my door if it’s not my frame wreath I feel like my doors naked! Sooooooo of course I had to come up with a layered Halloween look to rotate through out the season. I know! I’m strange! This is Halloween door look #3…

I just loved this metallic pipe cleaner spider web! When I saw it I was pretty I could replicated super easily, that was until I saw it was only $4.50 at Tai Pan Trading! Sometimes it makes more sense to just buy the darn thing then to try to replicated for cheaper! Cheaper then $4.50?? Sorry DIY friends! This time called for an “off the rack” look!

But honestly if you could get your hands on black metallic pipe cleaners you could go to town!


If you missed Halloween door look #1 be sure to check it out! Happy Spooky door hang making my friends!


I can do hard things!

I did it! I am officially no longer a “Tri Virgin!” This last weekend after two months of training I crossed the finish line of my first ever Triathlon!

Triathamom was unbelievable! I have never felt so accomplished! It was amazing to be surrounded by such inspiring woman and feel so encouraged! The atmosphere was incredible. Woman of all ages and abilities together for one event!  This triathlon meant a lot to me personally. It was a finish line for me for more reasons then one. These last few months have been a struggle for me and this race was a day on the calender I could focus on getting to and tackling. When I crossed that finish line I wanted to mentally put a lot of hurt and pain behind me and I have to say I felt the weight of these  last few months lighten  and my heart fill with  pride and renewed joy as I did just that!

Each leg of the race was meaningful to me. The swim was a beautiful reminder of the people I’ve been blessed with in my life who have rallies around me to hold me up. As we all crammed poolside waiting for our turn to get started I was overwhelmed by the spectators who filled the stands to cheer on their loved one. I couldn’t look up at them without getting teary eyed! I could only imagine that out of the hundreds of participants that so many other stood there with grateful hearts for this journey and what it has meant to them. I could see such pride in the husbands and children and grandparents who were sending support. It was amazingly touching!

By the time I got on my bike I was so pumped! I had already finished the first leg of the race and I felt ready to accomplish anything. That was until I was less then a mile into the ride and realized that I was going uphill for a long while! It was hard and I had never been on a constant uphill ride for any of my training. I know it wasn’t a steep uphill ride but my average speed was only 6 mph  and I was discouraged because in all the miles I had trained on a bike I had been able to keep at least a 17 mile an hour pace. It was a hard realization that this wasn’t going to be easy but in the back of my head I kept telling myself ” You can do this! You’ve done hard things before. It’s only for a few miles and then you can enjoy all of this hard work! Go, Rebecca! Keep pushing! It won’t hurt forever. ” I honestly had this internal dialog with myself for 4 miles. I was talking to myself and to Heavenly Father. They were some pretty interesting conversations. And then all of a sudden after those long hard miles I reach the top of the hill and all of a sudden I had made it threw the worst stretch of it all.  And like they say… it was all down hill from there (but in a good way)!

It was as if they knew we all needed it. Miles of down hill coasting and flat roads. It was our reward for suffering and pushing our hardest. I was filled with emotion as I realized what those first few miles represented for me.  Pain, hurt, and struggle but peace and clam awaited me at the top. If I could just get threw all the hard stuff there was sooooo much to look forward to.

I think I smiled the entire way from the top of the hill to the end of the bike ride.  I was really doing it. It sunk in then that I was actually living my dream of accomplishing this race.

The run was what I least looked forward to.  I knew it would stack my time but I saw it as a means to an end. No matter how long it took me I was going to be proud that I never gave up and I finished. If I could just get threw this last leg I would see my family and it would all be worth it.

During the run we could listen to music and I think that made a huge difference for me. I was also the most emotional during this part of the race. I couldn’t believe I was almost done! Certain songs randomly come on my MP3 player that were teaching me things about myself as I moved closer to each mile marker.

