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Last night the hubs and I had a date with this little Miss! Lady Gaga came to town so I dusted off my best meat suite and we hit the town! WARNING!!! This probably isn’t the best show to take your kids to. TRUST ME! It was pretty CRAZY! It was a people watchers paradise and she has incredible vocals and stamina!  It was pretty amazing to see!

I haven’t been to a ton of concerts in my life compared to others but man do I love going!I’ve been to see…

Tori Amos, Rascal Flatts, James Taylor, the Killers (twice), Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga! All super fun and so different.

So here’s m y burning question for ya….

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to and who are you dying to see?


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  1. 1

    Carrie Underwood… I would love to see her … also Kenny Chesney this summer since he didnt tour last year! :)

  2. 3

    Elton John, last year. A Birthday gift from my husband.
    Best seats in the house, Best concert EVER!!! Elton John is really an entertainer….sang & played for 3 1/2 hrs. without stopping…..Fabulous!! ….. Now to see Celine in Vegas…. : )

  3. 5

    James Taylor and Carole King

    • 6

      James Taylor was a dream! I have this funny habit of falling in love with who ever is on stage and James was no exception! It helped that we had 10th row seats and I can see his crazy eyes!

  4. 7

    Oh, I’m so jealous you’ve seen James Taylor! He is one of my VERY favorites . . . I’d love to see him in concert! My favorite concert I’ve ever been to was Josh Groban . . . sweet heavens, that boy can SING! I loved it and, in typical girly fashion, was practically swooning the entire time. It was great.

  5. 9

    Harry Connick is BY FAR the best concert I have ever been to – the musicianship was amazing! I’d love to see him again, or Michael Buble. I love seeing Dashboard, and wouldn’t mind seeing them again, but I think I’m too old for concerts like that! :)

  6. 11

    If you are big into country music, Brad Paisley puts on the best concert I’ve ever seen! My husband and I go every year, regardless of ticket price!!!! You will not be disappointed! :)

  7. 12

    Best concert I’ve ever been too? Definitely, Justin Timberlake! He was awesome! Who would I love to see? That’s a tough one…I LOVE country music…so anybody from the country music scene would be great!

    • 13

      Contry artist sure know how to put on a good show! And your right…when you find an artist you love no amount of money should keep you from making those memories!

  8. 14

    I’ve never been to concert except for local bands in PA. In the late 90′s I went to Jamboree in the Hills and saw Reba, Alan Jackson, Neal McCoy, Don Williams, Brooks and Dunn, Terri Clark, Jodie Messina… I’ll have to dig my shirt out and see who It was awesome!

  9. 16

    My very favorite was Elton John – in nineteen seventy something?…maybe 1979, at the Oakland Coliseum. It was my very first concert. I have not seen him since. He will be in town on April 16 and I would love to go, but we will be out of town at the US Finals. Sigh. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  10. 17

    I saw Garth Brooks in the 90′s, absolutely incredible! I am looking forward to 2 concerts coming up, Tim McGraw and NKOTBSB! I would love to see Kenny Chesney and Brab Paisley (I just missed both in our area…ugh)

  11. 19
    farmhousemama says:

    Toss up between Kenny and Tom Petty. Kenny was more entertaining, Tom was just fun. I’d love to see Dierks Bently and Brad Paisley. Katy Perry would be fun too.

  12. 21

    Best concert Tanglewood 2010 James Taylor and Carole King, awesome! I would also rate right up there the Billy Joel/Elton John tour where I had second row floor seats. I’d love to see Fleetwood Mac in a place where the acoustics are decent

  13. 23

    I went to Bon Jovi last year. They put on an AMAZING show!! I’d love to see Lady Gaga, I’m jealous!

    Live, Sting, Sarah McLachlan, & Rusted Root are my runner’s up. :)

  14. 24

    I love the Killers!!!! My 13 year old wants to see Lady GaGa, but I don’t think she’s ready!

    I’ve seen Michael W Smith (twice), Amy Grant, Tim McGraw, Restless Heart, Michael Jackson, and the B-52′s (am I showing my age here????).

    • 25

      I highly recommend not taking your 13 year old! It was pretty crazy! the opening act had a huge picture of a naked woman on the stage and during Lady Gaga’s show she had men making out on stage, grabbing crotches, near naked outfits and dancers! I felt so bad for the young girls sitting near us and for the guardians that brought them!

      • 26

        Didn’t you feel sorry for yourself and husband sitting right next to you? Come on! You should have gotten up and walked out!

