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( 10 extra points if you pretend to ignore my roots!)
Ok….you know when you have a week from HECK and all you can think of is making it to Friday! We’ll that was for sure the week I had last week. I was living for Friday so to speak and this is why…
Fab blogger friends and a night/morning out! (Cue the Hallelujah Choir!) I’m the kind of person who totally gets recharges when I’m surrounded by people and the hugest Chinese Chicken Salad you’ve seen in your life doesn’t hurt either! It was one of those night where it totally messed up your Saturday but was totally worth the sleep deprivation and puffy eyes!
Is that not a fun collection of girls or what! I was so thrilled to meet a few of theses chicks for the very first time! Thanks for living up to your reps girls! Glad I can still adore you from a far and call you  a “RLF!” Real Life Friend!
Amy and Lara have mad skills! I envy these skills!
Kari and I share a love of posed photo ops! I mean look at how much fun Hot Coco drinking looks! It’s like a trip to Disneyland right!
P.s…. and a huge thanks to Shelley for taking photos! All photos were STOLEN from her! She’s giving people! Very giving!
p.s.s….these pics were taken  in the wee hours of the morn, as if we need an excuse for crazy behavior/glossed over eyes!
p.s.s.s….thanks IHOP girl who kindly let us occupy her table for hours and was so attentive to our hot coco glasses and water…uuuhummm: 4 trips to the john! Sorry about that girls!
Thanks lady friends for making me smile! My heart loves you!

Blue Cricket Design’s home "To Do" wish list 2011: Kitchen & Dining Room

This year the Mr. and I are taking over and doing some fun renovations around the house! These are things we’ve “talked” about doing for years but have for one reason or the next never gotten around to doing! We’ll 2011 is the year!
Our first step is evaluating each room and making a list of what we want to do to it! the Kitchen and Dining room have been top on my list so of course that’s where I want to get started! Here’s my current kitchen…
The cabinets are unique I know! To be honest they were a huge plus in my book when I first walked through the house! They are a Camo Green distressed finish and the only one like them in the neighborhood! I love that about them. After living in this house for 3.5 years I’ve come to learn that my kitchen is very dark! Me no likie the darkie! I need to lighten this space up and bring new light into the kitchen that flows openly into the Dining room and living room!
Kitchen To do wish list:
  • Refinish Cabinets to a light Off white/cream to match the trim and plantation shutters
  • Rethink window treatment. I have  plantation shutter in the window but might consider a Natural roman shade.
  • Back splash install
  • Pendant lighting above island
  • New hardware on cabinet pulls
  • New Toaster oven!
  • New rugs
I love this kitchen! Our island now is back and I love that it’s different from the main cabinetry. This is a realistically cabinet color combination that I like!
This kitchen incorporates the Blue Tile that I love and has the dark island and light cabinets!
I LOOOOOOVE this unique Circular glass tile but it may be a little too personal to put in a kitchen! I love putting my personality in my home but I’m realistic about resale. These tiles in a kitchen might be a little too unique for most buyers…but man do I love them!
I better stick to a classic look. Subway tiles are timeless and using a blue hue will be the personal touch I’m looking for but still make it classic. The hubs still needs convincing that a colored tile is the way to go! Wish me luck!
Dining Room:
My dining room is right next to my kitchen and has a nice bump out bay window space that comfortably houses my square table and buffet! I want this space and the kitchen to be more defined as a tied together large room. That’s where my To do list comes in!
Dining Room To do wish list:
  • Install Board and Batten to the dinning room walls and paint the same color as my cabinets.
  • Paint the top section of the wall a calming light blue.
  • New rug under table.
  • Paint Buffet a black or smoky gray.
  • Consider new lighting over dinning room table.
  • New art work over buffet and new decor on top of buffet.
Board and Batten treatment! Easy install and something that the Mr. and I can hammer out in a weekend! This treatment would tie my two rooms together and make a big statement! It could make my dining room feel and look larger when painted light. This photo was found on Pink and Polka Dot.
Paint is key! I painted my kitchen a light green and hate it! I need a calming blue. Front runners are Restoration Hardware’s Light Silver Sage, Behr’s Rain Washed 500E-3, and Aqua Breeze 500E-2
Well, wish me luck! Lots of great DIY projects and a grand reveal soon to come! 


I’m guest judging this week over on the CSI Project! Come link up your VALENTINES projects!


"Unless you sell Thin Mints…No Soliciting"

Is it just me or do you get endless knocks at the door with people selling pink all purpose cleaner, magazine orders to keep kids off the streets, bug service, cement lifting, steaks in bulk, offers to paint my house number with an American flag on my curb and other endless mind numbing nonsenses? And what’s with them always knocking when the kids are starving and life is in 5th gear!
Anyway… when I heard about Silhouettes new Premium Vinyl that was made to withstand the out door elements I had the perfect solution in mind! HELLO “No Soliciting” sign! I’ve been meaning to put something like this up but finally had the perfect product to make it lasting!
And yeah… I like Thin Mints and Girl Scouts so of course I had to let them know they had the “A-Okay” to come a knockin’!



