Creative Estates Wardrobe Drama



This time next week I’ll be at Creative Estates!!! Woo hoo!!! Bring on the party!  I’ve been having some issues while gearing up for the big conference. See if you can relate…

And you heard my video self correctly! I’ll be tweeting live at Creative Estates all weekend long so be sure to follow me on Twitter @iheartBCD to get the up to date dish on all things CE!!!


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So are you ready or what!!!



  1. 1

    Cute video! Throw on some sweats and call it good! You look cute in everything!

  2. 2

    OMG, I’m laughing so hard! As if I wasn’t nervous enough about what to wear. Now this chic has really made me nervous!! Can’t wait!
    scissors & spatulas

  3. 3
    Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

    OMG, that was absolutely hilarious!! Good to know I’m not the only one have an issue figuring out what to wear! ;) HA! Can’t wait to meet you!

  4. 4

    Yikes! I wasn’t worried about what to wear until now. You mean my holey tees and faded jeans aren’t going to cut it??? :)

  5. 6

    I think this is the 3rd time I’m saying this, but I’m still crying over this! So funny. Ladies – what we put ourselves through!!

  6. 8

    Becca! You are a FREAKING GENIUS! I laughed out loud, by myself. I rarely do that. This is the best thing ever. Seriously. I may have gone BACK to the mall yesterday for one more thing. And that one more thing, led me to think that I need more shoes too. I want to pretend that video was funny because it was an over-dramatization. Yeah. It was funny because I had that exact conversation with my sister last week. I am crazy. A crazy person. And now your cartoon is making me feel more normal. Oh my gosh! What’s wrong with me? I {heart} you Becks!

    • 9

      And that’s why I love you! We crazy people need to stick together! I was at the mall yesterday laughing at myself in the dressing room just thinking about my video! And yes… Shoes are important! They might need an entire shopping trip for themselves. Oh yeah…don’t forget the accessories and jewelry!

  7. 10

    OH my gosh this is too funny!!! I am doing the exact same thing – it’s making me crazy! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. hahaha. Thanks for posting this. :)

  8. 11

    Laughing out loud by myself with tears in my eyes! Praying my husband doesn’t croak when he sees the bill for me running to the stores for the perfect shoes, belts, jewelry, clothes for Creative Estates! Just kidding. Sorta. Anyway, this was freaking genius and sooooooooooo made my day!!!

    But I just gotta know…………………………………..ARE SKINNY JEANS STILL ‘IN’?????

    p.s. now I’m absolutely convinced that I’m a crazy person. thanks a lot.

  9. 14

    I was just having this conversation with my husband. Seriously. I left my favorite wedges in Utah and now that is #1 on my list to get…
    I was just worried I’d be the only one not wearing a self-embellished sweater or tee-shirt! But, I did get something fun at JCPenny this weekend, even if it isn’t Anthro :)

  10. 17

    Wow, I am dying of laughter!!

  11. 18

    LOL! This is SO funny!! I am totally in the same boat! No idea what to wear and I feel like I won’t be as cute as everyone else. All well! I’ll throw whatever in my bag and pray something works! haha Can’t wait to see you there!

  12. 19

    This is so funny! How creative of you (get it, creative estates….oh, never mind). So many funny parts in there that are too true. Luckily I don’t have two dimes to rub together so I have to just shop from my threadbare closet, so much of that craziness will slip by me. But oh I’ve dreamt about what outfit I could/would put together….;) Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. And in the end, from what I’ve heard, everyone will be busy making friends and enjoying themselves too much anyways! ;) This will be my first blogging convention and I can’t wait. Thanks for the FANTASTIC entertainment!!

    [email protected]

    • 20


      I was poking fun the craziness of it all! It’s pretty funny when you think of it but YES!!!! Meeting new friends and hanging out really is the best part of it all! I can’t wait to meet you please be sure to say hello! I’ll be looking for your name and blog name on a badge to say hello!

  13. 21

    ha! Woah… we are like night and day when it comes to this subject.
    After watching this video I just thought…
    “Oh, right. Creative Estates is coming up… I should probably throw my “good jeans” in the wash tomorrow”
    Good luck with your clothing hunt. Hope all goes well :)

  14. 22

    I guess if this is what bloggers really think about/dress like, then there is definitely a reason I don’t fit in! My high school wardrobe (from 15 years ago) and a few thrift store items are my go to outfits! This definitely made me laugh! Wish I was going to that fun conference, but it’s not in the budget and doesn’t work with my job! Have a blast! I’ve read a list of the ladies going and it sounds like it is going to be a huge party with a bunch of crazy people!!! BTW, I love how you were able to make this into a video. Very cool technology. You should write for comedy movies or sitcoms. It was hilarious!

    • 23

      Michelle! If you only knew! I swear over half my wardrobe is bought from thrift stores and second hand consignment shops and the other half is all clearance! I can’t bring myself to ever pay full price or even sale price for anything. It’s all super clearance! I just had to poke fun at the fact that we are all probably trying to look our best for this fun event! Wish you were going to be there!

  15. 24

    Now I’m all nervous about what I’M going to be wearing to CE!!!
    Been thinking about it all day! And even dreamed about it last night!
    I guess I’m more worried about it then I thought .. eek!

  16. 25

    It was only a month ago I had this drama fro Craft and Hobby Association Show and now again for Creative estates because those clothes from January are so, well so January! I am looking for a spanx body suit and will not be wearing a self made embellished tee though. This was funny.

  17. 26

    OMG-osh! LOL that was hysterical!

    My favorite part was the part about the Forever 21 manniquin (sp) sooo Funny!

    Crap! Now I have to pay attention to this stuff too!


  18. 27

    “shoot” I better go back to the mall and buy those cute new jeans….
    You are too cute!!! Good stuff!

  19. 28

    I’m a beginner, but I have great aspirations of becoming a “real” blogger – and having that exact same conversation with my friends! :-)
    Love it!

  20. 29

    Hey Becca, One of my blogging buddies sent me the link to your video because I’ve been stressing about what to wear at SNAP. I loved the video & while watching it I just kept remembering how cute you looked when I met you last year. I’ve learned to really put some effort into what I’m wearing to blogging conferences or else I’ll feel like hanging myself with my own lanyard! He he. Hope to see you at SNAP again.

    Warmly, Michelle

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