On vacation!

Hey friends! I’m going to be taking some time off to enjoy a little time with my family this summer! Not sure how long I’ll be away! The pool is calling and the Ice Cream man is going to drain me dry I’m sure! Please enjoy my past posts and help support my sponsors!

Be sure to follow Blue Cricket Design on facebook to keep in touch and hear when I’m back to work! Happy summer friends! May your Popsicle be plentiful and your flip flops tan lines epic!



Happy Fathers Day Mr. BCD

Dude! I love my husband! Like really really adore him! Happy Fathers Day my love! You make me proud to be your parental partner on this parenting journey we are experiencing together! You are the greatest dad our three girls could dream up! We are so blessed to have you!
** and yes! That’s the face we get when we ask Charlie to smile!


Hope you are all enjoying your Fathers Day weekend with the special men in your life!


Fathers Day traditions!

For the last few years, well at least since we’ve owned our home, we’ve started a new tradition in our home when it comes to Mothers and Fathers Day. For Mothers Day Mike gives me a new potted plant to put in our garden and for Fathers Day the girls and I give Mike a new tool for his collection! It’s been a fun way to keep it simple and useful and grow our two collections!

Each year my flowers pop back up ( we only get perennials!) and I’m reminded of Mothers Day’s past and Mikes collection of house hold tools is growing. That’s the extent of our gift giving! I LOVE having that standard! In years past I’ve been disapointed and it ruins my day. That’s totally lame! So now that we both understand what to expect we can totally appreciate the day and enjoy the other fun little loving gestures.

I think I want to add a new tradition this year!

Ice Cream Cake!!!

I think an Ice Cream Cake is in order for the day! And don’t tell my husband but this is just as much for me as it is for him! We NEVER have this yummy treat. I never remember to think of it but every time I have  a slice I’m always like ” I need this more often!” So I think a new tradition will be born!


What are your Fathers Day traditions? Share share share!!!



Silver end table

This is a treasure to me! It was my grandmothers and if you know me you know that she was a huge influence in my life! When we bought our first home I was lucky enough to get to take this piece with me! I loved its green color but for some tragic reason its other half got a stripe of white paint on it so I finally got around to giving a new fresh look!

These best part of this piece is that it has a twin sister and when they come together it makes this darling round table! I use them separated but I love the fact that I could latch them together and have this look!

I’ve been in love with Silver lately and thought it would be fun to transform this table with some Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint! Krylon sent me a can to sample and I was so excited to get started!

What do you think? Nothing like a little spray paint to make a project shine! Krylon sent me this product to sample but these opinions are 100% my own.


Fabric Button Bracelet

Fabric covered buttons are making an appearance on my wrist these days! After my Fabric Button Necklace I thought a bracelet would be  anatural next move!

I started with a great find from the DownEast Clearance Store. This was a messed up monogramed bracelet that they sell for $1. It has a leather band and  clasp and all it needed was some way to cover up the mess up!

A few buttons ought to do the trick! I glued these on with hot glue and it was exactly what this bracelet needed!

I love it when we can make an otherwise useless item usable again!


Friendship support quilt

For the last few months I’ve been helping on a collaborative Friendship Support Quilt! Last November I had a dear childhood friend go through some major health struggles. It was a very scary situation and being so far away from her, myself and all of her friends clung to Facebook for updates from her family.

It’s a horrible feeling to feel so far away and helpless. We all wanted to rally beside her and her family but living states away we were only able to offer up our prayers and warm wished on facebook. Another childhood friend put out a call to all of our friends facebook community to contribute to a support quilt and asked if I would help with putting it all together. I helped her come up with  simple instructions and we both crossed our fingers and hoped the quilt squares and support would come in!

Thanks to a loving community of supporters we had wonderful squares that were made with love and combined to create the happiest warm hug we could ever send our friend! I spent hours  piecing the quilt top together, cutting fabric and thinking of my dear friend all the while! It was an honor to be apart of this beautiful collaboration…

We also asked each contributor to include a special message for our friend and a photo of them together! It added one more personal touch that I know was heart felt!