  15. 27

    I have two that I have to say. Big venue with a big name band: Foo Fighters. I left feeling like I really just saw true rock stars. You know you saw a good band when your 3 months pregnant and have morning sickness, but still leave feeling like you just rocked with the best of them! lol! … Small venue: Less Than Jake. Wholly crow those guys never stopped once. It was such a small place that we saw them at in Salt Lake City that it made it feel like we were at a really awesome party. :) I bet Lady Gaga was amazing too!

  16. 29

    Sugarland’s “Incredible Machine Tour” was by FAR the BEST concert I have ever been to. The hubby and I were so excited to hear they were doing the same tour this year, we are going again!

  17. 31

    Janet Jackson… I danced the whole night !!!!

  18. 33

    O.K. don’t laugh,…KISS…I was not even a kiss fan but i was given the tickets and thought what the hay, I loved all the theatrics and the people watching was soooo much fun.
    I would love to see Sugerland.

  19. 35

    My best concert was Aerosmith at the Form In Montreal. By far the best concert I have ever see.

  20. 36

    Definitely Simon and Garfunkel on their reunion tour. It was amazing and they came to the UK! I queued for hours to get tickets for the Killers the one and only time they came to England, but they sold out before I got there. Snow Patrol, James Blunt and James Morrison are all also amazing live but not sure if you’d know these Brit bands.

  21. 37
    Jennifer says:

    I think that whole concert sounds disgusting and very inappropriate to say the least.

  22. 39

    The best concert I have seen was Garth Brooks. He is an incredible performer. I would love to see him again at the Wynn in Vegas.

  23. 40

    I’m afraid I am NOT a Lady Gaga fan. However, I’m sure the show was memorable and enjoyable for YOU! :) My favorite show ever was The Red Hot Chili Peppers about 3 years ago. I don’t know what was more entertaining…them or watching my husband (who is a huge fan of them) dance all during the concert. It was all fun and games until the last set when he lost his footing, fell and sprained his ankle! The emergency room visit was a blast though. All the nurses wanted to see our digital camera shots since we were located right beside the stage! LOL – Karen

  24. 41

    morrissey, hands down. i’ve seen him on 3 different tours, and i will continue to see him for every tour as long as he continues. and the kiss commenter cracked me up! i’ve seen them with a former boyfriend, and i was excited to go for the rock history they are!

  25. 42

    Really…your going to support such a loser who has completely demoralized herself??? By going to her concert, you basically support who she is and the horrible influence she has on others. She is such a horrible sexualized creature who has a huge influence on people and is supporting many demoralizing acts in which we have been taught NOT to take part in.

    • 43
      Jennifer says:

      Thank you, Amy! I completely agree and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! This completely goes against the 13th article of faith “…If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” What an awful example to set.

      • 44

        I don’t know what your faith is so I say this as if you were Christian…
        What bothers me is all these beautiful woman of God who walk the line in the name of fun, entertainment, friendship, to be cool blah blah blah. I can see even these “faithful” woman and men who participate in the most horrible things and don’t think anything is wrong. Maybe it is the Utah living and everyone is doing it, but where are your morals and boundaries and at what cost are you willing to sacrifice your relationship with your maker and being able to be called a disciple of Christ. You cannot serve two masters. Period. When you participate in such worldly adventures, your spirit is damaged. What a sad thing! I’m sure when you posted this, you were just excited to tell everyone what a great experience you had, and even those in blogland played along and gave you warm fuzzies, but it is such a sad thing to me to see everyone just so happy and excited that you got to participate in an inappropriate concert.

        • 45

          **** Sorry it took me forever to respond! Power outages due to wind!

          I’m more then happy to address all of you gals who are disappointed in the fact that I went to a Lady Gaga concert! I don’t just respond to the happy go lucky comments I promise!

          I’m am a Christian so yes I feel like I have a moral compass. I was shocked at what I saw and yes my husband and I both sat down for parts of the show and didn’t watch. I’m confident in my faith and testimony to know that even if I don’t agree in all of Lady Gaga’s messages that I went with the intention to enjoy her musical talent. To be 100% honest I really didn’t know everything she represented or what to expect at the concert. I’ll take full blame for not reading into every single lyric or doing my homework. She is a bold performer but to say she doesn’t stand for anything good is hard to hear. I did learn a lot about her that night. She has donated over 2 million dollars to help with homelessness. She advocates against bullying and prejudiced. I’m not trying to justify her but I’m telling you why I initially was interested in attending and yes I think she is an amazing artist.No I would not go again but yes I’ll still listen to her music. Even after attending I don’t feel like my standings in my faith have been altered. I still have a loving relationship with my Heavenly Father and yes I learned a valuable lesson.