Mindy Gledhills song “All about your Heart” started to play and I began to well with tears. I have listened to this song for months now and it’s always been a favorite but right then, on a street in Herriman, Utah, I heard for the first time what it has been trying to convince me of all along. ” It’s not about your scares, It’s all about your heart!” My scares have been painful this year but they are not the only things that make me who I am. I am not just two miscarriages. I am not just surgeries or heartache or anxiety, loss and guilt. I am so much more then that and it’s time to realize it.

I found my stride and kept one foot in front of the other. Cameron Rafiti gave me a beat to smile along to. Lenny Kravits had me fist pumping along to “American Woman!” And then all of a sudden I saw the park and felt a hunger to find my family in the crowd. I can’t remember a time where I was more excited to see them! I crossed the finish line and held back tears as I found the girls and held on tight to Mike!

From start to finish I was learning. I learned that my body wasn’t broken. It was capable of doing things I never knew it could . I learned that Heavenly Father has been listening to me all along and that He knew I needed to see how strong I really was.  I learned that after hard work comes amazing rewards. I learned that pain turns into power and that time can help you heal.I learned that I can do hard things.


This is my amazing friend Dani, one of the inspired creators behind Triathamom! She has been a huge support to me over these last few months! If you know her and are lucky enough to call her a friend then you know what I mean when I say she ROCKS! She’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader and I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face!

My amazing friend Jessica was a huge support! She jumped right on board when I put out a call to see if any of my friends wanted to join me in this adventure! She killed it on race day finishing 30th over all which is jaw droppingly impressive and this was only her 2nd triathlon!! I came in 207th to put that into perspective! Way to go, Jess!

The beautiful Emily Hill was another rock star Triathamom! She finished in the top 20 over all and I am so inspired by her!

Tam was another friend who blew my mind with her results! 13th overall! GET OUT!!! And she has a two month old at home! What the heck, right!

All of these ladies have inspired me to work harder  and improve my time for the next tri I take part in! Yep! I think I’m hooked!

The girls had a blast at the family carnival. Face painting, bounce houses, slides, popcorn, cotten candy, Chick Filet, balloons! Triathamom thought of everything!

I am beyond grateful for my experience at Triathamom! It has been an incredible journey to reach this goal and I am so proud of my accomplishment! I would strongly encourage anyone to make this their own goal! You will feel so amazed at yourself and what you can do! Find a sprint triathlon near you! Join me next year for this one! This one was such a huge success I am sure it will sell out fast so be sure to follow Triathamom on Facebook so you can get all the updates on when next years registration will open.

A million thanks to Dani and Ali and the endless volunteers who helped make this event so wonderful! Thanks to my sweet friend Brooke who loaned me her road bike! I think I know what I’ll be saving my pennies for!!! And thanks to my sweet family for all their encouragement and love and support.  And thanks to my readers for all of your encouragement! I feel like you’ve been cheering me on  and wishing me well as well! I loved every minute of it and wanted to thank you for allowing me to share this adventure with all of you!!


Candy S’mores station

When we asked Cricket what she wanted for her birthday dinner she requested a camp fire with hot dogs and s’mores for dessert! Fine by me!!! Talk about a great family dinner and I for one am a sucker for a good s’more!

We thought for the special occasion we could spice it up and add some of her favorite candy bars!

No longer is the gram cracker and marshmallow just asking for the classic Hershey Bar! Crunch Bars,  Hershey White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Bar, Milky Way and Kit Kat’s make for over the top uber yummy treats!

And when you put them into a fun S’mores Station with all the other fun fixing it makes it all the more enjoyable and easy to create new favorite combinations!!

I also had to bring out the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella spread!

As the kids roasted their marshmallows I made sure the candy pieces were ready to go by breaking them up and making them easy to grab out of the s’mores station!

My personal favorite is The cookies and cream s’mores! HEAVEN!

Other family favorites included:

Milky Way, Banana, Peanut Butter and Nutella!

Crunch Bar and Peanut Butter combo!