Premium vinyl has a stronger adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. It’s gentle enough for most indoor walls, but resilient enough to withstand the sun and weather. Premium vinyl comes in rolls 9 inches by 10 feet long (frosted vinyl is 9 inches by 4 feet).
So I created my design on my computer! When I first got my Silhouette it was easy to install the program! Now I just jump on and go! It’s so easy to change fonts and sizes and get it to look exactly like you want!
Press cut and let the machine do its thing!
I made sure my window was nice and clean before I went to adhere the new sign.
Yes… I highly recommend using a Subway eat fresh card to help transfer your vinyl!


Easy and cute! Hope it’s effective! I’m tired of cringing inside every time I open the door and see a salesman!
You’ve got to try this Premium Vinyl! Silhouettes wants you to get your hands on some so they are offering you a great discount!
Get 25% off any Premium Vinyl order by entering the code: BLUE at checkout!  Sweet right!
And if you don’t have a Silhouette machine yet they also have an offer for Blue cricket readers…check out this deal…
Buy a Silhouette machine package with 2 rolls of premium vinyl, 1 roll of transfer, and the Home Décor CD all for $225. Enter BLUE at check ouut to score that great deal!
Perfect time to buy! Happy Silhouetting my dears!
Offer valid Jan17th-22nd!
Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

How to be featured on Blue Cricket Design

Do you have an out of this world tutorial you want to share on Blue Cricket Design? Do you want to be seen by thousands of viewer and draw in new readers to you own site? Well here’s your chance!
Blue Cricket Design is out to feature the hottest designers, the newest up and coming creations and the best projects on the web. My goal is to keep my site inspiring and beautiful and offer a platform for amazing designers to be seen. With the help of my amazing readers I know that goal can be reached.
The best way to be featured on BCD is to LINK LINK LINK!!! I grab all my features from our Weekly “Show and Tell” linking party every Wednesday! Some weeks I’ll be on the hunt  for specific topics of interest but I’m always looking to feature:
DIY projects
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Room redo’s
Sewing tutorials
Home Improvement Projects
and more!
The best way to grab my attention is to use awesome photos, have easy to follow step by step instructions and to link often! I can start picking out wonderful designers and like to re feature great blogs! So link often and feel free to link more then just one project!
By linking you give me full permission to feature your talent, tutorial in it’s entirety, photos, and blog! I’m HUGE about giving credit were credit is due! I will never claim your tutorial as my own and it will be clearly listed in the title of the post who this post is credited to. For example if the post was originally titled on your own blog (Crafting with the Kids) ” Thrift Store Dresser Makeover” it will appear on my site as:
“Thrift Store dresser Makeover by Crafting with the kids!”
I will then copy and paste your tutorial from your site onto a post in BCD. I do take small liberties in editing if for example your post is begun with general blog chat or thanks. I’ll cut straight to the tutorial! At the end of each and every feature post I will add your blogs linked logo button and a thanks along with a strong invitation to “Please visit this feature site for more incredible inspiration!” or something along those lines!  So you will be credited in the title and at the end of your post! I was noting the guest blogger at the top of the post but I was finding that when I gave the post a FB shout out the image that showed up was often not the image of the project which has been proven to draw in more readers then a logo!
I’ll make a comment in your linked post telling you when to look for your post on BCD! In return I only ask that you grab the ” I’m being featured” button and slap it on your blog the day of your feature! It’s a great way to show off your guest blogging skills to all your readers!
I'm showing off

So there you have it! Thanks again for helping make this blog a great platform to be seen! I feel blessed to have such talented readers and it’s been a pleasure featuring you!
If you have any questions please email me [email protected]!
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2011 Banner and a GNO wrap up!


2011 is off with a bang and there’s still time to ring in the new year with a Winter banner that welcomes in the fresh start we are all excited for!
This was the fun Make and Take project we had at out Girls Night Out Event! If you missed it no fear! It’s  easy to make!
Grab your supplies:
Brown Paper: I got a HUGE roll in the painters section from Home Depot! $10 for endless projects!
Triangle template, hand made
Hole Punch
Number Stamps
Jute Twine
Cut your template on card stock and trace and cut out your 4 Triangles! Stamp your 2-0-1-1
Cut Strips of fabric approximately 1″ x 6″ long! In some of our examples we added cut tulle for a fun texture!
You’ll need a 7 foot piece of jute twine. Punch 4 holes at the tops of your triangles and thread them through leaving about 5″ of spacing between each one.
Tie one with a  single knot each piece of fabric in between each triangle!
Or you can tie them all on together making a tighter look! So cute!
Wasn’t are little set up so darling! the fabric looks so cute in my new glass jars!~
Having fun with our guest who braved the snow to come be with us for a night out at The Chocolate!

Thanks every one who made it! I know the weather wasn’t our friend that night and many of you couldn’t join us but Stephanie, Megan and I want to say thanks for all the support!  We had a blast!


And one more huge thanks to our event Sponsors…


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Thanks to our amazing sponsors for help making this event a success!


Today’s post has been sponsored by IKR Designs
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