Two truths and a lie!


Happy April Fools Day people! Hope you have some fun planed! For Aprils Fools Day here on BCD I thought it would be fun to play ” two truths and a Lie!” I’ll tell you three things about me. Two of them will be true and one is a lie! Can you guess which one if not true?

  1. As a child I training to be a diver, as in spring board 3 meter and higher. I was recruited to train at the Olympic Training Center in Long Beach, CA at the age of 1o.
  2. I’ve been on American Idol.
  3. I’m  In the process of writing of book that will be published in the fall. It’s a compilation of DIY craft ideas for home and family!


Ok! Take a guess! Which one is a lie? Make your guesses in the comments section! And I’ll tell you tomorrow if you were right!

And play along! Leave me two truths and a lie after your comment and I’ll guess along with the others so try to fish out your lie!





  1. 1

    1. True 2. Lie 3. True

  2. 2

    1. True
    2. April Fool’s
    3. True
    Love your blog

  3. 3

    I’m guessing/hoping that your writing the book! :)

  4. 4

    I think #2 is the lie. Here are mine, see if you can guess:

    1. I learned to sew when I was six years old.
    2. I am allergic to cats, but I own one anyway.
    3. I am ambidextrous.

  5. 6

    This is so fun, I am going to do this game on my FB page!
    Number 2 is NOT true :)
    Happy April Fools day!

  6. 8

    I think number 1 is the lie.

    Here’s mine.

    1. I married my high school sweetheart.
    2. I once modeled for a the box of Easy Bake Oven.
    3. I drank castor oil to help induce labor.

  7. 9

    I’ll say #3 is the lie, not that you couldn’t/shouldn’t write one, but this fall is a BIT early to be published already… But I’d love to be wrong!

  8. 10

    Number two isn’t true. I like the idea of putting this on my FB page.

  9. 11

    I’m going to say that #1 is the lie and 2 and 3 are true. But I still think you could totally do #1!

    Here are my three:
    1-I am a published author.
    2-I have attended numerous Metallica concerts.
    3-I am a former hand model.

    Hmmmmm.whatcha think?

    • 12

      These ones are great! I’ll say #3 is the lie only because I think it’s hysterical if it’s true and that I love that you thought of it if it is a lie and I’m totally going to steal that one for the next time I play this game!

      • 13

        You got it, girl!!!! I could so NOT be a hand model – my hands are kinda skinny and bony and I can never keep my nails long – ha! Good for you! This was such a fun activity :) (even tho I guessed incorrectly on yours!)

  10. 14
    MelindaB says:

    1 and 3 true – 2 a lie?

  11. 15

    I think #1 is a lie.

  12. 16

    I think #1 and #3 are true, #2 is the lie. Here are mine:

    1. I have been 5’11″ since I was 14 years old.
    2. The last person I dated before my husband had a new girlfriend less than a week after we broke up.
    3. My sister was a prima ballerina for the San Jose-Cleveland Ballet Company

  13. 18

    I think #2 is the lie, but it sounds cool.. Here are mine:

    1. I speak 3 languages & know braille
    2. I walked the runway in a fashion show…strutted my stuff!
    3. I took “The Kitchen Sink” challenge @ Ghirardelli in San Francisco…love me some ice-cream!

  14. 19

    I’m going to say that #1 is a lie!? Those are good ones!
    Okay, here are mine…
    1. Use to go skinnydippin every full moon with friends
    2. I completed the Grand Slam in Utah (5 marathons in one year)
    3. I won a jalapeno eating compition (against all guys)

  15. 20

    I’m guessing Numero Dos is the lie! You are so fun to do this today! Love everyone’s three things.
    Here are some to ponder:
    1) I can do a tripod and stand on my head.
    2) I can name the capitals of all 50 states.
    3) I can hoola hoop.

  16. 22

    i am guessing you have never been on american idol.
    Here are three things about me:
    1.I wash the floors of my home on my hands and knees once a week.
    2. I dated John Cusack
    3. I just made my daughter a dinosaur tail.

  17. 25

    Oooh good ones! Umm, I think #2 could be the lie?!

    Here’s mine:
    #1 I have 7 pet rats
    #2 My man does pretty much all of the cooking in our house
    #3 My sister’s name is Samantha

  18. 27

    I know I am late on this, I have been out of touch with a dial-up connection at my mom’s house, but I will play anyway. I would have guessed #2.
    You don’t know me, so maybe this is silly
    #1 I have sung in Carnegie Hall
    #2 I had a baby by myself in the bathtub
    #3 I married my childhood sweetheart

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