Basically anything that melts and makes you drool it worthy of getting smushed into a s’more! And for the best s’more ever do yourself a favor and put a flat rock in the fire pit towards the edge and as you roast your marshmallow place a gram cracker with your meltable goodness on the rock to melt a little bit! It’s out of this world!

What would you use to create the perfect S’more?


Race Day!!!

Say a prayer and wish me luck….It’s RACE DAY!!!!!

I am soooo excited/anxiouse/nervouse!

It’s been a journey for sure! Miles of bike rides! Hours on the treadmill and on the road and lap after lap in the pool!

I can do it! I can do it!!! That’s what I’ll be saying to myself on the last leg of the triathlon! Running is my worst event! I CAN DO IT!!!!

Thanks for all the support! I’ve appreciated it so much!


Huge Print preview!!!

I saw a great segment on Studio 5 where the darling,  Laci Davis, shared an AMAZING secret! She filled us in on the how you can get HUGE black and white photos printed at Blue Print Printing shops for WAY cheap! I knew I had to go check it out for myself!

So I took this photo…

And I had it printed to be 4′ x 3′! This print cost me $6.

And to put it into perspective, here’s the silly faced model sitting next to her larger then life print!

And here’s a funny story…when I went to go pick up the prints the guy who was helping me over the phone showed me his printing FAIL:

He accidentally put in the wrong dimensions on this picture of Cricket and this is what happened! Pretty funny huh! He gave to me for free and lets just say this thing might be hanging up as a family joke from here on out on special occasions! I’m thinking prom night, first day of her senior year!

I had my photos printed at SBR Technologies in Salt Lake City. To find a print shop in your area do a google or yellow pages search for ” Blue Print printing” and see what pops up. You will basically find printing costs for black and white for about 35 cents a square foot.

This was my test run! Now that I know I LOVE this technique I’m going to create a fun photo wall. I think this is a little too big for what I’m going for but you can print like this in any size so I’ll be getting creative!

These photos are printed on paper, not photo paper so they are not as sturdy as a photo print. This is what makes them so affordable so it’s a fun way to print photos and change them out!


After I saw the HUGE long photo of Cricket I thought how fun would those look at a wedding reception!! Long huge black and white photos of the bride and groom  hanging off large dowels with ribbon hanging  all over! Makes me want to get married again!


First day of school headband


This is what you get when you add a silk flower, a fabric rosette, a rounded pom pom, a fabric button and netting!

Gather your elements and create the clutter you like! Glue them onto a piece of felt, trim and hot glue onto a fabric covered headband!

Makes the perfect accessory for the first day of school!


Kitchen Stool makeover

Last weeks thrift store haul proved to be a huge success! I knew this old dated kitchen stool was a diamond in the rough! Just look at her now…

1. Start off by removing the two fabric covered sections of the chair leaving behind only the metal frame. Now you’re ready to spray paint!

2. Time to recover the seat cushions! I found this beautiful oil cloth at Material Girls Quilt Shop. I only needed 1/2 a yard.  I used spray adhesive to help keep the fabric in place.

3.  Cut slits every 2″ to help pull the fabric over the curved edges easily.Hot glue the fabric on. I kept the existing old fabric and padding on becasue this thing was OLD and the fabric was stuck to the padding.

4. When you are done recovering it’s time to put them back onto the metal frame!

I love her!The End!



There’s something about pure little girl excitement that makes sending her to school ok. Blue has been ready to start school almost all summer! I don’t think anyone could have been more ready! I for one was a lot less excited then she and I had to toughen up and put on a happy face!  Love this little school girl!

And check out the “Kindergarten Paparzzi!” We moms are crazy!

Who else had a new kindergartner this year! Admit it…. who cried?


Girl’s room make over part 1: Fresh coat of paint & Board and Batten

My solution to the dreaded ” Mom! Mom!!!! We reeeeeeeeally want a pink room! PLEEEEESE!!”


