Hanging with Heather Bailey and a giveaway

It was like  another dream come true! I had the chance to meet Heather Bailey this month while she was in town for Quilt Market! She was doing a meet and greet at Material Girls Quilt Shop and I couldn’t let the change pass by with out getting out there! I meet her nearly 2 years ago and fell in love with her in real life! She is as darling as they come and she even remembered me!

Heather Bailey makes the most amazing fabric and her wool felt line is the best on planet earth! If you all could see my stash in my craft room you’d think I had an obsession…and lets be honest! I can’t deny it!

Tauni, Char and I were all too thrilled to Meet her! The SNAP girls feel super lucky to have meet such a creative icon!

All of Heathers latest fabrics were on display along with her beautiful patterns and projects!

And of course I had all of you in mind again! I was sure to grab something fun to have Heather sign for a fun giveaway!

Is this bag not the cutest thing!Heather signed her Smarty Girls Book Bag pattern and it’s waiting to be won!!!


To enter to win simply leave a comment today telling me what your favorite Heather Bailey fabric is!I’ll announce the winner on Blue Cricket Designs Facebook page so please become a fan on FB and look to see if you won on Friday June 3rd!


And Heather is so lovely to offer so many fun free patterns on her blog! They are all listed on her side bar so be sure to go and check them out! Thanks Heather!






Everythings coming up Roses!

This weeks linking party was nothing short of fabulous! Endless eye candy for the creative at heart! So many things jumped out at me but I was blown away by all the fun Rosette and floral projects! Talk about a hot tread that I can’t get enough of! Here are just a few of my favorite linked projects that showed off Rosette making skills!

Summer Clutch by Scissors and Spatulas

This darling clutch blows me away! It’s bright and cheery colors and beautiful embellishments are a home run! Way to go Jen!

Flower Headband by Crafty Girls Workshop

Irene used lace, fabric and trim to create this totally couture headband! I am in love with this soft look!  Way to go Irene!

Wool Felt Headband by Living Craftily Ever After

Darling as they come! This color combination is to die for! I am in love with how sweet it looks. You will love seeing this on her little model! Love this Kelly!


Thanks for all the great links! I ‘m adding all of these to my growing wish list! Be sure to follow the title links to be taken to the full original tutorials!



Flower Pot cheat!

I love this time of year! Time to sprinkle our yards with bright and cheery flowers! Flowers can get expensive so a great way I’ve found to trim a little off my nursery bill is to cheat a little! I got wise to this trick after I had admired my neighbors over flowing pots…this was her little secret! Thanks Angie!


I bought these beautiful low profile urns at the end of last Summer on clearance for $11 each at Sam’s Club. They are HUGE actually! By the time I would fill them with soil and baby plants I’d be invested about $40 and I have two of them! YIKES! So here’s the perfect solution…


Instead of filling them with dirt I filled it with a paver. We demoed our deck last year and these were underneath it so these were free!

Then I placed my beautiful and mature hanging basket I picked up from a local nursery  for only $25 each on top of the paver. The paver lifts the basket a little higher and really helps it fill out this giant urn!

And lastly I removed the hanging wires! Bada bing! Bada bang! A totally full and lush looking planter at a huge savings and I didn’t even get my hands dirty!

The best part is that you can easily still take out the baskets and bring in your plants if the weather is threatening, which I have had to do! And at the end of the season clean up is so easy! Just toss the basket and store your urns, no dumping soil and hosing out pots! It’s a win win!!

Happy out door decorating!


Fabric Button Necklace with vintage jewelry chains

Buttons! Buttons! Who’s got the buttons!

I’m addicted to making fabric coverd buttons and this is no exaggeration when I say I have thousands of them! I just bought a ton of them and I’ve had so much fun creating all sorts of creative things!


This fun necklace was created with my scrap fabric, my grandmothers  costume jewelry and chalk cloth! Shall we…

I adore it when I can create a project with all my saved fabric scraps! NEVER throw away fabric scraps!

Fabric covered buttons are a cinch to make! Craft and fabric stores sell button kits in varying sizes. A variety of sizes used together look the best.