          The intention of this post was not to get others to give me virtual high fives for going to a concert that they would never set foot in. It was to start a conversation about musical likes.

          And to say that my attendance or others comments is a “Utah living” thing just makes me laugh! Do you really think that’s what Utah is like? I sure don’t! Give me some credit!

          All in all… lesson learned! Thanks for your comments!

  26. 46

    I’d love to see The Dave Matthews Band in concert. As for the best, back in college, my now-husband and I saw The B-52s. The Violent Femmes were the opening act and a lot of people only came for them. By the time the B-52s were on, about 1/4 of the people left and we found ourselves only feet away from Kate Pierson. Great show! However, the best was when the Police did their final tour the other year. I found out they were going to do their last show at Madison Square Garden which was only an hour train ride away. I waffled about getting tickets until I found out that 1. the B-52s were the opening act (I still don’t understand that one- a very odd combination but great for us!) and 2. the show was the night of our 10th anniversary. FABULOUS concert!

  27. 47

    My favorite concert I’ve ever been to is Alicia Keys As I Am tour (compared to John Mayor, N-SYNC, Wango Tango, and Vans Warped Tour) Only a hand full and she was by far my favorite! She show cased all of her back-up singers during costume changes which was great and constant entertainment.

  28. 48

    Carrie Underwood is my favorite artist and of course the best concert ever (3 times and she keeps getting better!)
    I also saw Keith Urban in a smaller venue last summer and it was one of the best nights of my life!!!

  29. 49

    My best concert ever was Ozzy and Rob Zombie. Ozzy put on an amazing show!
    Although I’m not a huge fan of all of Lady Gaga’s music, I would love to go to one of her shows, I think it would be hugely entertaining!

  30. 50

    I’m so jelly! I would have loved to see her!

    I have seen Killers twice too! They put on such a fun show!

    I bet nothing tops the people watching of GaGa though.

  31. 51
    Amanda A. says:

    Well first i just wanted to say that the best concert i have been to was Bruce Springsteen! Although, I don’t go to concerts alot and that was A while ago it was the best!

    Also, I am completely shocked by what some of the ladies are saying to you (and give you a hand five for the way you responded!)
    I too am LDS… And I think its kind of funny that some of these other ladies are judging you so harshly and giving you the what for… I thought it wasn’t our place to judge? And they aren’t your Bishop and You know You..
    Don’t let what they say bother you, you know how it affected you and its your life.
    I also lived in Salt Lake for a few years and it was different there..but I am shocked to hear that UTAH LIVING? Huh? People shouldn’t throw such words out when they don’t know what they’re talking about…
    HAHA! Lady Gaga does perform in many other states and countries!
    I’m completely rambling now..
    I do agree that Lady Gaga is a tad out there and can be quite..blah..But who are we to judge what someone else does…And just becaused you listened to her songs and watched her doesn’t mean you are following in her ways..
    Geez.. Ok. done rambling!

    • 52

      Thanks Amanda!

    • 53

      So it’s okay to expose ourselves to awful, disgusting, and inappropriate things as long as we don’t do them? Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

      • 54

        Jennifer ,
        I think I’ll kindly ask that this back and forth ends! We all know where you stand and no one is going to convince you nor should they to lower your standards to do anything you don’t think is right in the same regards you should consider how you’re coming across as judgmental and condescending. We know you won’t be at any Lady Gaga concerts any time soon. I appreciate your initial comment. I’m not above having people disagree with me but I would like to change the tone and direction this is all heading at this point.It’s not necessary to make this a back and forth.

        No one is going to change someone’s moral values in a comments section of a blog so I think we should just leave it at that.

  32. 55

    My hubby and I are huge music/concert fans, so we have seen lots and lots of shows and many different performers from TLC and Boys II Men (in the late 90′s!) to Brooks and Dunn and Aerosmith. Our annual faves are the Dave Matthews Band – we’ve gone nearly every year at least once since we met, and John Mayer. John’s concerts, as well as Dave’s are absolutely unforgetable. Last year’s Mayer concert not only put me in tears during my two favorite songs, it truly felt like he was connecting with every audience member. Not something you get at every show! Cannot wait for summer concerts!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 56

    Hmmm… thought of one other one. We took our son (3) to see They Might Be Giants back in the fall. It was a GREAT show. Sure it was a “kids’” show but I find little difference between their kids’ music and adult and they threw in a few adult songs for the parents- stuff I loved and listened to WAY before there was Boy. It was a lot of fun actually. And I have to say, I really am looking forward to taking Boy to see The Imagination Movers next month. I think I like them as much as he does. :)

    As for some of the other responses, I see nothing wrong with enjoying the show for what it’s worth While you might not support everything she does and stands for, can you really do that for every person you know and like? Honestly? Everyone has some rough edges that we may not care for but it doesn’t make them bad people worthy of dislike or hatred. I’m not familiar with LDS teachings but I know Love Thy Neighbor plays in pretty heavily to most Christian denominations and it sounds like Lady Gaga has spent some time and money supporting and loving hers.