Um yeah! Not  a fan of pink rooms! Not a fan of soft, frilly, princess like loveliness! I know! I may in fact never win the “mother of the year award” for not giving into “Pink” but I can still give them a great room that fits the rest of the homes feel! Colors that don’t scream kids room but are still youthful and fun!

So my solution is: PINK Board and Batten accent wall!



Now don’t hate me or send me nasty emails for painting over this darling mural! I know! I know! It’s a crime! But honestly…it served it’s purpose in the playroom but with us moving the big girls into this space I knew I had to kiss it goodby!

First’s things first…when you paint over any sort of mural you need to sand the paintings. They might feel flush to the wall but trust me! They will leave a raised impression so put in the time and sand.

This project is pretty affordable especially when you go for the more economical wood. These wood pieces were more “rustic” meaning they needed sanding and I took my time looking for pieces that were straight and not super knotty. This entire wall treatment cost me less then $20.

Board and Batten is pretty simple! Measure the lengths of each board, 45 degree angle cut the ends that will line up with your base boards, layout your boards being aware of outlets that might get in the way and nail then in place starting with the top horizontal wood pieces and then add the boards. Cover the nails with wood fill and paint!

It really is that simple!

Board and Batten Color: “Wazzup” by Kwal

Now we are both happy! The girls get a dose of pink and I’m happy to not have a “Blush and Bashful” room in the house! So much more to reveal as this room comes together!

 Here’s a little preview on the new bedding…

Bedding found at TJ MAXX and Home Goods! It’s youthful and not juvenile and that’s exactly the direction I wanted to go!

Stay tunes for more girls room makeover posts to come!



Paper Bag Halloween Door Hang/ Trick or Treat Bag!

Who’s getting excited for Halloween already?? I AM!!! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday so I couldn’t help myself…I HAD to get a jump on my Halloween projects!

The first project of the year is my “Halloween Door Hang!” This little ditty was born out of my love of working with paper bags! Remember my “Spring Bunting!” That was the project that kicked it all of so this season wasn’t about to not get the royal “Bag” treatment!

This technique is also perfect for making darling  Trick or Treat bags for the kids this year as well! So the next time you are shopping and they ask “Paper or Plastic?”  be sure to go for good old PAPER!!!

1. Grab your paper shopping bag! It’s time to get started! If you are making a wall hanging you can use either side because you will be covering up the store logo. If you are making a Trick or treat bag cover up the store logo side!

2. Use Distress ink to the edges to add dimension. The texture of the paper bag looks awesome when you highlight it with the ink!

3. Cut long 2″ wide strips of large netting. Use a hot glue gun to make ruffled netting along every inner edge of the bag.

4. Continue the ruffling all the way around the bag.


5. Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper slightly smaller then the paper bag and then smaller then the first paper.

6. Use Distress ink on the papers edges and then sew them together using a zig zag stitch!

7. To make the moon, cut a circle! I LOVE my Martha Stewart Circle cutter!

8. Distress ink the moon and zig zag sew the moon in place!


9. Moving on to the Bats! Create a wing template out of cardstock!

10. Cut 6 wing sections and some small pieces of black felt for wing seperation.

11. Glue three wing sections together with glue at the very tip of the wings. Using hot glue, add a little dab of glue and shove in your small piece of felt between each wing section. This will help the wings look 3 dimensional and have movement and space.

12. Create a small bat by doing the same as above but smaller. Cut two round circles with ears for the bat bodies and glue on your wings!

13. Now it times to glue on our paper to the bag! Hot glue the paper onto the paper bag being sure to center ti nicely to show off the netting.

14. Hot Glue on your two bats. I glued the wings and the body to make it extra secure.

15. Add fun lettering to create a Halloween saying.

16. Add a bow and hand on the  door!


Be sure to be aware of the weather! If rain is in store, bring this little mama inside! You can also hang this on any indoor hook for indoor holiday decor!


More fun Halloween door looks to come!