I chose to use Chalk Cloth for two reasons! I needed something strong and sturdy and that would add strength and durability!  And it is totally affordable! Leather was too pricy, felt was to weak and Chalk Cloth came to mind because of its price point and durability!

You’ll make a smile shape! This will be the foundation for your necklace! Make it as large or small as you’d like!

First start by placing your buttons in a layered arrangement! Once you like the arrangement start by gluing down the bottom layer with hot glue! The hot glue will stick really well to the chalk cloth! I found that the buttons that you add on top of that layer  adhere better when I used E6000 glue instead of hot glue. My hot glue peeled away from the fabric.

Be sure to leave half an inch on each end in order to save room for your chain.

For the chain of my necklace I rummaged through the collection of costume jewelry I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away! I can’t tell you how much I loved this! I was wondering how I’d put to use her beautiful jewelry! This made this project all the more personal to me!

You can also use ribbon, ric rack,pom poms lace or other fun trims!

I used jewelry pliers to disconnected a link in the center of the necklace to create the two sections. I then added a jump link and connected the sections through a small hole I created on each end of the center piece.

Lastly I hot glued some decorative ribbon to cover the exposed chalk cloth.



I LOVE how it all came together! Funny…my grandmothers necklace still smells like her! Avon perfume!


Seeing as I have a million fabric button supplies, I will be making these to sell so please use this tutorial for personal use only and stay tuned for an announcement on when these babies will be for sale! Thanks!



Here I am. I’m 32 and this is what I look like without make up.

I have fine lines around my eyes and uneven skin! My hair is kinky on the bottom and stringy on the top! I look like a 32 year old….not a 24 year old and I LOVE that!

I’ve always loved getting older! I remember when I turned 15 I was thrilled to be half way to 30. I’ve always been ok with my birthday. I can’t ever imagine being someone who lies about her age or dreads tacking on another year!

Aging celebrates growth and lessons learned. It gives value to struggles and even more value to triumphs. Every candle on a birthday cake is earned and should be adored!Think of what you’ve learned, accomplished and survived through over your life time!

I’m 32 and half way to 64 and that makes me smile!


Toddler Style!

Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring my post today about baby and toddler styles. Old Navy is giving you 30% off everything in their baby and toddler summer collection, plus get an additional 15% off in-store.


Meet my Toddler: Charlie!

As you can tell she’s pretty awesome! She has an adventurous personality that  plays out in everything she does. She has crazy curly hair, fabulous silly faces and a smile that is a true testament to her happy disposition! Oh yeah… and she love make up!

With such an outgoing personality this little spit fire can rock any look! She’s in a fun stage right now where she’s actually dressing herself and even thought she totally thinks a flowered shirt looks great with striped shorts I love her fashion attempts.

With three girls in the mix you can imagine the hand me downs! By the third kid  it can be slim pickings on what’s survived!

I’m a bargain shopper and shopping for clothing and my family gets all the bargain attention it can! I can’t think of the last time I paid full price for anything. Sales, Clearance, Thrifting and hand me downs are the first go to ways for me to shop! I also have a huge appreciation for retailers who offer stylish looks at affordable prices to begin with! Places like  Old Navy get my stamp of approval when it comes to affordable staples.

I love bright and bold colors and with Summer just around the corner I am excited for summer looks!


I love this Shoulder Tie Jersey dress!

This Metallic Rosette Skirt is almost too adorable! I love that floral detail and my Charlie would adore this!

And this yellow Smocked Romper is such a throw back look! I used to wear stuff like this!


Cute stuff right! All of those great looks come from Old Navy and right now if you follow Old Navy on Facebook you can print off a 30% off coupon for Summer looks and an additional 15% off coupon! SCORE!!!


So where do you like to shop for toddler style?


I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.


Planter Sign


I love how easy it is to “darling” up a simple house plant or potted plant by simply adding a sweet planter sign! I made this planter sign with two simple steps!

IKEA sells a two pack of these planter signs in a few brightly painted colors. A pack of two is less then $1. I wasn’t thrilled about the blue so I knew exactly what to do to fix that! Chalk Board Paint anyone!