  34. 57

    Josh Rouse was by far my best concert ever!!! I’m dying to see Broken Bells!!!! Lady Gaga would be fun though…I have to admit!

  35. 58

    Michael Buble!!! Oh that man can SING and he puts on a great show! He has a great sense of humor.

  36. 59

    I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but we have been counseled, warned, pleaded to ect to stay away from those people or those things that will pollute our minds and take away from the spirit we have inside of us. I don’t really like how Lady Gaga has been made out to be a hero because she is giving money to a few things. If you look over all at her, her morals and values and the things she sings about and now has so expressed in concert, you should clearly know that you cannot defend such a person and presence in your life. We do know that when we participate in inappropriate activities it does dampen our spirits. I found a link on that helps illustrate this point.
    As far as the Utah living comment: This is what those in and out of Utah see. My advice: Take a stand and prove us all wrong. Don’t have one foot in the sand. This goes for all lds people. Don’t walk the line of gray and rationalize behavior. We all need to do better. Those who take a stand; stand taller in what really matters.

  37. 60

    I have to say my favorites have been George Strait, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill together, and John Mayer. George was 3rd row which made it even better! And John Mayer 2nd row. Holy smokes!! :)

    I want to see Josh Turner really bad!

  38. 61

    Um HELLO.

    I too am LDS and guess what. My husband is a drug addict. Are you going to judge me and tell me how wrong I was to give up on my morals to marry him?

    For those of you that are criticizing Becca, maybe you should stop for 5 seconds and analyze what you are saying. Becca is not a saint but guess what? Neither are you. So just step down from your pedestal and knock if off. Its not your place to be her moral compass.

    Lady Gaga is just as much a daughter of god as you ladies are. Sometimes you just have to realize that people are not black and white. They are not good or bad. We all are both. So take the good and leave the rest. And worry about yourselves.

    Oh and the best concert that I have ever been to is Brooks and Dunn.

    • 62

      I totally agree Mandi- I dropped out of BYU because I couldn’t stand my judgmental co-students. I’ve seen more kindness and respect at a more “worldly” school. I was a musical theater major, so I have lots of friends who are gay, drink, are into drugs, etc… And because I accepted them and love them I was judged, looked down on and mistreated. It was ridiculous, the most un-christian behavior for those I expected to be the most christian. It was a hard reality check at 17 years old.

      We were all raised with our own beliefs AND our own understanding of those beliefs! I’ve tried to teach my children that even though we don’t participate in A, B or C that not everyone believes what we do, and we shouldn’t expect anyone to follow the rules and expectations we set for ourselves. My husband and I were both raised LDS, but when we got married I was SHOCKED at how different his understanding and interpretation of our beliefs were.

      In the end we are all trying to do our best with what we believe to be true. If your belief is more constrained than mine then good for you!

      And in the words of the worst movie ever made (yes I’m a Lady Gaga lover and Bambi hater) “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all!”

  39. 63

    Oh My Gosh! These comments are hilarious! I love reading about the great concert comments and I have to laugh at the judgmental ones. Becca- you are awesome and simply a wonderful person. I love how real you are, I bet there are lots of LDS people who went to the concert and knowing how people might respond would never say they went. Honestly I would go to her concert in a HEARTBEAT! The only reason I wasn’t there is my husband is a symphony guy, while I’m a concert gal and I haven’t found anyone to go to concerts with here in UT.

    My favorite concert of all time was The Offspring (let the judgmental comments begin). It was high energy and oh SO much fun just like a concert should be. I’ve been to softer fluffier concerts that were great, but nothing beats a great ROCK concert! My dream concerts are high performers, like Lady Gaga, Madonna, U2, etc… I would LOVE a SLC concert buddy. I promised my husband I wouldn’t drag him to music he doesn’t approve of (so pretty much ALL concerts) and he won’t drag me to the symphony.

  40. 64

    Wow! You Becca, like ALL of us, are Children of a Loving Heavenly Father! It’s too bad we all can’t be more loving and accepting and looking for the good in others than trying to pick out the small areas WE THINK could use some correction. And who are we to make that point out or make that correction It is a good thing there is only ONE TRUE judge who knows each and everyone of us better than we know ourself! Love you Becca!

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