San Fransisco report part 1: Timeless Treasures and my new friend Joan

I’m convinced that every corner of America has something just waiting for me to discover! When I was planning my recent trip to San Fransisco (the greatest city on planet earth!) I just knew an adventure was awaiting me! Because I used to live in the city for a short while I wasn’t in need of visiting Fisherman’s Warf or Lombard St. I wanted to get into the good stuff! I wanted to discover the gems that lived among the busy streets and find a few treasures!
When I put a call out on twitter for must visit stores in the city a sweet twitter friend sent me a link to Timeless Treasures! Who knew that a week later I’d be stepping foot in one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever had the privilege to visit! Timeless Treasures first peeked my interest because of their collection of vintage letters! They specialized in Salvaged Signage and their collection was extensive!
Each wall was dripping with beautiful Sayings and unique letters that ranged in size, style,and character! “Look on the Bright side!” How cute is that! You are more then welcomed to break up a word on the wall if you find the perfect “R”  or finally find that missing “E” you’ve been on the hunt for!
I loved this collection of letters that made up the word DIVINE! The V and the E are both metal  with reflectors on them!
And this little gem is a total treasure! I learned that certain letters and symbol are more rare then others! Ampersands are a hot commodity!
I was in awe of the amount of letters they had available! This beautiful display was chuck full of every letter in the alphabet. Organized by letter and so easy to look through. And the amazing vintage card catalog had even more letters in smaller sizes! There is nothing you can’t spell out!
The tiny treasures were endless as well. Ceramic letters used in old film making to create the credits were all displayed and ranged in price from $1 and up. I was thrilled to find the exact letters I need to create a fun project I’ll be showing off later!
These tiny stamps were from a collection of stamps for teachers to create their lesson plans. I dug and dug and searched and searched and found the exact word I needed! “Blue” came home with me! I would have died on the spot had I found the word “Cricket!”
The letters are drew me to Timeless Treasures but this beautiful store showcased so much more…
From frames to mirrors to baskets to jewelry. Everything looked like it had a story to tell. I loved hearing the back stories to some of the owners favorite finds. She travels the country finding items for her store that invoke such a wonderful nostalgia!
After looking through the entire store I kept being drawn back to this vintage handwriting  sign. Doesn’t it take you back! Maybe it’s my love for writing that makes me adore it. I couldn’t turn a corner without finding something special. I was totally at home in this shop. I’m funny that way! Things seem to speak to me. I’m a believer that you should decorate your surroundings with things that bring meaning to your life. Things that remind you of special people or places or ignite feelings of joy!
But my very very most favorite thing I discovered at Timeless Treasure was my new friend, Joan! Joan is the lucky owner of this must visit neighborhood shop. I was captivated by how she interacted with all the customers that visited in the same window of time that I was there. Everyone wanted to talk to Joan! She was personable and welcoming and not a single customer left the store without having a meaningful interaction with her! I could tell that she was in love with her job!
I was fascinated by this woman! We were lucky enough to slip away to a coffee shop around the corner where time slipped away from us and hours later we were saying goodbye to what felt like a life long friend! I hit the jackpot on my day of discovery! I not only found a new store I adored but I found a new dear friend!
So do yourself a favor and plan on visiting Timeless Treasures the next time your in San Fransisco! They also do custom consulting for out of towners if you’d like to create a beautiful word for a wall in your home.
So here’s my question! What word would you create from salvaged letters?


  1. 1

    Oh my, I could get lost in there for hours :)
    Such a fun story, meeting new friends is the best!

  2. 2

    Omg awesome! I actually live an hour from SF so I'll definitely check it out sometime! Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. 3

    that looks awesome-not sure of a word i'd make, but i'd love a bunch of letters of the first letter of our last name

  4. 4
    momphotographer says:

    Huge Thank You for sharing about this place! I love SF, but I've never been able to find a store like that nowhere in there. In a few weeks I'm gooing to the City, so I'll visit that store, too.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. 5

    I wish I had a good suggestions for the letters, but I don't–Just had to say that this shop looks AMAZING! Plus my name is Joan, so how can one go wrong?! :) I love the green chest of tiny drawers. LOVE it.
    So many possibilities for letters–very fun & unique in a playroom!

  6. 6

    Holy moly!!!!! I would LOVE to get my hands on those mirrors or letters!!!!! What a fun store!

  7. 7

    I think I would have spent way to much. Love all the lettering!

  8. 8
    I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes says:

    What a fun store! I love stores like this… I wish there were more in AZ.

  9. 9

    I wish I could just jump into these pictures! How wonderful! I love that Joan was your highlight.:)

  10. 10

    i just posted about san francisco! yes, it's the best city ever, grew up and worked in the city…so miss it very much.

  11. 11

    hey becca! i love sf- in fact the hubs and i are moving to somewhere super close soon and i am finishing up my cosmetology license there in july! thanks for posting this because i am really looking forward to having access to super awesome cool stores like that soon!

    and btw, i really love your blog! today i did a refashion that i think you'd like, a lace-cut out t-shirt that is no-sew! and easy to do with very little time.
    come and visit me at:

    thanks! sharde

  12. 12
    Timeless Treasures, San Francisco says:

    Becca, What a joy it was to have you come to Timeless Treasures! And thanks so much for your wonderful photos and comments about my shop.

    Blue Cricket Design is so delightful! I love the participation you encourage and the variety of content you feature. Most of all, I am so grateful that the blog world led to such a fabulous new friendship.

    Looking forward to a day of treasure hunting with you in Utah soon! ox

  13. 13

    Becca! I am SOOOO glad you went! Isn't is the BEST store ever! I knew you would love it!

  14. 14

    Holey Moley!!! Can you say ROAD TRIP!?!? I’m only two hours south of that gem..yes, I said ONLY…lol..because from the pictures alone I can tell it will be worth the drive…Finally a place that will have Zs..not all stores carry them..Zs get no respect!

    Thanks for the tip!

    Bernadette (

    • 15

      Z’s get plenty of respect over at Timeless Treasures!! So worth the drive! I have another great San Fransisco find I’ll be sharing next week!

  15. 16

    Thank you for this wonderful treasure. I visit San Francisco at least once a year with some friends and we love the unique. I think that right now, if I were to use one word, it would be “Faith” It has so much meaning for my life right now.

  16. 17

    What an amazing SHOP!! :)

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    pauline morris morris says:


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