A little Chalk Board Paint and a Bistro Chalk pen later and you get this super simple little addition! I love the classic color black ! When in doubt, paint it black! And becasue I used Krylons Chalk Board paint I can change out the greeting!

Next time you give a potted plant for a gift add this simple greeting for a final sweet touch!


Hanging with Amy Butler and a giveaway!

Don’t be jealous but…

I got to meet and hang out with the famous Amy Butler! AHHHHHHHH! I know right!!!

Amy was stopping in over at Material Girls Quilt Shop, (which by the way is the most fantastic fabric store on planet earth! It’s worth coming to Utah just for fabric, it’s that good!) so I had to meet her!

Amy is as darling as you think she would be! I mean come on! If you could be a fabric designer and be filled with ideas and color combos and magical inspiration you’d pretty much be all smiles right?! Well Amy was and I felt like I was meeting Jenifer Aniston! She is one of the leading ladies of fabric design and this gal is more then just a fabric guru! Her patterns are swoon worthy and her prints are dreamy! Every line she has ever put out is a hit and her latest collect is as fantastic as the last!

Look at this yummy stuff! Her latest handbags and pillows were all on display and I wanted to take all of them home…including Amy herself!


I meet up with my local gal pals and we had the best night at Material Girls!

Tauni, Kirstyn, Tam, Char

Kami, Tam, Amy, Tauni, Lara, Any Butler, Jen, Char, Me


And of course I had all of you on my mind as I played in this fabric fairy land! I was sure to pick up my favorite bag pattern “Swing Bag” and asked Amy to sign it! GIVEAWAY time!!!!

Who wants to win this darling autographed pattern? Look how cute it is…

Now I’m wishing I would have bought a pattern for myself too!!! You can win this darling pattern by simply leaving a comment in today’s comments section! just tell me what your all time favorite Amy Butler Fabric is! I love to see what other people love!

I’ll pick a winner next Thursday and announce it on my Blue Cricket Design Facebook page so be sure to be a follower to see if you won!


And how generous is the beautiful Amy you ask? Well Amy has so many beautiful FREE down-loadable patterns on her site that you won’t be too sad if you don’t win! Be sure to go check them out! I adore the Bloom Quilt and the Love and Peace Wall art!


Happy sewing!


And FYI: Be sure to head over to the SNAP conference blog and become a  follower! There will be another Amy Butler giveaway on there very soon!


Photo Tips with Emilie: Aperture


Emilie from Photos by Emilie is back with some AMAZING tips on Aperture!


Photography Tip – Magic of Aperture

If you can master aperture you gain real creative control over your camera. In my opinion – aperture is where a lot of the magic happens in photography and as we’ll see below, changes in it can mean the difference between one dimensional and multi dimensional shots.

Aperture is the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken.  Aperture is a function of the lens.  Lenses contain a diaphragm, a thin light-blocking plate or interlocking set of adjustable plates. The diaphragm contains a small hole, called the aperture. This hole is adjustable in size and allows the photographer to determine and control the amount of light entering the camera.  Below is an image of a 50mm lens with the diaphragm or aperture wide open and the aperture closed tight.

One thing that causes a lot of new photographers confusion is that large apertures  (lots of light gets through) have smaller f-stop numbers. Smaller apertures (less light gets through) have larger f-stop numbers.  So f/2.8 is in fact a much larger aperture than f/22.  It seems the wrong way around when you first hear it but you’ll get the hang of it.  Here’s a diagram to help…
Lower f-stops (wider aperture) give a shallow depth of field (DOF). This allows you to isolate the subject from the background. Shallow focus typically is used to emphasize one part of the image over the other.
Here are some examples…
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 1.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Shot at 2.8f
Higher f-stops (narrow aperture) gives a deep DOF. In deep focus the foreground, middle-ground, and background are all in focus. Deep focus requires more light to achieve than shallow focus because the aperture is narrower letting in a smaller amount of light.
Here are some examples…
Shot at 9f
Shot at 5.6f
Shot at 4.3f

Shot at 8f

Shot at 10f
Shot at 8f
Shot at 4.3f
Shot at 6f
I hope you enjoyed my tip.
This is just one of the tricks you’ll learn during my Photo By You Workshop.
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