Blue Cricket Design’s home "To Do" wish list 2011: Kitchen & Dining Room

This year the Mr. and I are taking over and doing some fun renovations around the house! These are things we’ve “talked” about doing for years but have for one reason or the next never gotten around to doing! We’ll 2011 is the year!
Our first step is evaluating each room and making a list of what we want to do to it! the Kitchen and Dining room have been top on my list so of course that’s where I want to get started! Here’s my current kitchen…
The cabinets are unique I know! To be honest they were a huge plus in my book when I first walked through the house! They are a Camo Green distressed finish and the only one like them in the neighborhood! I love that about them. After living in this house for 3.5 years I’ve come to learn that my kitchen is very dark! Me no likie the darkie! I need to lighten this space up and bring new light into the kitchen that flows openly into the Dining room and living room!
Kitchen To do wish list:
  • Refinish Cabinets to a light Off white/cream to match the trim and plantation shutters
  • Rethink window treatment. I have  plantation shutter in the window but might consider a Natural roman shade.
  • Back splash install
  • Pendant lighting above island
  • New hardware on cabinet pulls
  • New Toaster oven!
  • New rugs
I love this kitchen! Our island now is back and I love that it’s different from the main cabinetry. This is a realistically cabinet color combination that I like!
This kitchen incorporates the Blue Tile that I love and has the dark island and light cabinets!
I LOOOOOOVE this unique Circular glass tile but it may be a little too personal to put in a kitchen! I love putting my personality in my home but I’m realistic about resale. These tiles in a kitchen might be a little too unique for most buyers…but man do I love them!
I better stick to a classic look. Subway tiles are timeless and using a blue hue will be the personal touch I’m looking for but still make it classic. The hubs still needs convincing that a colored tile is the way to go! Wish me luck!
Dining Room:
My dining room is right next to my kitchen and has a nice bump out bay window space that comfortably houses my square table and buffet! I want this space and the kitchen to be more defined as a tied together large room. That’s where my To do list comes in!
Dining Room To do wish list:
  • Install Board and Batten to the dinning room walls and paint the same color as my cabinets.
  • Paint the top section of the wall a calming light blue.
  • New rug under table.
  • Paint Buffet a black or smoky gray.
  • Consider new lighting over dinning room table.
  • New art work over buffet and new decor on top of buffet.
Board and Batten treatment! Easy install and something that the Mr. and I can hammer out in a weekend! This treatment would tie my two rooms together and make a big statement! It could make my dining room feel and look larger when painted light. This photo was found on Pink and Polka Dot.
Paint is key! I painted my kitchen a light green and hate it! I need a calming blue. Front runners are Restoration Hardware’s Light Silver Sage, Behr’s Rain Washed 500E-3, and Aqua Breeze 500E-2
Well, wish me luck! Lots of great DIY projects and a grand reveal soon to come! 


I’m guest judging this week over on the CSI Project! Come link up your VALENTINES projects!



  1. 1

    Just found your blog and love it. My BFF lives right around the corner from you so I pass your house each time I visit her. Always wondered what the inside looked like…thanks for giving me a peek ;) PLease visit me at
    and check out my recipe blog.


  2. 2
    CandaceAshley says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, we are about to embark on redoing a kitchen and I am looking at the white with dark accents or brushed nickel. Love these looks! I needed some more inspiration photos! Thanks! I hope to post as we go!

  3. 3

    can't wait to see what you do! we need to do our countertops and i have no clue what to get. my cabinets/counters also end with the wall extending like yours does into your dining room and i've never known what to do for a backsplash and where to end it-thanks for sharing your list with us-makes me want to go write mine up!

  4. 4

    Cricket!!!! Love your name first of all! Is that your given name? We call our oldest Cricket and i pray that she'll let us call her that for the rest of her life!!! If you ever drive by and see me outside you better stop and say hello!

  5. 5

    That blue bubble tile is AAAmazing!!!

  6. 6

    What fun projects! The kitchen/dining area will be light and breezy with all those changes and colors- and with your touch- I'm sure they'll be gorgeous! Exciting!!

  7. 7

    Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress. I’ve recently been obsessed with mirror backsplash – THAT would bring a lot of light into your kitchen and give it a little modern twist. Also, you should paint that rug under your kitchen table… there’s a tutorial over at

  8. 8

    **SHRIEK** I LOVE THOSE BLUE BUBBLE TILES!!! Puuhhhlleeeassee tell me the source….please! :)

    Love your blog…gets my creative juices flowing!

  9. 9
    Emily Call says:

    I can't wait to see what the end results are. Too much fun!

  10. 10
    DeniseAngela says:

    I love the circle blue tile – just gorgeous!

  11. 11
    Dominique @ Craft Couture says:

    I LOVE the first kitchen, I would love for my kitchen to be like that!

  12. 12
    Dominique @ Craft Couture says:

    oh & I just painted my kitchen a blue & I love it :)

  13. 13

    I LOVE the blue circle tile! You have to use it somewhere in your house! Great inspiration pics! Happy renovating!

  14. 14

    Cool projects! Might I suggest that you get paint samples to paint on the walls before making a final color decision! I saved a lot of money and time by doing this – it helps you pick the right color! Can't wait to see pics of your progress!! You are going to love it!

  15. 15

    Your house looks very nice already, can't wait to see what it will look like after it is done.

  16. 16
    The Trouts says:

    I love the circle tiles too! I think you're right though. It may be too much for a kitchen. But I do think it would add just the right amount of whimsy for a bathroom!

  17. 17
    Momma Fish says:

    Good luck. Let us know if you need help! Big Fish does the Board and Batten treatments too if you need pointers.

  18. 18
    Corner Mystery says:

    hello friend, nice to know u ^_^

  19. 19

    Can I have your kitchen and dining room when you're finished? :) I love the lighter cabinets, and the blue subway tile, gorgeous!

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