Tips on creating and organizing your ownFriendship Support Quilt:

  • Chose a super simple quilt square design that will be easy for even a beginner sewer. As you can see the design we used is only three parts and two straight stitched! I made a mini tutorial with exact measurements and directions and included it in a word document that was emailed to everyone who participated. Simple is best when you are working with a variety of people all with different skill levels.
  • Suggest a color pallet! If you can steer your contributes in the same color direction it will make for a beautiful all around look! You would hate to get a dark brown square when all the rest of the squares are bright and cheery. We included a link to a fabric line that inspired up and specifically said we wanted bright, cheery and bold colors.
  • Put a dead line on the submissions. When it comes to piecing a quilt you have to have all the squares together before you start to lay out the design.  You can’t be waiting forever so give about 3 weeks to have them work on it and mail it back!
  • For a backing use a beautiful sheet! I had that brightly colored Pottery Barn king sheet in my collection of fabrics. I always look for sheets to use as fabric and when it comes to a quilt backing a sheet is such a great resource. It’s huge and when bought at a discount store it can save you so much money.
  • When asking people to participate also be sure to invite non, “crafty” people to be apart of the gift. We asked for donations to help cover the cost of the machine quilting, batting and other fabric supplies.  Include those who contributed cash donations in the card or scrapbook. We collected enough money to cover the $85 it took to have it professionally binded and machine quilted, the boarder fabric and we even had enough to include a gift card out to our friends favorite restaurant for a much needed date night.


Our quilt was delivered to our friend last week and I know she felt our love and support! What a beautiful reminder for her to cherish and know how much she is loved!



Mini list maker…



Hummm! I have a little list maker on my hands! Wonder where she gets that from! I love the ” Clean without mom asking” one!


Krylon to the rescue!

This beautiful Silver vase didn’t always look this stunning! It was a diamond in the rough!

I loved this tiny little creamer I found at my local Thrift Store. Not a huge fan of the flowers but it had such a darling shape I knew it would work great! I paid $2 for this piece.

Krylon is my go to brand for any spray paint need! I was sent this Nickle Metallic paint by Krylon to try and I love it!

Two coats later and a handful of freshly cut Lilacs from my front yard and I think my $2 investment was a good one!

I am always impressed with spray paint results! Nothing makes  a bigger change then a fresh coat of paint! Thanks Krylon for the sample! The opinions shared in this post are my own.


Photo tips with Emilie: Choosing portrait outfits

As you begin planning your families outfits
consider these 3 questions.
1.  Do you feel strongly about matching your home decor?   2.  Is there colors that look best on you and your family?  3.  What is the personality of your family (sporty, trendy, dressy, casual)?
Here are 3 easy methods to plan outfits
for your family portrait.
Find one piece of clothing that includes the colors you would like to use.   Plan the rest of the outfits around that piece.  Here are some examples…
Here I chose this darling red, pink and green girly dress and planning the other outfits around the color scheme.
Here they coordinated their colors around that adorable skirt.
Here they coordinated their colors around that adorable skirt.
Here they coordinated their colors around the little guys red, blue and gray shirt.
Here they coordinated their colors around the littlest sweeties top.  It had purple, orange and a touch of lime green.
Choose a color season of colors or a theme of colors.  For example fall colors, bright colors or spring pastels.
Here I chose fall colors
Here they chose spring pastel colors
Here they chose fall colors
Here they chose fall colors
Here they chose summer brights
Choose 2 or 3 colors to use in every outfit.  It’s a little easier if you choose a basic color like tan, denim or black and then add your colors.
Here I chose denim, teal and blue.
Here is an example of the real thing.  Notice they purchased the same teal polo for the majority of the little boys.  This really helped pull the look together with this big group.
Here is another example of denim, teal and and blue.  Notice that the oldest and youngest boy are wearing the same polo, however, the youngest is wearing a blazer.  A clever way of matching but mixing it up at the same time.

Here they chose denim and white.  They also added yellow flowers.  What a fun way to add interest and pull the image together.
Here they chose denim, red and navy.
Here they chose denim, aqua and pink
Here they chose tan, yellow and blue.
Enjoy the hunt for the perfect outfits!!
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“40 Sucks!”

My dear sweet friend turned 40 and that called for a fun gag gift!

“40 Sucks!”

40 Suckers in the cutest Gallon Sized Mason Jar! It was a match made in heaven!


I about fell over in Walmart when i found this adorable Gallon sized Ball Mason Jar! It’s sold in the same are as the normal sized Mason jars in the canning section.

Add 40 Blow Pops and now we’re on to something!

Lastly It needed a fun tag and some fun bling to add a little sass! I made a quick Tag with my Letter Press Machine and used Bistro Chalk markers to write “40 Sucks” and then it was on to the trim!

Pom Poms, Ric Rack, Tulle and curled Gross Grain ribbon makes it a done deal!

This project totally SUCKS!!!